Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

You have found our website – welcome and thank you for your interest. Our administrators play a pivotal role in maintaining the privacy and security of customer data and in making sure it is kept safe from theft, misuse and the many other threats that keep emerging. This article is designed to tell you about the different types of data we collect and why this practice is advantageous to us and to you.    

To assist customers as best we can, we collect data about existing customers and potential customers who visit and browse our website.

The data collected and stored on our server largely includes information about:   

  • The time an individual accesses our company’s website
  • Which OS (operating system) their computer uses
  • Which web browser their computer uses 

Given the nature of this information there is no danger the customer can be identified. Additionally, we do not share, distribute, publicize or sell this or other data to any parties outside our company. However, some of our employees have access to it and use it for the following purposes:

  • Improving the quality of content offered on our website
  • Tweaking and customizing the content offered on our website
  • Improving the presentation and layout of the aforementioned content                

Cookie Usage

Many online service providers use cookies on their websites and we are no exception. The following are some of the reasons we use them:

  • To provide users with easier and smoother navigation options
  • To acquire statistical analysis date on how our site is used in respect of traffic volumes, frequency of access, visitor behavior and so on         

Collecting Personal Data about Customers

To deliver our services as effectively as we can, we may request your name, email address and telephone number when you first register on our site.  

The information you provide is used only to process orders e.g. in case we need to contact you for particular or missing information. Therefore, we ask that the details you provide are accurate and up-to-date details so that we can successfully deliver your order. 

Payment Processing   

We use secure payment processing systems so that there is no risk of billing or other sensitive data being revealed. We may additionally ask you for proof of identity in a further bid to avoid Internet fraud.              

Your Rights

Please contact our support personnel if you need to have any personal data updated, replaced or removed.