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Who Will Help Researching My Thesis?

Who Will Help Researching My Thesis?

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A thesis is never complete without a research. In fact it is a part and parcel of your thesis. Your research work depends on the kind of thesis you have, but, the one thing that ties all the students is that, at some point of time they wish they could get some assistance for their research work. When it comes to their methodology chapter the question that bothers all students is who will help researching my thesis?

The research is an extensive job which involves different sources, which can be further classified into three sources primary, secondary and optional. A source for a research includes anything that provides information on the chosen subject. For example books, newspapers, articles, magazines, journals, webpage etc.

Before beginning your research do consult your friends, professors, experts, supervisors, consultants, and your librarians. Do refer to old books and thesis relevant to your topic. The bibliography given behind can open you whole new information for you to use. This way a source opens another and then another and so on. When searching and sifting through books on the library and doing the same with the bulk of information available in the net, you must act a little smart. The way you gather your data will decide your success. Knowing the technique might be helpful.

Know what you are looking for. There will be occasions when you will have to refer the same source again and again, prepare a list of information for those sources. As far as your research work is concerned you must clearly understand the details of your researching. When and how questions are useful for you. Preparation is all that you need so that you do not go astray.

Moreover accepting what ever information initially comes your way is a bad idea. Instead look for materials with an urge to discover new areas and perspectives. Do consider again and again, how your effort affects your research and consequently your thesis.

When you choose a source you must consider not just the content of the source but also the author and the reputation. Your literature review will be based on their researches and ideas. You will have to give them credit with suggested citations. Hence, you will need the information on the book like the author's name, the year of publication, the name of the publishing company and their location, the volume and edition of the book, and so on.

You should not approach your research either superficially or severely. These approaches will bore and confuse you, rather adapt a balanced approach. In case your topic is about something that is recent, you will have trouble finding any useful information. This is because there are very few data on these materials. In such case, look for newspapers or periodicals, or else prepare your own questionnaire and conduct your own survey or interview, etc.

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