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Business Essay Examples

business essay examples

The Importance of Reading Business Essay Sample

Business essay sample is a useful piece of writing for students who do not know how to write a business essay. High quality essay writing examples can help you understand better how to prepare for writing process, make a first draft of your paper, edit it and get your business essay or any other types of essays done.

Business Essay Topics – Excellent Ideas and Writing Tips

Writing business essays is not as hard as you think. In fact, choosing a topic for a business essay is even harder than actually writing it. While selecting a topic for a business essay, you need to consider the nature of the business of your interests. In case the topic is chosen correctly, any of your business essays will be written well.

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The Influence of Geopolitics on the Evolvement of Shanghai Essay

GEOPOLITICS AFFECTING SHANGHAI It goes without saying that the development of every location, either city or the entire state, is always closely related to its geographical characteristics. In particular, geographical position of a city defines the political and economic structure of the community that inherits this area. Therefore, endeavoring to trace the geopolitics of a […]

Madain Saleh as Tourist Destination Essay Example

Saudi Arabia, also known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, occupies the better part of the Arabian Peninsula. It is nearly four times bigger than France and approximately a quarter the size of the United States. Most of the Saudi Arabia occupies the desert area. People know it as the birthplace of Islam, which requires […]

Dell and Google Companies Comparison Essay

Growing Companies Sometimes Have Bumps Companies face a lot of challenges in their attempt to keep the pace of competition in an ever-changing environment. Some of them manage to succeed while others struggle to make changes that are required to adapt to the prevalent rivalry. This paper will aim to discuss two technology- related companies: […]

Innovation In Franchise Business Essay Example

Innovation in Franchise Systems Recently, a great number of franchise businesses operating as organisational set-ups have developed around the world. Franchisors may tactically choose to use the scheme in their business so that they can improve competitiveness on equal terms with other similar business enterprises. Most of the highly performing industries in the world have […]

Managing Creativity, Design and Innovation Essay Example

During the last year holidays, I found a job in a restaurant aiming at earning money as well as improving my culinary abilities. Although the job was not rewarding enough as many would expect, I, nevertheless, enjoyed working for the restaurant since it gave me the opportunity to exercise my passion and acquaint myself with […]

Shangri-La Hotels Business Policy Essay Example

The Major Trends in the Industry The hospitality industry is a rather unique industry considering that its driving forces are mainly constant. This industry mainly relies on tourism and the global economy for its prosperity. There are, however, other factors that affect the industry and thus influence the trends and these include their specific target […]

Tourism Marketing Strategies in Italy Essay Example

Italy is among the world’s most favourite destinations in the tourism industry with the country receiving up to 50 million visitors a year (Warfler 2006). These tourists are often attracted by the Italian scenic beauty, arts, heritage sites, and cuisine as well as fashion and history. This country’s tourism industry is thus among the fastest […]

Port Investment and Port Communities in China Essay Example

Since 2004, many accreditations have been awarded to China for its investments in ports with in view of increasing trade and connections with other countries. By the end of 2004, China had 2,500 berths, constructed for the medium-sized or large capacity containers, docking in the ports. Improvements expanded the capacity of the ports in China […]

The Use Of Hyper Efficiency in Production Process Essay Example

Over time, different companies and corporations have been struggling to achieve profitability over the years. Basically, they have been aimed at reducing their costs and increasing their returns on products and services in which they have invested. This amounts to efficiency. The use of the smallest amount of resources to achieve maximum returns can be […]

Base Of The Pyramid Approaches Business Essay Example

‘Base of the Pyramid’ or BOP First appearing in 1932, the expression “Bottom of the pyramid” has acquired relevance and effectiveness value only in recent years. Thousands of people around the world live below the poverty line, spending on their daily need less than $2 a day. It primarily concerns developing countries where the issues […]

Sustainable Tourism Development in Turkey Essay Sample

Tourism sector plays a critical role in the development of a country’s economy, which necessitates proper management to ensure that it remains sustainable. Sustainability in this sense means that it will be able to accommodate as many clients as possible while increasing the quality of services to meet the demands of diverse classes of the […]

The Nike Company Analysis Essay Sample

Nike is a multinational company that deals with designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of sports footwear, services, accessories and equipment. Its headquarters are in Beaverton, Oregon and, the company is one world’s largest providers of athletic shoes. The Nike Company was founded in 1964 and it gets its name from the Greek goddess of victory. […]

Situation Analysis for Harley Davidson Company Essay Sample

Harley Davidson Company is an American company that manufactures motorcycles for sale. It is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States. Recently, the company has realized a significant increase in revenue. For instance, in the year 2009, the company recorded total revenue of about $4,781,909, which increased to $5 million in 2010 (Johan 6). […]

Offshoring and Computer Technology Essay Sample

Offshoring is a business practice that involves outsourcing of operations from foreign countries with the aim of reducing the operation cost incurred in the process of doing business. This practice is very common among the firms from already industrialized countries to the developing countries which offer cheap labor, adequate raw materials and favorable environment for […]

