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Medicine Essay Examples

medicine essay examples

Usefulness of Free Medical Essay Examples

It is quite difficult to improve your writing skills, if you do not know where to start. In case you do not know how to write a medical essay, it is not likely that someday you will suddenly realize it and become the best writer ever. One of the best ways to learn how to write medical papers is by reading and analyzing medical essay examples. You can also see other types of free essays online if you need it. Medical writing is complex and it requires a specific approach. As a result, good medical essay example can teach you how to format and organize the paper, how to use evidences effectively, how to create a high quality thesis, etc.

In combination with medical essay tips, medical essay sample can become a helpful tool for improving personal writing skills.

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Aesthetic Knowledge Development

The paper investigates the origins and concepts of the aesthetic knowing in the scope of the art of nursing. The purpose of the study is to answer the questions about the learning objectives of the aesthetics origins. The concept concerns motivation to care in nursing. It is the understanding of the human experience, and the […]

Effective Protein Separation Using Chromatography

The separation of intact proteins in proteomics remains a challenge with scientists inventing more reliable methods that not only are easier to conduct but that are effective in separating the protein molecules. Among the methods that are used in protein separation, the most common ones include the reversed phase chromatography (RPC) and the hydrophobic interaction […]

Multiple Sclerosis Disease Analysis (Medicine Paper Example)

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the myelin sheath of the nerve is affected in the brain and spinal cord fibers. Although colloquially “sclerosis” is often referred to as memory impairment in old age, the name “multiple sclerosis” has no relation to senile “sclerosis”, or to absent-mindedness. “Sclerosis” in this case […]

Medical Provider The Antonine Plague (Medicine Paper Example)

The Antonine Plague is estimated to have wiped out about 30% of the total population of Romans. The disease that occurred during the time was measles caused by the measles virus. The paper investigates what could have been done to control the above condition and reduce the effects that were noted during that time. A […]

The Impact of Incarceration and Rehabilitation on Society Paper Sample

The main theme of this research project is the analysis of the incarceration and rehabilitation. This work includes the discussion of the important elements that can help to understand the essence and consequences of these processes. The topic has been chosen because the problem is interesting to explore. To complete the study, only scholar administrative […]

Protecting Hospitalized Elders from Falling Paper Example

Protecting the Elders from Falling Falls and fall injuries in hospitals and other nursing facilities are the most regularly reported severe events among adults in inpatients settings. Improving the assessment and prevention interventions in clinical facilities is important as it can enhance the health of elder citizens and reduce the cost incurred in treating and […]

Physical Exercise Effects On Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Paper

The purpose of the proposed randomized controlled trial is to investigate the effects of physical exercise on the rehabilitation outcomes among the elderly residing in nursing homes. The Theory of Planned Behavior (TBP) will be the guiding framework for the proposed research; thus, the physical exercise program will be designed based on the tenets of […]

Early Palliative Care on Coping Ability Research Paper

Benefits of Early Palliative Care on Coping Ability for Patients with Lung Cancer Cancer is considered to be the most wide-spread and prevalent disease that often ends with lethal outcomes (American Lung Association, 2016). In the United States, lung cancer is the leading cause of deaths among all patients with cancer (American Lung Association, 2016). […]

Diabetes in the United Arab Emirates Research Paper

Abstract This research paper focuses on the prevalence, knowledge, and attitudes concerning diabetes in the United Arab Emirates. Diabetes is one of the diseases with high prevalence in the United Arab Emirates according to Al-Maskari et al. (2013). The United Arab Emirates ranks high globally in the number of people suffering from the disease (El-Sharkawy, […]

Management of Pain Using Opioids and Nursing Implications

Pharmacological Management of Acute and Chronic Pain Abstract The purpose of the current discussion is to determine the pharmacological management of acute and chronic pain using opioids and nursing implications. The discussion will outline pharmacodynamics properties and actual or potential effects on the patient involved in the treatment process. It will also strive to evaluate […]

Pillbugs Behavior Lab Report Sample

Testing of the Consistency of Pillbugs Behavior Pillbugs are small terrestrial crustacean group of insects which reside in old and rotten woods (Rustad, 2009). These little animals feed on crops and wood and are believed to have a strong preference for food rich in starch. One of pillbugs’ favorite plants to eat is potato which […]

Clinical Case Conference Report Essay Sample

Having presented an initial case report on a patient, this essay is looking to analyse the patient’s medical condition with reference to pharmacology, pathophysiology, anatomy and physiology. The goal is to provide an accurate evaluation and appreciation of the patient’s nursing and medical management plan as relevant to their identified condition. The patient is an […]

Sodium in Instant Noodles: Benefits and Negative Impacts Essay

Effects of Consumption of Instant Noodles Containing Sodium on Human Health Instant noodles are fast cooking foods which have high content of sodium. Human body requires sodium. This component is present in table salt; particularly, there is 40% of it. Moreover, it has an appealing taste, compared to other minerals. Human body needs sodium to […]

