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North and South Korea History Essay Example

Before a country becomes a sovereign body and starts working on its own and have its government, there are many procedures passed and accredited. Many nations are divided into several states because of some misunderstandings in political, racial or many other ideas. Being sovereign, the country has its procedures and activities that define it. Constitution of one state differs from those of other nations, that makes it very difficult for them to unite. Moreover, there are many international relations processes and procedures to which countries need to adhere before uniting or reuniting. These issues include the taxation policies, the natural resources usage and contribution of each party to the merging process that is expected to make the life of the ordinary citizens better. Governance and leadership are also the key aspects in unifying of the nations. Clear division of power where there must be a representation of each nation’s interests is very crucial. This aspect takes into consideration that there should be harmonization of the two constitutions and each country’s interests. Upon such crucial activities like separation or merging, a referendum is the core activity which shows the will of people, and the entire nation should participate in it.

Reunification of South and North Korea came to light in the year 2000 when they agreed to work together in future; however, there are many difficulties (38 North / Lind, 2015). The countries separated in the 1940s and since then they have grown significantly regarding development and have accumulated a lot of differences between them. There are many issues in place that need to be solved and made for the benefit of the two states before making the move (Uribe, 2010). With a proper platform and involvement of the required stakeholders, the two countries can resolve their differences and work together.

Chances for Reunification in Korea

The countries separated more than seventy years ago after the Second World War when after Japanese ruling the two states did not come to good terms. In Egypt, the United States and other nations signed an agreement that determined that Korea and its people should be independent (Wilson, 2015). Upon the regrouping of the troops to their respective countries, there emerged a problem. The northern part of the nation opted to follow the Soviet Union way while the southern followed the United States’ way. These actions led to mixed reactions from the leaders of the two sides which did not agree on these terms (Wilson, 2015). The problem seemed minor in the eyes of the ordinary citizens who hoped that everything should be fine, especially, after Japanese colonization. However, the internal politics of both sides landed in a massive distinction that made them form different governments. Even in the present days, the northern side adopted the Soviet Union’s form of governance while the southern one took the United States’ form. There was no internal misunderstanding among Korean people, but the pressure came from other countries that assisted Korea in being sovereign and independent. Therefore, the normal citizens had high hopes that one day they would reach agreement and be unified in building their nation. There are very high chances of the two states coming together, as it is the will of the people. Most of them have longed for this to happen and lived passing information of the importance of merging to their children and keeping the dream alive.


There are many issues that need harmonization and one constitutional document drafted, promulgated and given to the people to read (Henriksen & Lho, 1994). There are the taxation processes that require proper treatment and sharing of the national interests as South Korea is ahead of its northern counterpart. If cost is anything concerning it, these two countries are rich, and it is very possible for them to undertake the activities effectively. Many people, especially, the youth yearn this great deal and offer to introduce an increment in taxes, which they will accept. The money collected will finance the merging processes like accommodating the delegates and any other expenses that can occur during the processes. Though some people fear that the merging will only benefit the rich by making them richer, it will enhance economic growth. The greed for power may be another issue that is in the minds of many as no one will accept to give out his/her presidency and let another rule them just for the sake of unionism. These costs are very high and difficult to meet, and conflicts arise where the ordinary people are the ones facing the consequences. Other nations like the United States have the capability to provide funds and assistance to help in the procedure (Henriksen & Lho, 1994). As the USA was one of the core causes of the split between the countries, it can give help not only in the monetary form but even professional one. There are examples where the superpower nations provide their assistance in solving differences between states when they merge or split. Such instances were the split of Southern Sudan from Sudan and Somalia elections. The costs of these activities were met with the help of other nations that are the part of the peaceful negotiations and want nothing but the best for the involved parties.

The Presidents

North Korea has a lot of resources but has made some economic strides that may make the process of unification difficult. However, more that 70% of North Korean citizens have faith and are willing to let it go and join their counterparts in the south (Revere, 2015). President Kim Jong-un is the main problem in case if the merge occurs, His tenure and presidency are historical as he inherited them from his father and he may not accept anything but becoming a president of Korea if unification goes through. He may even demand to be declared as a king of the great Korea. As a great leader, every president or head of state strives to provide a better life and a brighter future to every citizen of his/her nation (Kim, 2015). Upon good terms and proper scheduling of the merging process, the two countries will unite. They should dissolve their alliances with the superpower states affiliated to them and focus on building their nation. Kim Jong-un sees the United States as the worst enemy of development in the world (Revere, 2015). He should forget this belief and enhance proper merging process where Koreans should solve the issues of differences initiated by their forefathers. The former Soviet Union and the United States of America are business partners to Korean people just as it is with other nations, and that should never change. Despite leaving the interests of the United States to it, Kim Jong-un should also accept leaving the interests of his partners to them.

