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Iggy Azalea “Reclassified” Marketing Plan Sample

Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper, songwriter, and model born in 1991. She started her career as soon as she moved from Australia to the USA when she was 16. She became popular thanks to her first music videos, which became popular with the speed of light all over YouTube. In 2011, Iggy Azalea released her debut album ‘Ignorant Art’ and started working with rapper T.I. from Atlanta. In 2012, a famous rapper assigned Azalea to his record label Grand Hustle. Iggy Azalea tends to collaborate with other rappers and singers, who promotes her success and brings new fans to the army of fans. A mix of hard work and talent result in the successful moving up the career ladder in the music industry. ‘The New Classic’ is the album, which made Iggy Azalea famous, and was released on 21 April 2014. However, the marketing plan focuses on the release of the reissued version of the album titled ‘Reclassified’. This album is the new version of the previous album including five new songs, some of which became singles. There is a need to develop an appropriate marketing plan, which would enhance an overall popularity of Azalea in the world of music.

Marketing Goals and Objectives

The first-week sales goal of the new album equals to 10,000 copies. Initial ship goals, in its turn equal to 60,000 copies. These targets are realistic enough in terms of contemporary tendencies circulating in the music industry. The new album ‘Reclassified’ is a reissue of the previous album ‘The New Classic’. As long as an album contains new songs, it is supposed to hit the sales in the perspective of attracting fans. The target point of the album’s distribution are positive enough according to the success achieved from selling a single recorded with Rita Ora ‘Black Widow’, which resulted in amount of sales equal to 2 million copies sold during the first week. It means that the new album has a potential to hit digital stores with the same success. Iggy Azalea is a new artist, which hits top lists of iTunes and Billboard thanks to the collaboration with Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and Rita Ora. In general, these artists are perfect for introducing Azalea as a new artist, which can win hearts of millions of people. Finally, Iggy Azalea is a songwriter with a high potential of obtaining loyalty of millions of fans all over the world. Reissued album has a high potential to strengthen success of an Australian female rapper striving to become an artist of the world-class level.


‘Reclassified’ has a standard edition with 12 tracks including 5 new songs (Benozilio). There was no need to establish a deluxe edition as long as this is a reissued version of the previous album. The album is supposed to hit the digital sales in the first week and take leading positions in Australia and the USA. The album has a fresh sound and includes songs, which are most likely to become new hits on the radio. The new single ‘Beg for It’ released on October 24 in the support of the upcoming album has already become a hit of sales on iTunes. In general, it is possible to claim that expectations of the album’s sales are high enough to promote an overall success of the artist. Iggy Azalea along with her team put much work in the production of both original and reissued versions of her album. It is possible to see the essence of the whole hard work in the form of the reclassified issue, which will impress listeners with fresh sound. In general, production of the new album in the form of reissue of the previous one is an appropriate step in promoting Azalea’s talent and success in the music industry. The album is expected to hit the sales in the first weeks of the album’s release.


Touring is another part of the marketing campaign, which follows Azalea’s performance. In 2014, Azalea successfully has almost completed her tour titled ‘The New Classic’. The tour started in April. Azalea has some concerts left to perform in the USA.

There are some shows left in December, which are listed below:

  • New York, NY, US Madison Square Garden – Dec 12 Friday
  • Boston, MA, US TD Garden – Dec 14 Sunday
  • Washington, DC, US Verizon Center – Dec 15 Monday
  • Rosemont, IL, US Allstate Arena – Dec 18 Thusday
  • Sunrise, FL, US BB&T Center – Dec 21 Sunday
  • Las Vegas, NV, US Drais Beach Club Night Club – Dec 31 Wednesday
  • Brooklyn, NY, US Barclays Center – May 7 Thursday

The show in Barclays Center is a support of Azalea’s both albums, which is planned beyond the frame of the tour. However, it has a direct connection to the albums released in 2014. In 2015, Iggy Azalea will tour in Europe with her new tour ‘The Great Escape’, which will be an idea of being an escape artist for millions of fans (Menyes). In 2015, Azalea will be able to become the first female non-American rapper giving her concerts on the stadium platform (Lilah). Iggy Azalea announced the name of the tour in her Twitter account and emphasized her excitement about the upcoming shows. However, tour dates are still unknown.