Brain Death and Organ Donation Problems Medicine Essay Sample

Brain Death and Organ Donation in Children and Adults The problem of organ donation and transplantation in adults and children cannot be viewed unambiguously. On the one hand, it has a highly moral goal of saving human life. On the other hand, this boon always comes at the expense of another person. As a result, […]

Electromagnetic Radiation in Human Life Essay Example

Electromagnetic Radiation: Is it dangerous to humans? The electrical energy is one of the most significant discoveries of mankind, without which civilization in its present form would not exist. This kind of energy is widely used by people all over the world, but it can hardly be called completely safe. The electromagnetic field (electromagnetic radiation) […]

Theory and Advanced Practice Nursing Essay Example

Theory-Based Nursing Practice Theory plays a pivotal role in nursing since it helps in differentiating what is already known and what nurses need to know. Theory also forms the basis of nursing practice through describing, predicting and explaining nursing phenomena. According to Paley (2001), nursing theory helps in the generation of further knowledge and suggesting […]

Pharmacological Effects of Anti-Depressant Medications Essay Example

Management of Depression and Nursing Implications Depression is of common occurrence among people, but it predominantly affects women, especially after giving birth. However, in most cases, the depression is not treated due to ignorance on the part of patients and health providers. The increased cases of depression are attributed to overestimation of the antidepressants’ effectiveness […]

Iron Deficiency and Anemia Review Essay Example

Iron Deficiency and Anemia Introduction Iron is an essential mineral in the body since it is the major input factor in multiple cell metabolism processes. Iron deficiency can occur in several ways. First, some physiological factors interact, leading to increase in its requirements in the body. In addition, several diseases can cause lead to iron […]

Effective Communication Skills in Health Sector Essay Example

Effective Forms of Verbal Communication Effective communication skills are essential for working in health and social care. The first part of the essay will define effective communication skills. This would be followed up by various forms of communication. The next part of the essay would dwell on various forms of communication. This will be followed […]

Telecommunication Technology and Delivery of the Healthcare Services Essay

Telehealth in the Medical Organizations The creation of telecommunication technologies and networks is a compound element of a general direction in the health care informatization today. The doctor has to have an opportunity to access the experience of the colleagues. This target can be achieved through the integration of the telecommunication technologies in the clinical […]

Nanotechnology for Cancer Therapy Essay Sample

Selective Uptake of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Circulating Monocytes for Enhanced Tumor Delivery Research on oncological and oncological related treatments has contributed to the production of a number of drugs that target systematic biomolecules, such as DNA, which generally have high toxicity. Some of the drugs have poor non-selective biodistribution properties and limited solubility, severely […]

Negative Impact of Sugar on Human Health Essay Sample

At present, researchers lay the stress on the fact that sugar is considered to be the major component of most nutritious and balanced diets. Moreover, sugar is not only a valuable source or energy, but a source of income as well as it is usually distributed for commercial purposes. However, despite numerous benefits of sugar […]

Anorexia Nervosa Essay Sample

Eating Disorders Unlike sociology, anthropology paid much attention to the human body, starting from the 19th century. Historical analysis shows that in the early stages of its development, anthropology detected a tendency to raising issues that are related to the universal nature of a man. The fact is that in the context of European colonialism, […]

The Problem of Light Pollution Essay Example

Nowadays, the humanity has become extremely concerned with a wide range of environmental problems that threat the existence of future generations. International organizations, governments of different countries, ecologists, scientists representing all kinds of disciplines, and ordinary people have realized that rapid industrialization, urbanization, and essential alteration of eco-systems with a view to satisfying capitalist needs […]

Elective Cosmetic Surgery Medicine Essay Example

Cosmetic surgery is one of the spheres that have become commercial and widely popular. Nowadays, it is hard to surprise someone with the news about people changing the shape of their noses, lips, ears, breasts, as well as other visual body parts. At the same time, cosmetic surgery is an elective surgery, which can be […]

Air Pollution in Beijing Essay Example

Air pollution is the emission of particles or molecules into the Earth’s atmosphere. The particles may include dust, soil, or biological particulates. The particulates have the harmful effect, causing diseases, damage to the crops and vegetation, reducing visibility, and the death of animals and people. The air pollutants are harmful to the atmosphere because they […]

Professional Socialization Experience Nursing Essay

Nursing: Professional Role Socialization Professional socialization in nursing is the process that enables employees to acquire the required skills, knowledge, norms, values, interests, and attitudes in practice. Socialization helps nurses to apply the needed code of ethics acceptable in the performance of their duties. The process merges the affective and cognitive domains of nursing professionalism […]

Medical-Surgical vs Intensive Care Essay

Perceptions of Nurse-Physician Relationships: Medical-Surgical versus Intensive Care An effective collaboration between physicians and nurses is imperative because it facilitates better results for patients in health care facilities. The collaboration fosters interdisciplinary correlation and relationships between different individuals working in the Medicare environment. Nevertheless, the specialty practice exercised by different health care practitioners may influence […]

