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Psychology Essay Examples

psychology essay examples

Free Examples of Psychology Essays. Benefits of Using

If you find it hard to come up with psychology essay topics for your essay, get interesting ideas for your future topic.

Psychology essay examples and other types of free essays online can serve as a prompt for your own paper writing. It is not easy to complete the assignment, if you do not know how to write a psychology essay. As a result, psychology essay sample can provide you with necessary psychology essay tips. Psychology paper writing implies searching for relevant reading materials, thorough analyzing of paper instructions, and reading much. In addition, working with psychology essay examples can provide you with necessary knowledge on paper structure, content, and form.

Psychology essay sample is a useful tool for understanding the essence of the psychology papers. These papers require building a logical structure, making deep research, and applying critical thinking. Generally, psychology writing is not an easy task and students have to prepare thoroughly for completing it.

Our examples of psychology papers can help cope with this task easily!

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Discussion of Mulvey’s and Metz’s Views on Identification, Voyeurism, and Fetishism on Josh Lawson’s “The Little Death”

Psychoanalytic Film Theory Introduction Psychoanalytic film theory developed in the late 1960s and mainly focused on criticizing the various cinema ideologies and the role of a cinematic tool in these ideologies. Christian Metz and Laura Mulvey were among the central figures in the first wave of psychoanalytic film theory development; they were inspired by Jacques […]

The Stroop Test (Psychology Paper Example)

Stroop test denotes the experimental aspects of looking into factors encompassing the stroop effect. The sroop effect has been a widely studied aspect with many researches publishing articles that attempt to explain the phenomenon. It has been a subject of intense lobbying with many referring to it as the likelihood of people naming the colors […]

Leadership Assessment and Evaluation (Personal Experience Essay)

BURNETT, INC Introduction Long before my undergraduate course, I had known that I would settle for education. Right from observing my teachers during the A level education, I knew that they are never ordinary people, and so is their profession, never an ordinary profession. I had seen many pass through their hands. Some became very […]

Effective Leadership Case Study Sample

Effective Leadership Case 1 Jordan was a kind of a manager, who could slightly break company’s rules if it meant retaining a loyal customer. He encouraged employees to think independently, especially when it concerned customers’ needs. Jordan’s managerial style mostly lay in building friendly and inspiring atmosphere among his staff as well as in giving […]

Human Motivation: The Influential Drive behind Human Altruism Paper Sample

Biological Anthropology The Connection Between Human Motivation and Human Altruism The main question of altruism is what is the psychology that motivates one to act in an unselfish manner? There are many theories and responses to explain why people act altruistically. It is interesting to examine whether or not altruism is a result of someone […]

How the Birth Order Determines the Success in a Business Paper Sample

General Prerequisites for the Formation of Child Character and Features for the Most Liked Occupation The importance of birth order in the family has been acknowledged since the ancient times. However, now scientists have conclusive evidence of its impact on human development. The firstborn child is usually smarter than any child born later. IQ or […]

Why Do Some People Remember Dreams and Others Do Not Essay

Does this Affect Mental Health? In general, every individual has various dreams in the course of his or her life. However, not everyone is able to remember those mental visions the following day. Individuals who tend to recall their dreams are also prone to respond strongly as compared to others when their names are called […]

Effects of Classical Music on Children Essay Sample

How Musical Training Affects Cognitive Development: Rhythm, Reward, and Other Modulating Variables Introduction Many teachers and guardians realize that shakers rapidly turn into their babies’ most loved toys, and singing a bedtime song will rapidly quiet their newborn children. What parents may not understand is that these musical establishments are changing their newborn child’s cerebrum […]

Wilhelm Wundt and Experimental Psychology Essay Example

The Historical Background of Experimental Psychology Psychology deals with concepts that have attracted the human interest throughout the history of human civilization. In the early stages, psychology was developing as a part of philosophy. According to Baker (2012), philosophical studies that dealt with subjects typical for psychology developed in such countries as Persia, China, India, […]

