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Things to Remember about an Undergraduate Dissertation Example

Things to Remember about an Undergraduate Dissertation Example

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Like MA or doctoral dissertation, the undergraduate dissertation project is also crucial and takes a lot of time and effort to do. Coming up with this does not just have to be a mere requirement to be passed. It still needs enthusiasm and vigor to come up with a good quality undergraduate dissertation. One should remember that it is a requirement that should be submitted to acquire an undergraduate degree.

However, writing the dissertation can be a bit hard since it will be the first hand experience in writing a technical paper. It is not just a typical research paper to be complied. It will reflect a lot about the researcher. To be able to make sure that the dissertation will yield a good result, students can seek for dissertation examples. Examples will make certain concepts in writing clearer. Compared to just understanding the rules and instructions implemented by the university, the examples can vividly express the idea of certain guidelines about the dissertation.

Though a student can seek the help and guidance of dissertation examples, there are still some key ideas that should be met first. These key points will help identify which dissertation example is a good example. First, the example should provide a clear set of references and should follow the prescribed rules in citation format. When an example cannot meet this, there is a tendency that the example is not a good one. Another, the dissertation example should also provide a clear structure. With a clear structure, the student will surely come up with a good grasp on how to come with one’s own paper.

Despite the advantages that a dissertation example can provide, there is still a disadvantage in using it. Looking through a dissertation example with the same topic can rather bring confusion on the part of the student. Moreover, the ideas of the student can be influenced by this. It can also bring uncertainty to which information is original and derived from the example. This can even probably lead to a plagiarized work. To address this problem, it is highly recommended that the student rather choose an example from the same field and not with a similar topic. Since examples are only used to serve as guide and basis, doing the aforementioned suggestion will prevent the student from plagiarizing while he still can learn the important concepts and processes that a dissertation requires. Students should remember that a unique dissertation is essential to pass the degree. Also, students should remember that plagiarism is an offense that has punishment.

With all these, the student should remember that one should not completely rely on the availability of dissertation templates. Before looking up for a dissertation sample, the student should have a clear understanding regarding the subject at hand. As much as possible, the student should also have come up with a thorough research regarding the study so as not to confuse any ideas. Seeking for a dissertation example is good but it should not entirely encapsulate the research process.

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