Useful Tips for Future Dissertation Writers

dissertation tips

The Guidance for Dissertation Writing The academic year full of studies and stressful exams is over. You can start dreaming about exotic beaches, music festivals, and quality time with your family. You might be excited to be in your last year of university, but keep in mind that it will be both... >>

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Useful Lifehacks for Getting into Journalism

Tips On Getting Into Written_Journalism

Some ideas on getting into journalism Let’s be honest: with my professional journalistic experience of mere half a year, I am hardly in the position to give you pieces of advice. I’ve been doing written journalism for not so long compared to highly qualified professionals in the fie... >>

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5 Tips on How to Write a Great Thesis Statement

Writing a Thesis Statement

How to Write a Thesis No essay exists without a thesis statement, and no weak thesis statement can create a good impression of an essay. The main idea of your essay will be expressed there, so you should work hard on the thesis alone. The first draft of the statement will probably be eventually... >>

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Apps for Learning Languages

learning apps

How To Learn Any Language Applications are widely used nowadays, helping people in virtually every sphere of life. Therefore, it is not a surprise that when asking a question, "How to learn any language?" the answer might be, "Why not doing it with an app?" Below, you can... >>

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Helpful Tips for Writing Your Dissertation

dissertation writing tips

HOW TO WRITE A DISSERTATION When you are finishing your Ph.D. level, you are obliged to confirm it with your own research – dissertation. In order to create the most appropriate thesis, you have to know a few basic rules to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Here are a few writing tips on how to... >>

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The Guide for Undergraduate Dissertation Proposal

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The Undergraduate Dissertation proposal is not less important than MA Dissertation or even the actual Undergraduate Dissertation project. Even the Undergraduate dissertation is not lesser than the MA or Doctorate dissertation. It still requires a lot of effort and time. With this, the student unde... >>

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How to Receive Literature Review Help

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Dissertation Literature Review Writing Service A literature review is aimed at the presentation, as well as discussion of an investigation in regard to the study field, offering a case study in support of the trustworthiness of your topic as well as the significance of the study proving your po... >>

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When I Write My Dissertation Transparently


Writing a Good Dissertation It is a well known fact that dissertation is a quite important document for a student. There are principally four major elements which decide the prospect of your project, i.e. dissertation ideas, literature review, thesis statement, as well as methodology chapt... >>

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