How to Get People to Save More Essay Sample

To Buy or Not to Buy? Today the phrase “life without money is like the air without oxygen” becomes more valid than ever. Money determines a person’s behavior and outlook, making it possible for one to feel self-sufficient and independent. At the same time, one of the greatest inventions of mankind has become the most […]

What Makes a Competent Political Decision-Maker or Leader Essay

At present, efficient and productive leadership is, as a rule, understood as indispensable for success of any organization. That is why constant development of leaders and improvement of leadership styles have become the primary focus of research and investigations. Despite the diversity of indispensable leadership qualities, the majority of scholars agree upon the fact that […]

Theories of Addiction Essay Example

Addiction is a condition that forces people to engage in a certain activity for a long time. For example, a person may ingest drug or alcoholic beverages for his/her pleasure (Lyons, Deane, & Kelly, 2013). However, these practices may become a habit. As a result, it can create issues in one’s ordinary life responsibilities. Besides, […]

The Psychology of the Criminal Behavior in Society Essay Sample

At the present time, the crime rate is constantly increasing. The reasons for this negative phenomenon are diverse, including poverty, poor living conditions an imperfect justice system, and free access to a weapon. However, people omit such factor as the psychology of the offender and his behavior that explains much concerning committing a crime. The […]

The Psychological Effect of Buddhist Meditation on Human Mind and Practices Essay

Meditation, especially Buddhist meditation techniques, is one of the most researched mind-body therapies. There are three Buddhist meditation traditions, which include Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana. This paper focuses on the psychological effects that Buddhist meditation has on human mind and practices. Current literature on the topic is reviewed, which showed that Buddhist meditation helps people […]

Psychological Aspects of Organ Donation and Transplant Essay Sample

Psychological Aspects of Organ Donation and Transplant on the Example of Kidney Transplantation Due to the development of medicine in general and surgery in particular, the vast majority of diseases can be cured completely or be in long-term remission. However, it is impossible to restore the normal functions of the body organs using therapeutic or […]

Howard Schultz Leadership Essay Sample

If one believes in the saying that great leaders are not made but are born, anyone has the opportunity to learn how to improve his or her effectiveness as a leader. Successful leadership does not depend on the number of people or the size of organization that an individual is in charge of. However, there […]

Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche Essay Sample

Friedrich Nietzsche is a German philosopher who was born in the Prussian province of Saxony. His childhood was not happy as he lost his father and was brought up by his mother, aunts, and sister. At school, Nietzsche was good at classical studies, German literature, and religious studies. He showed the interest in learning classical […]

Effects of Long Hours Flight on Aircrew Essay Sample

Nowadays there are a lot of international airline companies that provide intercontinental air transport services. Often, the duration of such intercontinental flights may be as long as 12 hours or more, such as international ultra long-haul flights. Therefore, many aviation experts as well as airline customers are concerned whether these flights are simple to handle, […]

The Speed of Our Life Essay Example

The speed of life changes with every following year. First, when a person is a child, time seems to move too slowly, it even seems endless. Growing older, time moves faster and faster, and a person cannot manage to do the entire job he/she planned to. The older a person becomes, the faster time passes […]

Depression in Adolescents Psychology Essay Example

Depression by definition is simply the mood or emotional state manifested by feelings of low self-worth or guilt and a compact incapacity to relish life. It is deemed to be a common issue among many people in our society today. Every human being experiences periods when they face hardships. Stress and mood changes that follow […]

Psychological Trauma: Causes and Treatment Essay Example

The impact of environment together with the personal features are crucial components that predetermine human behavior. Hence, responses to the negative life events represent complicated factors that usually vary among individuals depending on age, gender, personality, previous experiences and even the accompanying circumstances. However, if the detailed analysis shows that the experiences of people differ, […]

Bullying and Its Effect on the Brain Psychology Essay

This research examined the effects of bullying on the brain and its impact on behavioral changes. The data were collected from adults and processed in order to define an approximate percentage of people being bullied and people being bullies themselves. It also provides evidence that the ones from the first category are more likely to […]

