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Masters Dissertation Writing Help for Students

Masters Dissertation Guidelines to Help You Maximize Success

Master dissertation is a written project all students of Master’s programs are expected to submit. The participants of a research-focused program usually have to prepare more than one research component, while the course will culminate with a bigger research, also known as Masters Dissertation or thesis.

When thinking about their Master degree dissertation, most postgraduates experience an overwhelming feeling of anxiety because this project is an inevitable part of a Master’s degree program and can become either the key to their success or failure. However, there is no point in wasting your time and health on stress. Instead, learn about the components of a successful dissertation and get down to writing it.

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What You Should Know about Masters Dissertation

This is a multipage written project on a topic that was earlier chosen by a student. Such assignments are planned in advance because they are written over an extended period. Students work under the guidance of an academic supervisor. The length of a dissertation for masters depends on the topic and the field of study. For example, theoretical fields will require a longer project than that of a practical field.

Masters of Art Dissertation

The academic studies in the fields of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences are referred to as MA dissertations. Similar to other dissertations, they consist of a careful study of a chosen topic and the application of the theoretical knowledge to the data that is already available, for example, artworks, documents, existing texts, and so on. Since the focus of MA dissertations is mainly the application of philosophical frameworks and theories, it is not common for students to do extensive research when preparing such papers. Some students ask ‘How long is a Masters Dissertation?’

The answer depends on the discipline, as well. MA dissertations are usually 25,000-25,000-word papers but they can be shorter if your degree program requires you to include a practical component.

MSc Dissertations

Because MSc Dissertations contain a substantial degree of precise data which can be described concisely, they are usually shorter than MA dissertations. This does not mean that the content is less rigorous, though. Students working on MSc dissertations are expected to spend a lot of time in labs collecting data trough practical research and activities. For these students, a dissertation is just a part of a more extensive research process that requires data collection and analysis.

MBA Dissertations

There exist more than one form of MBA dissertations. However, they are more similar to MSc dissertations than MA dissertations because they use science-based frameworks. At the same time, modern students are offered an opportunity to seek alternative forms of research that entails qualitative methods and philosophical approach in order to achieve broader learning outcomes. Therefore, the length of an MBA dissertation fully depends on the institution and the goal of research of a student. And here is the most pleasant part: many programs do not include dissertation writing at all.

The Difference between a Masters Dissertation and Undergraduate or PhD Dissertation

The first step students make in their academic life is obtaining an undergraduate degree which involves a combination of general and major-specific courses taught in a college or university.

Undergraduate level is the basics students have to grasp if they want to pursue a career in a field of their interest. As a part of your education, you will be required to prepare an ungraduated dissertation.

Masters Dissertation, on the other hand, is the project that is to be completed at the graduate level. Masters level allows you to acquire knowledge that you will need to occupy mid-to-high positions. Masters Dissertations mean more profound research and advanced academic writing skills. This is going to be a result of a lengthy and complicated research and will become a logical ending of your university path.

Doctoral Dissertations

After obtaining a PhD degree, students acquire extensive expertise and advanced specialization, which, however, requires long-standing commitment, strong knowledge, and outstanding skills.

While writing an undergraduate-level dissertation was already difficult enough, Masters Dissertation will require even more efforts, time, and skills. By the time when they begin to work on their Masters Dissertations, students will have already completed their Bachelor’s Dissertations, which means that they will already be familiar with similar work. Nonetheless, the expectations for Masters Dissertations are fairly dissimilar. This time, the analysis should go beyond simple synthesis that is acceptable in undergraduate programs. Masters Dissertation has to present a clear and original philosophical and methodological approach to research as well as more in-depth and targeted analysis.

At the same time, Masters Dissertation requires less original research that PhD and MPhil Dissertations do. It is also shorter than PhD, which typically reaches 100,000 words. Unlike PhD and MPhil Dissertations, Masters Dissertation should not present that detailed agenda and does not imply unique text-based research. Nevertheless, the students still have to present original research and demonstrate strong critical skills.

The Structural Components of a Masters Dissertation

The length and structure vary depending on the field of study and topic.

However, a typical Masters Dissertation will contain the following sections:

  • Abstract. This is a brief synopsis of the research that describes the context of the study, the methods that were used, and the findings.
  • Literature Review. In this section, you will summarize the theories and existent research relevant to your topic.
  • Methodology. This chapter will describe in detail the methods that were used to conduct the research and justify the choice.
  • Analysis will comprise more than one chapter. This is the bulk of the paper in which you critically analyze the chosen subject.
  • Conclusion. In the final chapter of the paper, you will summarize the key findings and results and propose areas for further research.
  • References. This section is expected to be lengthy and formatted according to the style that was approved earlier (APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.).

Masters Dissertations Assessment

  • Length – Masters Dissertations are between 15,000 and 50,000 words depending on the subject area. This does not include footnotes, front and back matter, and references.
  • Duration of research – Most programs last one year and dissertations have to be submitted at the end of the studies.
  • Deadlines vary across universities, so you have to check with your own institution. First, a Masters Dissertation is assessed by examiners, and after that, it has to wait for the University Exam Board approval (usually the meeting is held in July and September). In case of extenuating circumstances, students can request an extension.
  • The grading system is usually numeric. In most case, the minimum a student has to get to pass is 40.

Do you have to write a dissertation for masters? Now you know how to do it!

Once you fully understand the requirements to this type of projects, you can start developing your research plan.

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