Park Geun-Hye is South Korean president and who has many hopes that the merger will go through. She is a very strong woman and, according to her, the merge process will take place as soon as 2016 (Revere, 2015). Despite being a friend of the United States and even welcoming President Obama in the country, she believes that the most powerful people in North Korea are giving in, and the procedure will go on. She has supporters who increase the pressure and the assurance that the reunifying process will take place. However, some people view her tactics as ways to accumulate wealth and raise to power. They understand all her efforts as the strategy to campaign for her presidential position. It is this case, reunifying of the two nations can help her win the elections and get to the state house. Park Geun-Hye has a support of the world and of many Korean residents, which can assist her to make the procedure successful.

Citizens Relations

There are no differences between the people of North and South Korea. The arisal of the main problems was caused by the external forces in 1940s (Feffer, 2015). The citizens of both countries are on good terms with each other and run mutual businesses without hiccups or any misunderstandings. The problem is North Korean leader and the countries’ policies that do not favor the merging process and require some effort from the two nations. A high percentage of the population is in the support of the unification apart from few who see it from a different perspective. These actions create high chances that the unifying process may take place and one unitary Korea will be reborn. The conditions imposed by different representatives are the ones that make the processes difficult and start of the procedure hard. To achieve success in the reunification, Koreans must ensure there is no intrusion from any external forces, which is really hard, and should use only peaceful means to meet their goal, which is very possible. They also ought to share their ideologies and adopt them in equal positions that may become difficult for the two countries to implement.

Pressure from Other Nations

North Korea has a lot of issues, especially, concerning an increase in the speculations around building nuclear bombs. These actions are the threats to the world. Many nations do not support such activities and they may do anything just to destabilize them. However, North Korea has many fishing areas and an ability to process fish stored to ice blocks which is very good aspect for economic growth. With these actions, it can help other nations through trading with them and exchanging with ideas. With North Korean position and policies, the process of unification risks being not peaceful where the two countries can suffer from wars and post-violence period. International society provides a very good platform by which the involved nations will get a better way out to solve the issue. With this aspect that may include sanctions imposed on many individuals in North Korean government by mostly western countries, the former will probably give in.

Post War Activities

After the differences that rose in the 1940s, the two states have implemented some activities that show clear signs that there are chances for merging. This factor provides a link between the two nations and their people and gives harmony. These aspects include the following achievements. Firstly, the two countries have agreed to leave defamations and slander aside which eases tensions between them. Secondly, the nations have started to collaborate in different fields to enhance growth among their people, which creates international cohesion and relations. There is a direct line between Seoul in South Korea and Pyongyang in North Korea that connects the military bases. It aims to enhance communication between the armies in an effort to minimize the risk of any military incidences. The Red Cross talks between North and South Korea are underway to give rise to this new organization that will connect the two countries and increase their link through serving their people. These actions are very evident that there is something good coming shortly and once the strategies come along and both parties agree on them, they will come together. Koreans are very optimistic concerning reunification because they feel closely tied both by blood and race. They do not have any differences apart the psychology created by the people who fought before. The above activities demonstrate the better and closer ties that the two nations develop. It is only a matter of the leaders to agree and give dialogue a chance that will pave a better way for the unifying process and rebirth of one Korea.

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Summary of the Chances for Reunifying

From the above discussions and facts, there is a high percentage that sooner or later Korea will be unitary again under one leadership and ruling. After the post-war period, it was evident that there was the very high tension of erupting fights at the borders of these two great countries, and the consequences would be very severe. The healing procedures initiated and the harmonization implemented are very good and upon proper governance, new constitution and rules will be developed and put into action and new Korea will be born. In some countries the internal differences range from racial discrimination to misrepresentation of legislation and many other aspects. These actions make them split through procedures like referendum where each citizen chooses whether he/she wants his/her state to become independent and sovereign. Such instances happened in the Great Britain when the Northern Ireland and Wales showed a will to separate from the Great Britain, which, in result, was not supported by the referendum. Some acts are so terrible and unforgivable, and the oppressed countries do not want to rejoin or unify with those they separated from at any cost. Unlike these European cases where the superior states ruled the weaker ones, in Korea citizens of both countries are equal, and none discriminated the other. There were no procedural actions that took place to support the split as the interests and opinions of the leaders were the main cause of the separation. The president of North Korea Kim Jong-un likes South Korea and has the interests of the people of South Korea at heart. The problem is the cooperation of South Korea with the United States which irritates him as he does not want to associate with the United States in any way.

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye is the one spearheading much of the struggles and ensuring creating of correct procedural platforms to meet the need. She has a lot of support from the western countries. The Western world wants to get access to North Korean affairs which hinder the reunifying procedures and the trust between the two states. If only Park Geun-Hye could defy these actions, there would be proper negotiations with North Korea for the mutual benefits of the two. If there is favorable cost sharing model created by the two nations, it will go very fast, and a new dawn will come to Korea which no one, even the residents, expected. The costs include those on changing the systems, merging the constitution, taxes and other revenue collection and many other aspects. The high possibilities in the undertaking of the key activities pose a healthy ground for the merger and reunification for better tomorrow of the people of Korea.

