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Terms & Conditions

General Terms of Providing Custom Writing Services

These terms & conditions (the “T&C” or “Terms”) govern your access and use of our Website and services at PrimeDissertations.com (the “Website”). Please read them carefully.

The Website is owned and operated by Online Writing and Services sp. z.o.o. 37 Domaniewska str., lok. 2.43, Warsaw, Poland, 02-672.

PrimeDissertations.com provides custom writing services to the clients worldwide, irrespective of order instructions and deadline. Every customer may choose a specific type of product in the “Order Now” form:

Custom Writing

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Research proposals
  • Coursework
  • Dissertations
  • Etc.


  • Editing
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading
  • Revision
  • Formatting

Level of Writing

Every client decides on the level of writing, depending on the institutional affiliation:

  • High school
  • College
  • University
  • Master’s
  • PhD.

A client may ask to replace the order type on his/her request and our Financial Department will recalculate the order price.

Price Quote

Prior to placing an order, every client may request a price quote from our Customer Support Team. Depending on the customer’s specifications, our agents will identify an order price and will assist in placing an order (if requested).

Importance of Communication

A client is suggested to communicate with members of our team through the following means of communication:

  • Live chat option.
  • Email.
  • Phone calls.
  • Messaging system.

It is highly important to provide all clarifications on time, reply to the Writer’s messages/emails from Support Team to make sure that the final product is up to the required standards and expectations. A client should provide all order materials while placing the order (no later than 10-15% of the deadline passed).

We care for your privacy and never share your personal information with the writers or any third party. All data is kept strictly confidential. Please do not disclose your personal details to the writers directly. All sensitive information is to be provided via Support. You bare full responsibility for the consequences of breaking Terms of our services.

Work Process Overview

By purchasing orders on our website, a client agrees to receive the order within such work process:

  • Customer places the order, indicates all instructions and specifications, and pays for it. A client may request a “preferred writer” to complete his/her order.
  • Writer starts working on the order.
  • Customer may request process updates and communicate with the writer regarding order instructions and possible adjustments. A client may be asked to place an additional order, if our Writing Department identifies a mismatch in the order price (wrong level of order, number of pages, etc.).
  • The order is checked for plagiarism and sent to the customer.
  • Customer may request a plagiarism report from our Customer Support Team. We guarantee plagiarism-free papers on any topic.

Order Urgency

A client may choose the most appropriate order urgency, starting from 3 hours up to 2 months. For more details, please refer to the “Order now” page. If the client expects early delivery (decides to change order urgency), an order price will be recalculated and compensation order should be placed. PrimeDissertations.com delivers all papers on time and within the indicated time frame.

Submitting a Refund Application

  • A time period for submitting a refund is 14 days after the order completion. Refunds regarding plagiarism issues are not time-restricted. Nonetheless, we should get a detailed plagiarism report from a customer proving that the work is copied.

*Such plagiarism detection systems as Turnitin, iThenticate, and WriteCheck are trustworthy. Table of contents, well-formatted direct quotations, references, and parts of order (questions) cannot be identified as plagiarism. SafeAssign.com is not a reliable plagiarism checker because it detects direct quotes/references as plagiarism. Comments on plagiarism written by a customer are also regarded as invalid proof.

  • The company is not liable for plagiarized content found in the parts created by the client when it goes about continuation orders. Only the sections produced by our writers will be tested for uniqueness.
  • If a customer finds the paper poorly written, the issue will be examined by our Refund Department. If it is proved that the order does not meet customer’s requirements, a full or partial refund will be given. A proper answer is to be received within 3-4 business days.


  • A free-of-charge revision service can be used within 2 days (48 hours) after the project deadline expired. After that, it will be required to submit a compensation order. If our expert agrees to correct the work for free, no refunds are given in the future.
  • Orders comprising 20+ pages can be revised at no cost within 30 days after the deadline.
  • In case original requirements are changed, a free revision is not to be made. If vital material for the order is sent after its completion or during the period of writing, our representatives will ask a client to place a compensation order.
  • A client should impose a new deadline if he/she wants a revision to be made for free. Clear revision comments are also to be sent. If the guidelines are complicated or it is hard to make a reassignment, a revision may take up to 24 hours. Nevertheless, considerable efforts will be made to provide the amended assignment within the agreed time.
  • Customers should sign in their profiles/emails regularly to check the messages from the writer or our representatives. In some cases, clients do not indicate all requirements at once. Only customers bear responsibility for attaching all order files to the inquiry form or at writer’s request.
  • Our customers can prolong timespan for a free revision from 48 hours to 14 days using a paid “Extended Revision” additional service. This option costs only 15% of your order price. Alternatively, 4 days Extended revision VIP service can be chosen when placing the order. Please keep the original instructions unmodified. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this option. Be advised this additional fee will not be compensated if you do not use a revision option.


