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Dissertation Discussion Chapter

Dissertation Discussion Writing Service

Having worked on your Literature review and explained the rationale behind your methodology, you are required to focus your attention and energies on the Discussion section of your dissertation. Dissertation discussion usually goes hand in hand with the Results section as it attempts to analyze data, synthesize information and evaluate your research findings, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

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Dissertation discussion involves use of creative and critical thinking skills as well as higher order thinking skills to present a constructive and critical analysis of your research findings. You are required to interpret, judge and clarify your stand with regard to your argument so as to provide a convincing rationale behind your findings.

Dissertation discussion is not just about analyzing, collating or evaluating collected data and information, but also about personal interpretation, perceptions, insights and even valid opinions based on your research and literature review. You are expected to clearly present your results and elucidate their value as well as significance in the context of your topic. You also need to justify your choice of methods of data and information collection to demonstrate that these are appropriate and valid with regard to analyzing the original thesis or question.

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Dissertation discussion demonstrates that you have not only understood, but also assimilated all that you have read and written. It also tests your ability to express and communicate your findings in a clear, unambiguous and engaging way. It presumes a level of analytical and interpretive skills that you are expected to develop as students. The question is, though you may have the ability to efficiently carry on with your research, do you have the level of skill needed to present your findings effectively? Do you need guidance or help?

With an enviable record of past successes and a great team of experts form over sixty areas of study, we can help you with your dissertation discussion. We can compare your findings with those in your literature review, organize your information, present data effectively, and compile all your research into a convincing document that clearly establishes your point. We guarantee that your custom-made dissertation discussion evolves exactly as you and your supervisor envisaged it.

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