Conditions to be Met for Proper Unification

After split, both Koreas formed their rules and regulations, made constitutional moves and implemented major policies. In the process of building their empires and adorable states, there were changes made in many aspects. First, both countries adopted two different cultures that enhanced them to move forward and stand alone. Using their capabilities, they have made some significant economic steps and put their names in the list of the world states. The populations of the two countries are different in any aspect as in North Korea the majority of the people are the young and vibrant. The majority of South Korean citizens are middle aged. These distinctions require proper unification so that they do not hinder any undertakings after the merger. Different nations have distinguished constitutions which cover various aspects of citizens’ life. They also have the differentiated mode of governance and how they elect their leaders. These and many more policies require harmonization and proper actions taken to come into consensus.


Culture is the most crucial aspect of a nation, as it holds its heritage. Most of the world cultures came into emergence during the post-colonial era. North and South Korea design their cultures according to their people and transform them into laws the violation of which leads to serious punishments and penalties. There are very many differences in the cultures of these two countries separated by wars that left them devastated. These cultures make them progress at different levels and have divergent ideologies. North Korea is not well developed, and it use the communist method of governance. There is the high level of poverty in this country where the middle-aged young people who comprise the majority of the population are jobless. The communist mode of governance exercised by the leaders in North Korea in very harmful to the wellbeing of the nation. The reason that makes the cultures of these two states different is the fact that the government of North Korea controls every aspect of the undertaking in the country (38 North / Lind, 2015). Ordinary people find it very difficult to implement new ideas.

In South Korea, the situation is different as the system of government is the democracy. There is no interference of the state in the affairs of the individuals. This aspect is very good as it assists the young innovators to make greater achievements in life. As the workforce consists of young and middle-aged individuals, this culture gives them space to enhance and control innovations and technology. They create jobs for other people and generate income to the economy that ensures the proper growth of the country. This culture attracts foreign investors in the form of foreign direct investments (FDI), which the enhance development and exchange of ideas with the foreigners. The culture created in South Korea is very friendly and beneficial for the usual citizens.

Before the 1940s, these two regions were the same in every aspect. The basic elements are the only ones left unchanged. People in North and South Korea speak the same language, eat the same food, sing the same songs and have many other common features. These aspects make it easy for these two countries to reunify and make a better nation. However, the mode of the governance, especially, the one in North Korea, requires abolishment. Dictatorship has no place in the 21st century, and it should be eliminated. Leaders from North Korea should undergo tutorials on how to behave democratically and how to treat other people with equality. They should embrace every person’s ideas and give everyone a chance to do what he/she has in mind. Upon undertaking all those activities that are very possible, the countries can merge and create and better state.

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At some point, the economies of the two regions were the same and the growth was very positive. Being unitary, the country was stronger, and the citizens were living by their means affording their expenses. Upon the separation, the northern side lagged behind, and its state of economy cannot match that of the southern part. Over the past years, through technology and innovation introduced by their youths and other stakeholders, South Korea launched the electric train that is super-fast (Distractify Staff, 2014). North Korea uses the old and outdated trains that consume gasoline and usually move very slowly. There are many infrastructural developments in South Korean cities like Seoul and many others. Buildings, roads, the state of the police stations and social amenities are much better than in North Korea. There are many vehicles on the roads which signify the growth of the economy and proper steps made by this nation. South Korea in conjunction with Japan hosted the 2002 FIFA world cup that is a very prestigious event, and it contributes a lot of revenues to the hosting country(s). North Korea, on other side, does not have anything to show except the old houses built in the early centuries. Their monuments aim at praising the communist mode of the soviet ideologies and leadership.

The situation in North Korea is very serious to the extent that young people from this nation migrate to the south to search for employment and decent pay. They do not care that they become immigrants as they get money and good life. They also run away from the dictatorship of the president Kim Jong-un, who even forces them to shave their hair and look like him. Changing the status of the economy of North Korea is very difficult. There are many requirements that the country needs to meet to advance to the next level. South Korea is a developed state while North Korea is a developing one (Distractify Staff, 2014). There is a huge gap in this aspect which worries many people.

There is no problem without a solution, and the two nations may come to a consensus. As South Korea is more developed it will be the one to lead North Korea which will have to work under South and follow all the guidelines it offers. The dictatorial constitution of the northern country should be abolished and a new joint one drafted and implemented for the two states. Though the process is not easy, with the help of external supervisors, success will be attained, and everybody will be happy. After the preparation of the constitution, the citizens should have time to read it and, as a result, an independent body should conduct a referendum. The YES or NO referendum should give people the right to decide whether to accept the constitution prepared for them. After accepting the constitution, there should be an election process set where a president and the legislatures should be elected. In the procedures of the implementation of the constitution and the presidency, the boundaries commission should divide the provinces and give them the names and population coverage.


