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If you are a student – especially in graduate school – you are likely to be asked to write an annotated bibliography. If you have never heard of one, it is basically a supercharged version of a reference list in which each source is accompanied by a paragraph-long description. Each description should be between 100 and 200 words long.

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You should not underestimate the effectiveness of a good annotated bibliography. Unlike a standard bibliography which merely lists the sources, the annotated bibliography summarizes the content, explains its relevance to the paper topic, and provides a critique. All of these things will go a long way towards making your paper appear more credible since you provide the reader with a comprehensive explanation for why you chose those particular sources. The end result will be a paper that impresses your instructor or adviser, as well as the researchers and academics who subsequently read your work.

Unless you have a lot of experience with writing research papers, there is a good chance that you have never written an annotated bibliography before. But there is never a bad time to start learning. While writing the paper itself is a major undertaking, the annotated bibliography is likewise something that requires a great deal of time and good organization. You must have the ability to not simply choose a quotation from a journal that supports your argument, but go a step beyond by evaluating the source and explaining why that source is relevant, reputable, and well-founded. In other words, this exercise allows you to gain a better understanding of how research papers work, especially in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, biases, and their usefulness when applied to your research. So do not merely see it as another excuse for the professor to waste your time for no reason, but as something that can help you grow as a researcher.

Annotated Bibliography writing services

The annotated bibliography serves various functions depending on the assignment:

  • It can offer a literature review on a particular topic
  • It can assist in developing the paper’s thesis argument
  • It can confirm or otherwise strengthen your own research
  • It can provide examples of significant works related to your paper topic
  • It can provide a description of other works related to your topic that the reader might consider interesting

The experts at PrimeDissertations.com know exactly how an annotated bibliography should be written. That is why we are proud to offer you some detailed suggestions that can help you complete it. Of course, if you still find yourself struggling with writing one, our professional writers would be happy to create a custom annotated bibliography online for you at a reasonable price.


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If you buy annotated bibliography for the first time from us, do not fret. The process of ordering a supremely crafted annotated bibliography is easy and convenient. Feel free to click the “Order now” button and provide us with your order details including the required length of your custom annotated bibliography, the amount of required sources, your academic level, the specified formatting style (APA, MLA, etc.), the topic of the paper, the type of paper, and your deadline. If you are a loyal client who is returning for more high-quality academic assistance, it is a simple matter of clicking the “My profile” button to log into your account.

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Six Steps to Writing an Annotated Bibliography like a Pro

If you want your annotated bibliography to look better, here are six advances:

  • Begin by collecting sources. Look through academic journals, novels, reputable newspapers and magazines, and other respected sources in order to find information that helps support (or even argues against) your research thesis.
  • Cite the sources as you would in a standard reference list. Include the author’s name, the year of publication, the title of the work, and anything else that is required depending on the formatting style. Some professors request that the sources be arranged alphabetically whereas others prefer it to be in chronological order.
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  • Provide a summary of the works: Carefully select the sources that you intend to cite in your paper and summarize them. Use the abstracts to highlight critical points. Make sure your summary makes it easy for the average person to get the jist of the source’s purpose.
  • Critique the authors of the sources: Is the author renown? Are their research and academic credentials impressive? Does the source provide unique insight? Were any scientific breakthroughs uncovered as a result of the work? Both you and the reader will benefit if you incorporate really good sources.
  • Discuss how the source is relevant to your research: Do these sources enhance your own research? For any research paper, it is essential that you find works that support your claims.
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  • Discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and biases: The point of research is not necessarily to “prove” you have all the answers. Rather, it is to investigate whether or not your research – particularly your thesis – has any merit. In the spirit of transparency, it is important to discuss not only how other sources support your argument, but how their perceived weaknesses or biases mean there is still more about your topic worth investigating.
  • By being able to summarize and critique solid, reputable sources that you used in your research paper, it adds credibility to your work and in particular demonstrates its relevance.
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