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What to Look for in MA Dissertation Example

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July 26, 2017

Dissertation Literature Review Writing

The dissertation literature review requires to be written meticulously. This should include a series of ideas that support the argument or topic of the study. Literature review is where other studies that support the main argument are stated and explained. To be able to write this part properly, the writer should know what to write and what not to write.

But to better understood things about writing this section of the MA dissertation, the researcher might need a good example of literature review. There are some aspects that examples can provide. It cannot be denied that relying mainly in instructions and rules can make someone confused. It is always a relief that there is an example that can help the researcher come up with a good literature review and a dissertation, in general
Literature review is not merely a compilation of other studies. It is not even just a summary of two or three studies that a writer thinks is relevant. The writer should know how to evaluate important ideas, how to incorporate them in the study, and how to apply the appropriate theories. These are also the important ideas that a researcher should look for when searching for an example that can guide in the whole process of working out the MA dissertation.

Any researcher should consider two important aspects about the review example. First, it should be informative. This means that all the information that stated in the review are all relevant to the study. Another important aspect of the review is that it should be critical. There should be clear distinction by the researcher which facts should be included. Also, the details indicated are not biased and partial.

More to these aspects, the other key point that one should look for in a good dissertation example is that it clearly states the scope and limitation of the study. Also, it should be able to link all the other details to the statement of the problem or thesis statement of the study. Moreover, it should clearly differentiate the necessary and unnecessary information. Additionally, it should discuss the issues regarding the subject matter.
When it is about the knowledge that can be learned from dissertation example, one should consider if the example can help come up with one’s own thesis statement. Also, it should be able to give guide on which references can be used in one’s own dissertation. Another, the example should teach the researcher which information can be considered as relevant and which are irrelevant. It is also expected from a dissertation example that it will serve as guide in coming up with critical analysis about the study. Lastly, it should also show the relevance and significance of the review to the entire dissertation.

Moreover, a perfect example of the dissertation literature review includes a clear formation of ideas and facts that leads to a significant study. It also clearly shows the theoretical framework. In addition, the example should provide a sound and vivid argument.

An example of literature review is a good guide in coming up a dissertation. However, the researcher should not rely entirely to this.