The majority of people in North Korea are jobless, and the poverty level is very high. The education in this nation is not as qualitative as the one in South Korea where students learn in a modern way, and there are no enough facilities. In South Korea, there are high-quality learning facilities that include modern universities and many others. They learn through the usage of computers where students get knowledge on the current trends in the market and the modern ways to undertake production processes. North Korean students should be patient and get to the better universities in South Korea to get the proper education. They will seek from the qualified personnel in South Korea to get the required skills in making a nation and improving the status of infrastructure and other areas (Distractify Staff, 2014). In the development of the northern side, the jobs offered by the government should first be given to the local people so that they can learn and be able to know the key areas of development. They will also obtain experience in the respective fields that will help them develop the areas they are in and make them better for the future generation.

As the creation of jobs is not a one-day affair or made overnight, there is the need for the involved people like the youth to have patience. This process will come to implementation and every person should help to fuel the economy. The developed countries like Japan, the United States, Russia and many others should also provide support to the people of Korea, especially the northern side of the state. The process is very possible, and it just needs time to be implemented and make the economy better (Eberstadt, 1995). Korea has vast resources including bordering to the sea that makes it easy to develop fishing and tourism industries. The ample area of land will provide enough space for development and introduction of new projects that will create jobs and make the nation better.

The Will of South and the North Korean Leaders

Any leader wants to remain in power and rule for decades without any opposing side. Some are very selfish and greedy, and they will let their people suffer in poverty just for them to stay in power and accumulate more wealth. In Korean reunification, there are different leaders both from northern and southern sides. They all have mixed reactions and thoughts on the need to merge and how it will benefit them. In the 1940s, Korea was one nation, but there were the misunderstandings between the leaders that made it impossible for the good relationship to continue. Present presidents seem to be the same, and they will do anything to make sure that their empires and legacy continue.

From the side of South Korea, President Park Geun-Hye has the will and is pushing with all possible means for the merger to happen. She needs it to happen in the closest time possible and calls for help from the willing nations of the world to receive support. She said that the reunification may happen as soon as next year, it means, in 2016. This kind of leaders has the interests of the people at heart and always needs the best for them (Babones, 2014). They live on fighting for the rights of people where they leave back a legacy and becomes sweet if they achieve or succeed. The pushing of the agenda is to no vain as it has attracted interest even from the president of the United States who visited South Korea to pay her a visit. Other leaders from South Korea especially the opposition ones feel that it is a strategy by Park to increase her popularity in the region and all the action she does aims at her self-interest (Eberstadt, 1995). The ruling party leaders have full support for her and expect her to make it through and win in the merging process. As she is old and has the history of the country’s split and the consequences they caused, she has the passion for working hard and reuniting the nation especially now when she has power. The opposition feels that it is too soon for the reunification to happen, and it should not even come into existence in her regime. Despite all the disagreements, the ruling party has most of the members, and if they go to polling voting, they will win.

On the side of North Korea, there is a lot of resistance the supreme leader is the government. Kim has a totally different idea and cannot tolerate anything of the sort. He wants to remain the leader and his legacy to continue (Henriksen & Lho, 1994). Other leaders with good motives and the interests of people at heart have given in and are ready to give it a go in reunification processes. Park states that the influential and powerful people in North Korea have started to give in, and the procedure may be due to soon. However, most of the northern side leaders are not willing to let the procedure happen and are on their supreme leader’s side of remaining sovereign and continue dictatorship.

In many people’s opinions, it is better to remain free and continue tackling their issues without disturbance from other countries or forces. It is evident that the Korean case is different, and the reason for the split was mostly from external forces and interests. With the current status of the economy of North Korea, something needs to be done and urgently implemented. People leave in abject poverty where most of them do not meet their daily expenses nor finance their expenditures. The two countries were better unified, and the economic progress was very healthy where many people were able to meet their needs. If the union continued the state as a whole would be developed especially regarding infrastructure and social amenities. These features affect the ordinary person in a country, and good governance will make it better. The economic status of North Korea is in a very bad state as youths and other people travel from the North to the South in search of good employment and wages. To minimize these actions, there is the need to stabilize the economy of North Korea and make it better for its residents. Creation of jobs in the North is the solution to curb the problem as when people have a salary they can steer the economy very fast. Youths require quality education especially at the tertiary level where they get the expertise to start their businesses and manage them fully instead of relying on donations from the government. Devolution of services in the executive parts of the government will enhance the proper spread of the government funds and privileges. The solution to the problems in the unification process is to do away with the dictatorship mode of government in North Korea.

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