Bipolar Disorder Psychology Essay Example

Although there are contestations regarding the contributing or causal factors of bipolar disorder, consensus shows that genes, brain structure and anxiety are the main causes or aggravating factors of the bipolar disorder (Kessler, Berglund, Demler, Jin, Merikangas, & Walters, 2005). The genetic argument is based on the idea that the condition is caused by genetic […]

Animal Phobia Psychology Essay Example

This study examines the causes, effects, symptoms, and exposure treatment of animal phobia. 21 college students with animal phobias voluntarily participated in the research. They were interviewed to establish the causes of zoophobia. During the exposure, various symptoms were discovered, and then the treatment method resembling the famous saying regarding facing your fears was tested. […]

Psychological Perspectives in Nursing Cases Essay

How Is Psychology Going to Help You with Nursing? Although the primary duties of a nurse are considered to be administering medication and intravenous fluids to patients, psychology is also essential in the practice. To understand the role of psychology in nursing, one needs to comprehend both notions, as well as their similarities and shared […]

The Importance of Five Senses Psychology Essay

The humans discover the surrounding world through the complex mechanisms of perception and analysis. Largely, the experience of the external world is the psychological process, which involves various mental activities and processes such as attention, memory, thinking, and imagination. However, the perception of the world is impossible without the five basic senses. They allow humans […]

Dependent Personality Disorder Psychology Essay

This paper explores the examination, symptoms, causes, complications and prognosis of dependent personality disorder. The paper provides characteristic features and the development time of the disease, explores consequences of sudden change of circumstances, and the essence of inner world of people with dependent personality disorder. The list of common symptoms of the disorder is given. […]

Geography and Zombies Essay Example

In ninety days, a zombie apocalypse is likely to occur. The government will allow my family and me to move to a place that is free of zombies. I have chosen to move to Europe as this is the place which my family can call home. As a family of four, two adults and two […]

Importance of E-Learning Systems Essay Example

Methods of E-Learning With every passing year, the number of e-learning systems is increasing. These online training organizations are a good support and help for students. There are synchronous and asynchronous e-learning methods. Synchronous methods include chat and videoconferencing. These methods are more participating rather than isolated. Asynchronous e-learning methods include discussion boards and emails. […]

Sports Build Character Argumentative Essay Example

Children are encouraged to participate in sports to gain important life lessons, which is not consistent with the case in contemporary sports because of the claim that sports build character. Even though they act as role models, professional athletes engage in activities, which show immoral and unlawful behavior that children cannot emulate. A role model […]

Animals in Cages: A Modern Anti-Utopia Essay

Apparently, the issues of caged animals have gained an increasing interest due to the endless speculations over the animal rights and the violence directed towards certain species. The matter is that animals have always been exposed to discrimination as they are usually considered to be the sources of food that people use to their own […]

Invasion of Privacy via Social Media Essay

Social Media and Privacy Invasion in Saudi Arabia Social media is a current phenomenon that is largely influencing the lives of people. In light of the widespread embracement of social media, concerns over user’s privacy have kept increasing. The proposed study will assess social media usage, and the invasion of privacy of users. The context […]

Psychology of Art History Essay Example

Art psychology is the branch of psychology studying the process of perception and creation of works of art; its subject is properties and conditions of a person causing creation, perception of art values, and influence of these values on the ability to live. It is engaged in studying of problems of art creativity and the […]

Psychosocial Development Essays Example

Piaget vs. Erikson: Psychosocial Development Essays Example Introduction Child development has been a fascinating area of study to many theorists including Jean Piaget, Sigmund Freud, and Erik Erikson. Though the theorists were interested in a similar topic, namely psychosocial development of children, their views were occasionally divergent and sometimes opposing in nature. However, their insight […]

Stewarts Pragmatism Essay

Stewart’s Pragmatism Free Essay Example It is necessary to analyze Stewart’s pragmatism in relation to learning. It seems reasonable to compare this approach with Durkheim’s conception of education. These two systems propose two very different solutions concerning the learning process, the roles of a student and a teacher, the questions of how the education system […]

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