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Guides in Writing a Good MA Dissertation Proposal

Guides in Writing a Good MA Dissertation Proposal

dissertation proposal writing

A MA dissertation proposal refers to a master’s level writing project, and hence, very clearly, it is an essential project comparing to the papers which you have written so far through undergraduate studies. As it is, MA dissertation comes up in between the undergraduate dissertations and the doctoral dissertations. In a sense, the master’s dissertation is one in which you are taking up a base of things that you learned during the undergraduate session for better prospect of your PhD. Writing the research proposal can be more crucial and difficult than the actual project itself. The dissertation proposal will judge if the study is worth pursuing. With clear grasp of the study and proper presentation of the ideas, one can have a successful dissertation proposal.

How to write a Quality Dissertation Proposal

Making the dissertation is not only done to pass the subject and be able to acquire a degree. More than this idea, writing the dissertation is a good background for more dissertation writings to come. Also, this process can even teach good habits and attitude that can be good when the student faces the real world.

In coming with the dissertation proposal, the student should take note of some important guidelines. First, the adviser sets certain requirements that should be followed. These requirements are not just all about the citation formats, style, and other specifications, there are more to these. Taking the help of the adviser will surely bring good result to the dissertation proposal. Another, the student should also deal with lots of research. Coming up with sources that can support the study is crucial to establish the significance of the study. The student should also consider the length of the proposal. It should not be too short that important ideas are left out neither too long that ideas are already running circles.

Aside from these, the student should also remember important points about each part of the proposal. First, students should keep in mind that the title of the study should not go beyond 15 words. Second, the abstract should include all the information that will talk about the entire study. The introduction, on the other hand, should provide issues and arguments about the study, explain necessary concepts about the topic, and justify why the study is significant. When it comes to the literature review, this section should provide a detailed set of ideas from other sources that can support the problem statement of the study. There should be a logical and rationale order of the ideas within this section. The student should also remember that any unnecessary ideas that will be included in this part will just result to a less credible and illogical study. Methodology, on the other hand, should indicate the process that the student will go through. In doing this, the statements to express this process should be brief enough not to confuse the readers. The references are another aspect of the study that should also be meticulously watched. The student should also remember the specifications required by the university in citing the references. Lastly, the appendices are another part of the proposal. This will help the student during the data gathering process and will even make the study easier.

The research proposal can be likened to a trailer of a movie. Like the trailer, it provides the basic information regarding the actual project. It highlights the scope and limitation of the study. Above all, it will be the basis if the study is worth researching at all. The only difference that it has from a movie trailer is that it should be well-prepared than the actual research paper itself. In making sure that the proposal will pass the meticulous and critical judgment of the panelist, the writer should make sure that he knows exactly what he is up with and that he can defend his ideas no matter what. This simply means that the writer should have a clear idea on what the study is all about and how to write it effectively. The research proposal is made up of the introduction, review of literature, methodology, results, and conclusion.


The introduction is the first part of the proposal. This suggests that it will also be the first part to be read. With this, the introduction of the research proposal should encompass the idea of the study but will still leave the specific details to the other sections. In this section, the researcher should be able to give the readers the basic argument of the study. It should also cover the issues that will be discussed in the study. It will also state the goal of the study.

Review of Literature

The review section of the proposal is not just merely a compilation of relevant studies and summarizing these. It is all about writing down the different information relevant to the study and organizing them into a plausible and comprehensible discussion. There should also be coherence in the flow of the information. Moreover, the writer should focus on writing rationale statements rather than assertive ones.


This section will explain how the writer will go over the study. To be able to clearly express the method of the study, the writer should avoid ambiguous words and should clearly establish the step-by-step process of the research.


This part should indicate how the writer will evaluate the results of the study together with all the references used.


This section will include the summary of the proposal. It should clearly summarize the entirety of the study and be able to come up with a wrapping up statement about the possible results.

To make sure that each of this part will render good result for the proposal, here are some dissertation tips that writers can consider in writing:

  • At this juncture, you shall be evaluated through the level of maturity that you possess. You will have to display a matured sense, along with maturity in writing, research, as well as conclusion. Yet, everything remains similar including the methods, chapters, research, as well as dissertation proposal. Therefore, MA dissertation proposal is not more than a complex research project proposal. Unlike earlier times, you are required to showcase more dependable thinking for such a proposal.
  • Shortly, for a better result, you must be a responsible student and must reflect your level of maturity by way of papers of your proposal. Choose a topic that you may do full justice to; recognize a highest significant resource for the literature review; conclude the best research methods with the help of great analysis; as well as end with a realistic conclusion.
  • For MA the best preferred field is that of literature; and for that you can have a lot many dissertation ideas. Choosing new uncharted ideas for your dissertation proposal is far more worthwhile than the frequently proposed ones; depending upon your own interest as well as capacities. You will find countless poetry collections as well as novel themes in literature; yet you have to go by the syllabus set by your university. Discussing the title could itself be more significant as well as intriguing.
  • The end of the writing of the proposal must not tag on the submission directly. The act of doing away with errors as well as faults is as important. Some times, you may not get the hidden as well as obvious blunders that the other person may detect surprisingly.
  • It is better to get someone to check your paper unless you want to keep it a secret. This is your dissertation proposal and hence, you would not like any poor quality. Getting online writing help can also be a great idea. Primedissertations.com might be more helpful than anything else in regard to dissertation help.

The above mentioned tips are crucial in coming up with a good quality proposal. But above all, a good proposal relies solely in the attitude of the writer. All the mentioned tips just leads to a certain idea in writing the research proposal: with a good command of the language to be used, the researcher will surely come up with a successful proposal.

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