A Full Refund

  • In case of double charge or duplicate order placement, a client can receive a 100% refund. In addition, it is required to contact our Support members and request to cancel the excessive order.
  • If no writer is assigned to the order, a full refund is issued.
  • If a 100% refund is provided by the agency, no papers received as a result of using the writing services can be used by the customer in the future.
  • While our company will make every effort to provide quality custom written paper, we do not guarantee any grades because all professors judge the content of papers differently. However, a customer is recommended to send a professor’s feedback to the Refund Department. If writer failed to meet some customer’s instructions, a partial/full refund will be provided.
  • When a refund application is submitted, the order will be analyzed for compliance with the initial instructions. Please note, a customer cannot ask to refund a part of the order and submit a revision request to correct the paper part.
  • The company does not guarantee a full refund, if order was verified late and Client did not pay for early delivery/did not provide the same deadline indicated while placing the order.

A Partial Refund

  • If an inappropriate number of pages is stated during the order placement, a partial refund can be granted. A certain percentage of the assignment price will be paid back taking the word count features into consideration.
  • In case the improper academic level is selected (e.g., High School instead of College), a refund rate can be lowered by the Refund Department.
  • In case contradicting requirements/comments are provided by the client, a refund fee will be recounted (e.g. provided material does not correspond to the “Order Description”).
  • Cancelling the order with the assigned expert:

Refund percentage

Passed deadline


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline

*It is impossible to cancel the order if the writer is assigned and only 30% of the initially set deadline remains. Additionally, order cancellation option is unavailable if the completed paper is uploaded.

All tips are non-refundable

The payment for custom writing/editing/proofreading/rewriting/formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.

Late Verification

If the order has been verified late (a customer did not give a response to the Financial Department to prove the order placement to prevent online scam), the time frame for completing an assignment begins when the necessary confirmation is received. In case of late paper verification, either a compensation order should be made or the deadline should be expanded.;

Word Count Issues

  • Pages should be counted paying attention to the number of words (300 words per page), but not visually. Nevertheless, it not applied to technical orders as they contain a lot of calculations. The price for the order will be based on the level of complexity of requirements.
  • PowerPoint Presentations. Clients are to make a payment for the speaker notes. Such an option can be selected when placing a PowerPoint order. Below every slide, 100-150 words are issued by the company.
  • “Multiple choice” questions as well as online tests are counted in compliance with the number of questions per page (5 questions). For example, a user will have to place a 6-page order if the project consists of 30 questions.


  • Early delivery option is a paid one. In case a client wants to obtain an assignment by the deadline, the price will be recomputed and a customer will be asked to make an additional order. If the writer is ready to prepare the work earlier without any financial compensation, no refund can be provided.
  • In case of late order delivery without client’s approval of the deadline extension, a partial refund can be offered. Taking the “Prices” page into account, the difference in the paid sum of money will be recharged.

Order Type

  • It is necessary to select an accurate type of assignment when using our online services (e.g., a customer selected an “Online test” instead of “Lab report”). If no payment for the order has been provided, no refund can be given.
  • As to “Rewriting” tasks, a writer will rephrase the client’s document. In case additional research and new paper parts are required (which is actually scratch writing), an additional compensation order is to be submitted.
  • Customers are greatly encouraged by our company to check their emails and personal profiles for messages from agents. Clients’ timely responses are very important, especially when the writer waits for the confirmation of the topic he/she has chosen on their own.

Stored Credentials

How long will card details be stored?

  • We never store your credit/debit card information or any other payment-related information on our site. The only personal data stored by our site is your name and surname chosen when making your first order with us.
  • We work with credit card payment processors who are certified under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  • The transactions are processed by the third-party, legally authorized entities such as Avangate/2Checkout, SafeCharge, BlueSnap.
  • Additional information in regards to stored credentials use can be found in T&C of the payment processor you choose when check out.

How will my stored card details be used?

Your credit card details are stored securely by the third-party payment processor. When you enter your credit or debit card details on our website,in fact, the information is sent directly to secure databases maintained by the payment processors(Avangate/2Checkout, SafeCharge, BlueSnap), who then complete the transaction. Credit card details are never transmitted to, or stored on our servers.

Can these terms change?

Changes in the permitted use will require your agreement. Other changes can be applied in accordance with PCI standards. No change can take place without your consent.

VIP Account

A free draft option in a “VIP Account” is not applicable to the following order types: formatting, proofreading, editing, revision, rewriting, online test, multiple choice questions, PDF/PPT poster, PowerPoint Presentation, and excel exercises. In addition, free draft cannot be provided in orders with 3-8 hour urgency due to a limited time frame provided to complete the assignment.

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