Business Essay Examples

The Importance of Reading Business Essay Sample

Business essay sample is a useful piece of writing for students who do not know how to write a business essay. High quality essay writing examples can help you understand better how to prepare for writing process, make a first draft of your paper, edit it and get your business essay or any other types of essays done without problems. You can see also the other types of free essays online. There are two main things that have to be done in the process of business paper writing. The most useful business essay writing tips include the following: prepare thoroughly (study available topics for your essay to choose the best one, examine instructions thoroughly) and study the literature (look for appropriate and reliable materials for your work to support your claim). After the work is done, you will be ready to write the first draft and proceed to the next step: final paper writing.

Business Essay Topics – Excellent Ideas and Writing Tips

Writing business essays is not as hard as you think. In fact, choosing a topic for a business essay is even harder than actually writing it. While selecting a topic for a business essay, you need to consider the nature of the business of your interests. In case the topic is chosen correctly, any of your business essays will be written well. Keep in mind that business essays need to cover the topics and problems that exist in the real world instead of something hypothetical. Research all topics you are interested in (as many as possible) and make sure that the one you have chosen fits the following requirements:

  • It is not too general, but deals with a specific industry
  • There is relevant and credible data and statistics on the topic
  • It is pertinent for the modern business world

You can thoroughly research this topic and find all the information you need

Here is the list of possible business essays that can help you make a right choice:

  • Do pre-employment drug tests violate the rights of employees?
  • Does the fear of recession add stress or increase competition?
  • Are win-win investments realistic in business?
  • Are social media privacy laws necessary for employees?
  • Will e-commerce substitute or supplement traditional trade?
  • Should banks place warning labels on credit cards?
  • Does debt crisis in Europe have an effect on small businesses in the USA?
  • Should English language be a business lingua franca in the world?

In addition to choosing a proper topic, you should also consider the following requirements while writing your business essay:

  • Support all your arguments with examples and references
  • Use proper language and appropriate terminology
  • Before you begin writing, do a thorough research
  • Remember the keywords of writing business essays, such as examine, compare, explain, analyze, and criticize
  • Begin with an outline for your essay, because it will help you organize your ideas more logically
  • Choose only the relevant sources by reputable authors, journals and books
  • Remember to include recent studies and surveys into your essay
  • Keep in mind the proper business essay format: Introduction (here you should cover the objectives of your essay and give required definitions). Background (cover the economic theory), Findings (analyze the sources you have found, examine different opinions on the topic, discuss the current points of view and provide reasons for and against the argument you are presenting), and Conclusion (give your personal opinion, as well as recommendations for future studies).
  • Do not forget to include the reference list
  • If you have any graphs or charts, include them into the appendices
  • When you are done with writing, edit and proofread your essay (check grammar, spelling, as well as the content of your paper) If you choose a good topic and consider all above-mentioned recommendations, you will be bound to write a great business paper!

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