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Literature Essay Examples

Free Literature Essays for You

Literature essay is assigned to students with the aim of checking how good they can evaluate a piece of writing, which may include a book, article, etc. In this regard, literature essay example and other types of free essays online can serve as a good prompt for better understanding of how to write a literature essay. Professional literature essay sample will help you identify and understand these constituents better. As you can see from different literature essay examples general structure of literature essay is similar to other essay types.

Note! Literature review is not an annotated bibliography. The aim of literature review is not to summarize the sources only. It is aimed at deep analysis of materials and high analytical skills demonstration. High quality literature essay examples can provide a writer with useful literature essay writing ideas and help complete the assignment easily.

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The Inferno by Dante Alighieri Poem Analysis Essay Sample

Dante’s Life and Work Introduction Dante Alighieri was one of the greatest medieval poets. Born in 1265 in Florence to the family of an Italian nobleman who belonged to the Guelph party, he was able to get good education, which in the future gave him a chance to create masterpieces without thinking about money for […]

The Role of Each Woman in Hamlet Play Analysis Essay Example

Women characters in “Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark” The current research paper is based on the Shakespearian play, “Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark”. The work is quite complex and controversial. Hamlet is a character that searches for himself and the truth among deceit and intrigues. Every other personage present in the play helps the Prince […]

M. Butterfly Play by David Henry Hwang Literature Essay

M. Butterfly is a remarkable play that conveys a story of a French diplomat who has fallen in love with a beautiful Chinese opera singer. The writer of the play, David Henry Hwang, found inspiration for his literary piece in a real story of an international espionage and opera Madame Butterfly of Italian composer Giacomo […]

Chinese Ghost Stories Literature Analysis Essay

Chinese ghost stories are an assortment of over 500 wraithlike anecdotes written by Pu Songling in traditional Chinese throughout the early Qing reign. The stories are filled with Taoist exorcists, jiangsh, mystic foxes, monsters, ghosts, immortals, scholars, and demons. There are four central subjects of these stories. The first argument discusses the grumbles about the […]

White Oleander Book Review Example

White Oleander by Janet Fitch The main character Astrid is a 15 year old girl, raised by her mother Ingrid. Ingrid was a very independent woman who taught Astrid not to depend on men. However, this independent woman fell in love with a man named Barry Kolker. Ingrid was deeply in love with Barry, when […]

“Smells like Teen Spirit” by Kurt Cobain Essay Example

Performing this literature research project, we would like to consider such a well-known song as “Smells like Teen Spirit” written by Kurt Cobain, the leader of the legendary American band “Nirvana.” We decided to choose this song since it has become the anthem of the X-generation. The unexpected success and popularity of this song allowed […]

Books as a Value For The Modern Society Essay

The invention of printing technology dated back to the 15th century and revolutionized the humanity giving an opportunity to read books in printed form. Magnetic media books were invented in the 1930s. It was caused by the fact that libraries began to face space problems. Meanwhile, the 1960s experienced the development of computing technology that […]

Escape Literature vs Interpretive Literature Essay

One of the ways to classify literature is its division into escape and interpretative literature. While the former exists for the readers’ entertainment, the latter is aimed at making reader think. Thus, these two types use different approached to identical issues. Like “The Most Dangerous Game”, “The Child by Tiger” is a story of a […]

The Lady with the Pet Dog Literature Essay

Joyce Carol Oates novel “The Lady with the Pet Dog” Joyce Carol Oates novel “The Lady with the Pet Dog” is a story which portrays a the modern woman from the contemporary modern set up in a realistic manner through offering insights into the happenings of their lives. Through the use of a modern context […]

American and Iranian Culture Essay

A Comparison of American and Iranian Culture The USA and Iran are countries with radically different cultural values and traditions. Iranian culture has been formed throughout centuries. On the other hand, American culture is much younger, and its values are not as old and influential as Iranian. Most differences between cultures and traditions of various […]

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