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Legal Brief Writing Services

Preparing Case Briefs Professionaly

Case brief writing services are mainly used by students majoring in Law and lawyers who work in the respective field. Regarding other people, particularly students, they would hardly ever need to use such writing services for writing legal documents. Nonetheless, for those people who are involved in legal writing, knowing how to format and structure legal briefs properly is an invaluable asset.

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How to Write a Legal Brief

Unlike generally known academic writing, legal briefs are more specific and technical in nature. Not only law makes this kind of writing complicated and specific in nature – apart from the subject matter, the paper demands clear and specific formatting as well as specific vocabulary choice. As a rule, these peculiarities are what makes brief writing time-consuming and tiresome for a majority of students.

Many online resources, such as those located on Harvard University website, contain templates, where you can find a legal memo sample if you need guidance on how to write a legal memo. Legal briefs are required to be a shorter version of the case law and should be concise in nature. The summary provided should be as clear and precise as possible.

legal brief writing services

Apart from attorneys and lawyers, there are other categories of people who may need to prepare legal briefs:

  • Case workers;
  • Social workers;
  • Legal assistants;
  • Legal secretaries;
  • Law clerks;
  • Paralegals;
  • HR specialists;
  • Assessors;
  • Insurers, and others.

Legal Brief Writing Services

If you have decided to seek help from legal brief writing services offered by PrimeDissertations.com, be calm and sure that our expert writers will manage to do the task properly and provide you with a high-quality brief. In case you need a memo, our writers can compose a legal memo example that will properly summarize the core issues and ideas of the respective case(s) while adhering to the paper requirements. Additionally, when needed, our qualified writers can analyze real-life legal case briefs or conduct a study on the use of legal briefs in multiple professional spheres.


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Let PrimeDissertations.com assist you in writing your legal briefs. Our professional writers’ team is here at your disposal ready to help you with your law assignments 24/7.

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Our user-friendly order application technology makes sure you can buy case brief in a fast and safe way. What you need to do is just to fill in the application form and send as detailed instructions as possible. Afterwards, just relax while we are working on your legal writing. Your assigned writer (or the writer who chooses to work on your order himself/ herself) will be chosen perfectly to be able to produce quality work on your topic. Therefore, there is no need to worry that your assigned writer may lack expertise in your topic. As soon as your brief is finished, you will be sent a download link to be able to extract it.

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How to Make the Case Brief Convincing in Nature

Any successfully written legal brief should have a part that is convincing in nature in order to persuade the court in client’s favor. Despite the fact that lawyers opine that the argumentative part performs that function various legal writers disagree with that statement. They claim that it is the statement of facts that bars major importance in a legal brief. It is generally accepted that the facts section is the main one as it aims to persuade the court judges. The explanation is clear and logical: many judges are driven my common sense, fairness, and compassion rather than precise legal analysis to aid the one who has been wronged. As such, it is an important level, on which the section appeals to judges, thus impacting their decisions on the given cases.

As usual, lawyers do not give much attention to the facts section when they compose legal briefs.

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Read the following tips that will make the facts section more convincing in nature:

  • Provide only corresponding and credible facts. Inappropriate and irrelevant information may simply distract or confuse the court from pertinent data.
  • Highlight credibility of data by providing in-text citations and referring to plausible sources.
  • Apply story-telling technique to sustain convincing voice of the legal brief section.

Normally, you organize the brief as a statement of facts. However, to make the information layout more compelling, you should first and foremost introduce the information that will definitely draw readers’ interest and attention. Besides, when you are introducing specific details, you should arrange them in a logical and effective way using expressive language.

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When it comes to careful selection of case brief details, it does not mean you should provide the facts that merely aim to present the client’s position in the brightest light. If you use this approach, your brief will not seem believable and credible since other significant facts will be ignored. As you arrange and organize details in the most efficient way, you will ensure narrative and logical flow to the story.

As such, the generally accepted brief writing structure should be as follows:

  • Introduction, where you mention the characters of the case (most importantly, introduce information about your client);
  • Conflict description, where you state what the issue lies in and what impact it has on the client;
  • Put forward the resolution that you personally approve.

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How to Write a Legal Memo

Legal memo writing may seem simpler than brief writing but they are actually not less significant. They enable lawyers in an organization to evaluate the extent of your research abilities and skills in regards to how you can handle the case law and how well you can come up with conclusions. Besides, when writing a memo, you should take into account the following aspects: intention, time span, and quality.

Get to Know Your Target Audience

Even before choosing a suitable template for legal memo writing, you should consider who your target audience will comprise of. This fact influences not only technical aspects of writing but wording and the way you present information. Understand the core intention of the task and decide what message you want to convey. Identify the memo purpose and objectives. Make sure you decide whether it is for the public or those who have specific knowledge of the law. If you keep in mind all these details, they will surely affect the quality of your written content.

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If Possible, Specify the Deadline for the Case Brief Writing

Is the memo supposed to be in format of an in-depth analysis or a short answer? Before sitting down to prepare a memo, make sure you specify the deadline for it. If it is needed in two hours, it will be challenging to conduct literature analysis. However, even if you have a tight deadline and cannot cope with it on your own, you can surely seek help from our case brief writing services. The same thing is about an extended deadline: if your client will not be available for a week or two to look through your completed memo, there is no need in burning the midnight oil working on it.

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