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How to deal with your dissertation: Stages

How to deal with your dissertation: Stages


Writing a Doctoral Dissertation Issues

Completing your dissertation is a goal that you have been struggling to achieve throughout your entire studying. The process of writing a doctoral dissertation differs from student to student but most often includes the following standard phases as forgetting, skipping, panicking, and of course last night cramming. This happens due to bad organizational skills, inability to manage your time, and simply laziness. Luckily, everything can be successfully eliminated with the help of a few smart stages to writing a doctoral dissertation that will make the process as easy as an apple pie.

Easy Life-Saving Writing Tips: Stages of Dissertation


Even though it may seem like an extremely comfortable place for writing a doctoral dissertation, the productivity of such process is really low. Yes, it may be soft and pleasant, but simply remember how many essays ended up being turned into quick naps. Moreover, it makes much longer for an essay to be completed if you write it in a lying pose. On the contrary, you are not nodding and maybe feel a bit uncomfortable that lets you focus purely on the writing a dissertation process. Moreover, it is extremely convenient as you can put all your books and materials around you and get an easy access to them.


Any student will tell that sometimes there are more important businesses than eating, thus, skipping their lunch and devouring the fridge’s content at night. That is really bad for health as your body requires energy to work and your brain needs it to think. Take regular meals and do not eat too much late in the evening – do not spoil your stomach.


If you are writing a doctoral dissertation outside your home, try to find the quietest place possible. Fewer distractions mean better efficiency and faster process. This can be easily achieved in the library, where you can easily surround yourself with books and calmly dive into the world of knowledge. Apart from that, if you do not mind your favorite music playing during writing your dissertation, you can always take your headphones and continue working in the rhythm of the playing music.


If loneliness is not for you, simply gather a few group mates and work together. There is no need in searching certain information when your friend knows it and all you need to do is to pronounce your question. Also, proofreading is conducted much better not with your own eyes, but with a fresh glance. Moreover, it motivates a lot when you see others working around you.


Make a strict plan of things to fulfill during the next week. Not only will it inspire you to do everything timely, but also create a habit of getting your work done properly. Moreover, you can set a certain incentive for the tasks that you have successfully finished. Surely, it is not easy to motivate yourself, but the feeling when you do not breach your own rules and get something for it is amazing. Just be sure that you definitely deserve it.

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