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A PhD thesis and a formal research paper are not very different from each other when it comes to the format. However, a PhD thesis requires a lot more evaluation and research than a traditional research paper for each and every element that is included.

The start of a well-written PhD thesis is when you submit a written proposal to your instructor. The length of this type of proposal will vary depending on the types of details that you have been instructed to include and the number of subject lines that you plan on discussing. From there, you will move on to the actual body of the proposal and what must be included.

The first part of your PhD proposal is your research question and the hypothesis that accompanies it. This will give you a starting point and a deadline for your research study. Keep in mind that there will be much background work to be done before you write your hypothesis, as this will give you a direction of where you would like your study to go and what sorts of facts and other information you will need to prove your hypothesis.

Once your research proposal has been approved you will reach the stage of actually starting the writing of your PhD thesis. This starts with an introductory chapter that explains your topic. You will defend why you choose this topic as the center of your research. You will also need to discuss the previous work that you and others have done in this area as part of your PhD thesis, and from there expand on the topic to include what new accomplishment you are hoping to attain through your research and the anticipated results.

The next part of your PhD thesis is the review of literature, during which you will summarize the works done on the same subject matter by other authors. Remember that the works that you quote should be high quality sources, such as authenticated journals and books. Keep in mind that this review does not relate to the work that was done for your PhD research, but rather will help the reader see what direction you were following as you decided what to study.

The next chapter will discuss your research question in detail as it was presented in your PhD thesis statement. This includes stating the problem, how you will go about finding the answer to the problem, and the predictions that you have of the outcome of the research. This chapter should discuss the study that you are doing and what you are looking to prove through your research question.

The next chapter of your PhD thesis will look at the method of research you employed during the study of your PhD thesis. This chapter will vary greatly from one paper to another as the information contained will vary depending on the scientific technique or analysis that you chose to use. In general, the chapter should look at the variables that were used in your study for the research, and clearly define and explain them. If you construct any of the variables for your study in particular, then you will also need to justify this construction to your audience as to why it was done and what you hope to achieve with it.

The next chapter will look at the study as it has progressed so far, and will talk about what results were obtained using the variables previously mentioned.

From there your PhD thesis will need to discuss the results in great detail and evaluate them using the references that you mentioned previously or by some other justification that you have come up with. Another thing that will need to be discussed in this chapter is the limitations of the study and what factors that your study did not address or incorporate throughout the course of the research. This can also include areas of research that you were unable to address elsewhere in the PhD thesis because of the specific data and variables you used.

From there you will use your PhD thesis to analyze the results, highlighting areas where further research could be done at another point.

The last chapter should sum everything up, including the results and any discussions that were started throughout the course of your PhD thesis paper.

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