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You have completed you dissertation! You did your research and draft, now expecting that your content is free of errors. However, there are minute details that can ultimately decide your grade. Things such as wording and phrasing, even the style of the paper come into play. Considering all the formats schools use – Harvard, Chicago, APA, MLA – the ease in which a person becomes overwhelmed is lost in detail. You may know WHAT to say, but face conflict in HOW to say it. Editing is a phase of the writing process that encompasses finding and correcting mistakes in spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, format and grammar of written content. The goal is to elevate its impact, continuity and flow of the discussion. Considering that each client had his or her own specifics to address for editing, our service is geared to a personal touch you won’t find with any other service. With your dissertation coming to its completion, all you need is editing. We can assist you!

You need dissertation editing if you want to be certain your dissertation is clear, accurate and concise, containing no errors. To ensure an error free outcome, put our professional dissertation editors to work for you. We will establish that your formatting is correct and contains no mistakes.

With our Professional Editing Service, you can allow us to put that final touch on your dissertation, giving it that polished look you deserve.

We give our clients a personal touch by treating each order on an individual basis, understanding that not all assignments are alike. Our editors evaluate your writing project making critical suggestions and advice appropriate to the content.

The services we offer encompass everything from formatting to stylistic. Perhaps you are simply seeking a better presentation or certain points phrased so that they are more concise, creating positive impact. Maybe you are not certain how to incorporate charts and graphs effectively into your dissertation. It could just be that the frustration of proper citation and bibliographic methods is clouding your project. The confidence of having a neutral pair of eyes edit your paper from beginning to end can put your mind at ease knowing you’ve done your best. We are here to help you make all that happen and more.

PrimeDissertations offers professional thesis, research proposal, dissertation editing service providing exceptional quality in dissertation/thesis editing assistance to students all over the world. Our customers come to us from places like, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, China and India, to name a few. All students need reliable guidance that is expert in thesis, dissertation and research proposal editing. We offer other writing services as well. Although we specialize in thesis editing, we also make available editing services for research proposals and dissertations.

In our beginnings, our goal was to provide an editing service that delivers our client orders within the timeframe of the original deadline. We are proud to say that we provide 95% of our orders with hours of the deadline, giving our customers the opportunity to review and if it becomes necessary, request revision. We do revision free of charge within 48 hours after deadline expires for papers less than 20 pages long. Please note that if your paper is more than 20 pages long, you have 1 month to apply for a free revision. This is just one aspect that we know will remove a large portion of burden from you. We give uncommon Customer Service that enables you to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Be assured that our professional editing service will elevate your academic paper, raising your educational level to a higher altitude. offers reasonable pricing for our online editing services, giving you more reasons to make us a key component of your success.