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Comparing Survey and Questionnaire

If you intend to work in a field of research, the words survey and questionnaire will come up a lot. While there is a belief that they are one and the same, but in fact there is a difference between a survey and a questionnaire. Let us take a look at some of them.

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Survey vs Questionnaire

If somebody mistakenly asks for a “sample of a survey questionnaire”, it is important for them to understand that there is no such thing. When thinking about a questionnaire vs survey, it should be noted that the former consists of the actual questions with a choice of answers, created for the purposes of the survey. Meanwhile, the survey entails measuring the opinions or experiences of the respondents by asking questions. When creating the survey, the list of questions comprise the questionnaire. Thus, it could be said that the questionnaire is an essential tool that allows the researcher to create a survey. However, the survey involves much more than that. It also encompasses the research design, survey construction, methodology, the means of collecting the data, and analysis of the responses. That said, now you know that the survey and questionnaire are in fact separate terms.

Now let us discuss the process of writing good survey questions, which is the function that questionnaires serve. First, it should be noted that questionnaires can be electronic-based on in paper form. Second, questionnaires can either be structured, unstructured or a mix of the two (which is known as semi-structured questionnaires).

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As it relates to structured questionnaires, it utilizes close-ended questions in which the participant must choose from a series of pre-selected answers with no option of selecting their own responses. This is ideal when the researcher wants to collect and analyze data in a quantitative manner for the purpose of identifying trends and patterns.

Regarding unstructured questionnaires, these are open-ended questions in which the study participant has the freedom and flexibility to provide their own responses. Because their answers can be wide-ranging, it would be difficult to quantify them. However, they do allow the researcher to gain deeper insight into the attitudes and opinions of the participants.


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The Benefits of Good Survey Questions:

  • They allow a large sample size of participants to provide feedback versus other methods that are more costly and time-consuming.
  • They allow the participants to provide honest answers about their experiences or attitudes since their identities are withheld.
  • Structured questionnaires allow the researcher to identify trends and patterns that can then be used for more in-depth studies. Furthermore, they measure the participants’ behaviors, beliefs, points of view, and attitudes about issues addressed in the research.
  • Unstructured questionnaires provide far more insight about the participants’ behaviors, beliefs, points of view and attitudes. They can also allow the participants to offer feedback and responses that the researcher might not have necessarily anticipated.

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  • Questionnaires are a quick method of collecting data and are cost-efficient.
  • It provides respondents with a chance to provide feedback.
  • Since the respondents are not identified, it encourages them to be honest and open about their answers.
  • When using structured questionnaires, software applications such as Excel can be used to process the information in an easy manner.


  • There is a chance that the respondents will interpret the questions differently. Designing a questionnaire that minimizes this issue is virtually impossible.
  • Attempting to process and analyze the data for large sample sizes takes a lot of time and energy.
  • Finding ways to motivate the participants to answer all of the questions can be a challenge.
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Using Questionnaires

As you are creating the overall framework for your study, you will use this as the basis for the topics and subtopics that will be addressed in the questionnaire.

If the purpose of the questionnaire is to teach something, the use of sampling will not be necessary since the purpose of this type of questionnaire would be to allow every student in the classroom the chance to provide feedback about their experiences. However, if you are intending to collect data from a broader public, it is important to use larger sample sizes. In this case, you would want the questionnaire to be more structured. However, you could also use the semi-structured approach that would provide both qualitative and quantitative information.


Before using a questionnaire for a study, it is important that you test it on group beforehand so that once you actually conduct the research, you can be certain that the participants will understand what the questions mean, estimate how long it takes them to complete the questions, and ensure that the information you’re intending to collect will actually be useful.

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Keep in mind that if the questionnaire is written using complex formats and structures, the participants might have a difficult time completing them.
  • Longer questions are perfectly fine as long as they share a common format, since this avoids the problem of forcing the respondent to have to learn how to complete different types of questions or are provided with too many options regarding which sections are relevant to them.
  • There are different ways in which you can approach the phrasing of the questions, with each having their pros and cons.
  • It is important that only relevant data be collected for the study. In other words, avoid collecting personal data that is not necessary for conducting the research. If the participant has been promised anonymity, it is essential that none of the information can be used to identify them.
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Along with the actual questionnaire itself, it is important to provide the respondents with supplemental information including:
  • the purpose of the questionnaire
  • instructions for completing the questionnaire
  • how the feedback will be utilized
  • how the participants can receive follow up about how their data was used for evaluation.
  • how their identities will be protected
  • instructions for submitting their questionnaire (if it is sent via regular post, paying for return envelope will increase the likelihood that the participant will mail it back).

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Now that you understand the differences between the survey and questionnaire better, we wish you success in your research. Of course, if you need help, PrimeDissertations.com offers questionnaire writing services that are affordable and get results! Contact our customer care team 24/7 today for more details on how to place an order for a custom questionnaire!

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