Self-Driving Cars Technology Essay Sample

Self-driving cars are one of the biggest achievements of the last decade. It is not a small-scale discovery, it is a project that changes people’s believes about the transportation system in general. Without doubt, this project is the first step to letting smart technologies be responsible for our safety and well-being. Despite its limitations, self-driving […]

Disneyland Park in Dubai Marketing Plan Essay Sample

This individual assignment is a development of a marketing communication plan that provides identification of the UAE as the new market for Disneyland Park and is based on the summary analysis of the campaign context. Identification of Disneyland Park and Dubai Disneyland Park is a thematic entertainment park where each member of family can find […]

Cryptology as a Science Essay Sample

What is Cryptology? The need to protect information originated long before the advent of information technology, in those days, when with the emergence of writing there was also a danger of interception of this information by persons to whom it was not intended. First, the issue was resolved rather simply: the elite only had an […]

Ajmal: The Analysis of the External Environment Essay Sample

Core Facts Ajmal is a well-known Arabic company that produces perfumes. It was founded in 1951 and ever since, it has gained considerable popularity in the Oriental world. This company successfully entered the markets of such Arabic states as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Oman (Ajmal Perfume, n.d). This year, the […]

Aluminum Foam Properties and Behaviour Essay Example

Aluminum foam, which belongs to ultra-light metal foams, appeared as an appealing research ground both from the industrial and scientific application standpoints. It is characterized by energy occlusion, stiffness, high density, and high level of absorption power. The paper will analyze the structural and mechanical properties of aluminum foam and its production process. In addition, […]

The Role UAE in Global Climate Politics Essay Example

The United Arab Emirates: A Global Partner in Climate Change The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country that is increasingly becoming an important partner in global climate politics proposing the original methods and strategies to solve different types of problems. The UAE is at the epicenter extraction of petroleum, but this country still does […]

The Economic Impact of Sports Stadium Building Essay

Economic relations at the micro and macro levels solve the problem of goods and services production, distribution, and consumption among the consumers. Various branches of a country’s economy are related and they have to cooperate for the benefits of whole society. However, in practice, there is no level welfare within a community. A sports market […]

Trading or Business Traveling Essay Example

For many decades, if not centuries, traveling was considered to be a sort of privilege, accessible only to the wealthy and powerful, while others had to be content with seeing places of interest not far from their place of residence and engage in occasional trips to more distant places on special occasions only. However, invention […]

Financial Research of the Google Inc. Essay Example

Investment in corporate business remains an important and attractive issue that may be influenced by huge investment potential. Publicly traded companies demonstrated various dynamics of stock growth during the long and short term. However, each company has its individual pace of growth, because it has different possibilities to enter the foreign market, occupy large niches, […]

International Business Culture in Pakistan Essay Example

Understanding culture is a key element in successful international business communication. It is one of the key determinants of the manner in which organizations and individuals operate in the international business environment. For a business to effectively fit in the international market, there is a need to be aware of the market in terms of […]

Korean Multinational Electronics Companies Business Essay Example

This paper explores how Korean multinational electronics companies have undergone a metamorphosis in their modes of operation and the efforts they employ to achieve sustainability and competitiveness in the international market. In this regard, numerous Korean electronics companies have outperformed electronics firms in other countries such as Japan in the global environment. In view of […]

Business and Management in China Essay Example

After reforming and improving its global market in 2005, the economy of China was rated the second largest in the world after the United States when measuring the purchasing power of the products. One of the economic goals of the country is to improve Gross Domestic Product four times by the year 2020 as well […]

SanGrafix Company Business Essay Sample

Video games provide a lot of fun mostly to young people who still have the whole time to spare and enjoy life. In most cases, such individuals have their parents providing them with nearly everything they need ranging from cloths, food, travel money, cars, school fees to cash so they can enjoy a stress-free life. […]

Iggy Azalea “Reclassified” Marketing Plan Sample

Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper, songwriter, and model born in 1991. She started her career as soon as she moved from Australia to the USA when she was 16. She became popular thanks to her first music videos, which became popular with the speed of light all over YouTube. In 2011, Iggy Azalea released […]

Car Trading Business Essay

Car trading is a very popular type of business in the world that has proven to be quite profitable for some countries. One country that has clearly benefitted from the trade is China. In the US, vehicles are cheaper with an average price of around $50,000 (300, 000 Yuan). One can also get a luxury […]

Al Kharafi Swimming Pools Company Business Essay

The Al Khafari Swimming Pools is the Dubai-based company that provides the services in relation to the supplying of the water-related products such as the swimming pools, hot tubes, saunas, etc. The company also specializes in the services that include the kids’ animation and other similar services. However, the organization is still in the shadows […]

Michelin Logistic Strategy Business Essay

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that contemporary marketing, as well as logistics, are very complicated aspects of business. Companies attempt to optimize their logistics in order to gain a competitive advantage but face the same difficulties on a regular basis. Hence, an opinion that logistics does not present a competitive advantage […]