Retail Plan and Budget – initial retail marketing budget is $100,000.

Key Markets:

  • Online – $9,644
  • New York City – $9,620
  • Las Vegas – $7,982
  • Los Angeles – $6,200
  • Atlanta – $4,404
  • Chicago – $3,500
  • New Orleans – $2,444
  • Boston – $2,160
  • Seattle – $1,600
  • Washington DC – $1,480

Alternative Marketing

Follow up sales include distribution of albums within music stores willing to include stands with Iggy Azalea’s albums, official signature session of albums in music stores of Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas; flash-mob events in the middle of famous squares including Times Square, Trafalgar square and territory next to the Staples center. Additional promotion by means of stages constructed in a way that will not attract attention before the show. Flash-mobs should become a splash of performing.

Print Advertising – initial budget $20,000

Print advertising will become a platform of distributing Iggy Azalea’s new album within music stores, magazines and billboards outside. It is necessary to put posters in music stores, which will attract customers and encourage them buying the new album. Advertising with the help of print sources should also take place within malls in the section of selling music CDs. Print advertising should also include stickers, posters, billboard posters and signed cards. These items will have a distribution through music stores attracting attention of its customers with colorful printed posters and stickers. Customers will get in touch with Azalea with the help of signed items. Album covers should become an original option to involve fans into excitement before the album’s release.

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Online Advertising – initial budget $15,000

The target areas of advertising should take place within such platforms as iTunes, Last.fm, MTV and small musical blogs. In fact, the target of online advertising will include posting covers of the album, which will attract attention of online users. In addition, iTunes have an option of commenting on the album. After the album’s release, users will comment on it and will encourage others to listen to the album in order to put their own mark on the reissued edition of ‘The New Classic’. In fact, it is also possible to put advertising posters in online versions of music magazines such as Clash, Billboard, and Vibe. In general, it is possible to switch from this point of advertising to another form, which will become an integration of advertising initiatives. In general, online advertising along with printed posters will have a strong influence on the perception of Iggy Azalea and increase of sales in the first week of the album’s release. Costs spent on online advertising will approve the applied efforts aimed to promote the new album.

It is also effective enough to use social networks as a platform of advertising, which will spread the news about the released album in a blink of an eye. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, MySpace and LinkedIn are appropriate sources for an effective distribution of the album. As soon as Iggy Azalea posted the cover of the upcoming album in her Instagram account, fans all over the world have already put their attention on the upcoming album. The same technique will be beneficial enough to promote further increase of sales. Networks should also hold questionnaires, polls and quizzes, which will involve its users share their opinions about the upcoming album. It can become a tool creating enough buzz around the album promoting its sales and profits in the future.


Single: Iggy Azalea feat. Mo “Beg for It”
Radio Stations in USA: KIIS-FM, KISS-FM, Z-100, NOW FM, B96 FM.
Radio Stations in UK: BBC Radio 1, Heart, Capital FM, KISS, Smooth, Magic.
Set Up: A week before the release of a reissued version of ‘The New Classic’, it is necessary to conduct radio-conferences with listeners both in the USA and UK. First, it is important to attend Z-100 for the radio-conference, then BBC Radio 1. Iggy Azalea should talk about new songs, reasons of releasing the reissued version of the previous album and the whole tour, which inspired her to release ‘Reclassified’.

The next step is to attend Australian radio stations including SBS Radio, Art Sound FM, and CMS Radio. Australian listeners will be willing enough to know more about the upcoming album of their native artist. The named above stations should be in priority in order to promote sales. However, it is possible to conduct additional radio-conferences coordinated with Azalea’s schedule.