The Nurse Role in Public Health Medicine Essay

Being a nurse is a huge responsibility as they have to care for the whole community. Nurses need to be highly experienced and proficient in order to provide exceptional medical services for people. They work closely with the community promoting healthy living and helping to prevent diseases. Nurses work at all levels of health care […]

Spinal Pain and Oriental Medicine Treatment Essay

Nowadays the spinal pain problem is relevant. Almost every human faces back pain at least once in his/her lifetime. Spinal pain symptoms are the most popular reason for visiting a physician. Huge part of health care expenditures is aimed at the treatment of back pain. Traditional medicine provides a variety of opportunities for patients with […]

Health Risks Caused by Herpes Virus Medicine Essay

Herpes is an infectious disease caused by a herpes simplex virus (Mosby, 2009). The very inflammation of herpes is called herpes recurrence (Mosby, 2009). Nowadays, the most common types of the disease are the herpes simplex virus I and herpes simplex virus II that can cause characteristic features of the disease on lips, eyelids, palate, […]

Emergency Services Code of Ethics Medicine Essay

Emergency medical services are a source of hope and restoration, which makes them the most valuable and respected among all other medical services. Ethical standards and codes of conduct are the fundamental factors, which govern delivery of emergency services. However, due to their high demand for prompt actions, there are numerous chances of ethical concerns […]

The Role of the Professional Nurse in Today’s Society Essay

The Image of the Professional Nurse From the beginning, the nursing profession has progressed in response to the human requirements. They have had a lot of references in the literature, movies, in the news and media. Such widespread image normally includes: doctor’s handmaiden, ministering angel, and erotically associated labels ranging from an inflexible prude to […]

Childhood Asthma and Prevention Strategies Medicine Essay

Asthma remains one of the most prominent public health problems affecting the U.S. children. In recent years, improvements have been made in asthma treatment and management; however, the mounting prevalence and severity of the disease, judging by the number of fatalities, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations, remain a concern. Although the prevalence of asthma has […]

Food Safety Problems Essay Example

Food usage rate patterns differ notably within a country and from country to country. Thus each and every country must analyse their own food usage rate patterns. Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handing, preparation, and storage of food in way that prevents food-borne illness. This encompasses a range of routines that should be […]

Stem Cell Research Essay Example

Nowadays, a stem cells research generates a serious controversy in the society. It has become a theme to argue and debate on. Nonetheless, the relevance is the given knowhow remaining one of the biggest dilemmas of the modern world. The fact is that the capacity of adult and embryo stem cells to renew, reproduce and […]

Person’s Height and Shoe Size Connection Essay

Height versus Shoe Size Sometimes, the correlation between a person’s height and feet size looks like incomparable or simply strange; for instance, when an individual is small but has shoes of large size as compared to one’s height or vice versa. Besides, it is interesting why representatives of one nationality are taller and have larger […]

Emergency Medical Technicians Essay Example

Special Operations in Emergency Medical Services Emergency medical technicians are health care workers who are highly trained to serve in emergency cases. They have considerable skills and knowledge about patients in emergencies. Sometimes, these health care providers are forced to work in dangerous situations. They are responsible for rescue services that arise when a disaster […]

The Impact of Stress on Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Essay

It is widely acknowledged that nowadays stress arises due to a person’s vulnerability to certain conditions or situations that occur in the daily routine. There is a tremendous amount of researches dedicated to stress that aim at identifying the peculiar strategies that are helpful in reducing its possible risks. The studies are closely tied up […]

Sleep-Wake Disorders Essay Example

Sleep is a scientific phenomenon that is essential to a human being and animals. It has benefits that help in keeping the body healthy with all systems functioning at optimum levels. Its study describes the stages of sleep with the emphasis on the rapid eye movement stage (REM) and the non rapid eye movement stage […]

Negative Effects of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

Genetically Modified Foods have become prominent in the world today and have warranted the need to understand what they are, how they are produced and the issues they raise with respect to their production and consumption. A GMO refers to a plant or product that has been genetically modified with genetic engineering techniques. GMO culture […]

Computer Screens Influence Essay Example

Personal computers are used in daily activities by millions of people all around the world. Computerization in the country assumes breadth, and many thousands of people spend most of their working hours and free time in front of the screens. Along with the recognition of the undoubted benefits of computer technology usage, one can find […]

Competition in Health Care Essay

Health Care Provision In any business undertaking, there exist various providers of products or services. Every organization aims at attaining maximum financial gain or return (Colander, 2008). From the concepts of economics, resources are invested to earn a return or profit. The profit constitutes the opportunity of working or investing. Just like in any other […]

Cancer Disease Essay Example

What is Cancer? Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by fast and uncontrollable cell growth. Depending on the type of cells affected by the disease, researchers identify more than 100 different cancer types. Over the years, numerous researches were carried out to define causes of the disease, new ways to diagnose it, possible risk […]

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