Virgin Atlantic Company Business Essay Example

Businesses operate in an environment with many internal and external factors that control their existence. It is the interaction of these factors that determines whether a business thrives or fails. The internal factors are those that exist within the business itself while the external environment deals with factors outside the business (Porter, 2008). Business cannot […]

Comparing Coach & Michael Kors’s Brands Essay Example

Michael Kors vs Coach The essay compares two logistical distribution systems presented by two leading independent world brands: Coach and Michael Kors Inc. This work displays that two different luxury brands utilize similar approaches and methods to provide their products on the world market. These brands distribute their goods and products in the USA and […]

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Essay Example

Essentially, there have been ranging changes in the hospitality industry in which Starwood Hotels and Resorts exist. With changing economic and social contexts and globalization, the hotel industry has been affected both positively and negatively. However, the internal structures and strengths of the businesses have been critical to the enterprises’ capacity to withstand economic and […]

Tourism Industry in Barbados Essay Example

Internationally, tourism has become one of the most powerful and rapidly developing industries, with an extremely diversified range of products and a varying degree of impact on economies of various regions. In the era of globalization, people enjoy the opportunity and have the means to travel virtually to any destination; thus, tourist destinations now need […]

Tesco Marketing Strategy Essay Example

The term ‘marketing’ has become an essential part of every organization’s life cycle and has been always a toll that can help the business increase its sales and remain competitive. Thereafter, marketing is a process of management and requires as much managerial skills as running the organization. It involves analysis and planning, investment and control […]

Apple iCloud Hacking Essay Example

When people deal with the field of technology, Apple tops the list of the most famous companies. It occurs due to its wide range of the best products. The company was started in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Helft & Carter, 2011). The two young men were college dropouts and perceived as outcasts […]

Creative Director is My Career Choice Essay

A creative director is an important person in an organization, specifically, in fashion industry. Regardless of the system they may use, a creative director in the fashion industry should be able to exercise the concepts of leadership, communication and technology. In order to qualify for the position at Carven fashion house, I need to have […]

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Essay Example

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a computing infrastructure based on a centralized control environment, where everybody is able to access terminals of the source information. VDI helps users to connect to a centrally placed OS and applications terminal via a network from their client terminals. In a traditional sense of personal computing, the computer is […]

Red Bull Marketing Plan Essay Example

In the business world, any company that wishes to become successful in selling their products must remain competitive and capable of taking care of building and maintaining their own image. Formation of image is a laborious and lengthy process. Since the beginning of previous century business and economics can not develop effectively without the proper […]

Financial Fair Play in Soccer Essay Example

The elite Spanish and English Football clubs have enjoyed the global football explosion over the last two decades. This paper analyzes Financial Fair Play regulations and their effects on professional soccer clubs in Europe as well as their prospective effects on the economy. Will financial fairplay have an effect in the world of Soccer According […]

Cloud Computing Essay Sample

There have been numerous attempts to separate computer users from the hardware since the inception of computer science. Scientist want to separate the two so that they can ease the burden associated with sophisticated hardware and software for service provision. The idea of time-sharing utilities which appeared in the 1960’s and lasted up to the […]

Drinking Water Issues in California Essay

Water is a main component of all living creatures. There are more than 96 thousands of living organisms in the world. All of them tend to consume water in order to maintain their functionality on a high level. Humans are not exceptions. It is impossible to imagine life without regular water consumption. However, modern world […]

The Dubai Mall and Its Business Nature Essay

The Dubai Mall is a place like no other. It is the largest mall for shopping globally in reference to total area it covers and is the 6th in the world by gross leasable area. The Dubai Mall is found in Dubai, one of the confederations of the United Arab Emirates. Its significance in the […]

Business Opportunity

Business Free Essay Example A lot has changed in the last few years particularly in the economic trends of the country. Nowadays, family structures have shifted from the earlier system where the husband was the sole bread winner and the wife was left at home as a housewife. In the modern trends, both have taken […]

Starting a Small Business Essay

How to starting a small business The modern world lives in the consequences of the global financial crisis. The crisis has started in 2008 and still affects our life. The reasons for the crisis were different. The most influential reasons are housing crisis, credit character of the world’s economy, manipulation with financial instruments, etc. In […]

Alexander Hamilton vs Thomas Jefferson Essay

American Heritage Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were very important figures in the American history. However, they had a lot of differences in their political concepts. Hamilton was Secretary of the Treasury under President Washington. His aim was a strong federal govern, and that is why he was called a Federalist. Furthermore, he wanted the […]

Canada Timder Essay Example

This article seeks to highlight the various cultural international business elements and the influence they have on international business cultural diversifications mainly such as the manners, language, attitudes and values. With the progression of globalization, its effects on global business activities are more evident, in the drastically evolving world of economic globalization and on this […]

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