Radio promotion ideas include quizzes, questionnaires, contests, on-air interviews, and plays on-air. Contests, which will give its winners the first issues of the album and tickets on tour shows will encourage listeners to stay tuned and follow rules. In addition, it is important to make surprise calls to the random listeners, who will get a chance to win the same prizes.
Online and Digital Radio: distribution of the single will take place within the same target countries including the USA,UK, and Australia. Online users will be able to tune into the radio and have a chance to be the first once to listen to Azalea’s single. Last.fm can become an appropriate platform promoting the upcoming album through online advertising.

Publicity and Television


Magazines should include interviews with Iggy Azalea focused on the upcoming album, tour and other shows, which will take place in the nearest future. The following list of magazines should focus on the selected topics in different essence. However, all of them should include the same information in different amounts. All printed publications will reflect background information on the success of Iggy Azalea, history of creation of the album, personal facts, and facts about the upcoming tour, information about distribution of album in the USA, UK and Australia. The target topics discussed in the magazines can be found in brackets:

  • Vibe (music, album, tour dates)
  • Rolling Stone (music, album, tour dates, lifestyle)
  • XXL (album, lifestyle, single)
  • Variety (music, lifestyle, album)
  • Complex Magazine (album, tour dates)
  • Billboard (music, album, singles, tour dates, lifestyle)
  • Lifestyle/Fashion

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In order to promote an overall interest to Iggy Azalea, it is important to attend fashion shows, which will put additional attention from the side of both press and fans. New York Fashion Shows, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion shows should become the target events involving Iggy Azalea. Designer clothing should also reflect an image of the artist supporting an overall marketing campaign. Finally, Iggy Azalea should give interviews regarding styling options for women, which will make her an icon in the world of fashion. It is also important to support the phenomena of a new female non-American rapper in the aspect of stylists working with Iggy to create her look both for special events and performances.


Television should become a broadcasting element of Azalea’s upcoming album and promote Iggy as an artist both in the morning and in the evening. ‘Good morning America’ and ‘Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon’ can become appropriate programs to promote Iggy Azalea’s new album. ‘Ellen Degenres show’ can also become an appropriate point in the marketing campaign, which will support an overall success of the promotion strategies of the new album. Morning shows and evening interviews combined with performances will bring the best effect to the popularity of Iggy Azalea and her upcoming album.

Promotional Items

  • Poster – 18×24 posters of ‘Reclassified’ covers. Print 10,000 posters
  • Stickers – 6×6 color stickers of ‘Reclassified’ cover with Iggy Azalea’s signature. Print 20,000 stickers
  • T-Shirts with ‘Reclassified’ cover. 2,000 shirts.
  • Other (non-traditional options of advertising)

In the aspect of non-traditional options, it is possible to create an advertising video in the support of the new album and tour. The unusual part of the video is that Iggy will be rapping an advertising text including information about her album and tour dates. In addition, it is possible to create a Thanksgiving event as long as ‘Reclassified’ releases in November. MTV can become a part of this event. For example, it is possible to select houses in a random way in any neighborhood. Iggy along with MTV cast can knock at the door of her fan and give her the new album as a present. It will both make her promotional strategies personal and will make her fans closer to her. In addition, it is possible to call some fans to her home and listen to the album together. Personal meetings always make fans and an artist closer. It will become a natural promotional element of the whole campaign. Surprise parties are the best options to drive attention of the social segment to the release of any album. Iggy Azalea can become a primary leader in the music industry if she relates herself to the common citizens. It always provides fans with confidence that Iggy Azalea is equal to every fan.

In general, it is important to sum up that the marketing campaign for the upcoming album of Iggy Azalea is appropriate for its flexible integration within a comprehensive system of mass media sources and social segment at the same time. It will help to promote both image of Iggy Azalea and her image within the entertainment industry. Celebrities depend on the efficiency of their marketing plans of the products they produce.

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