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Simple Ways to Enhance Students’ Memory

Simple Ways to Enhance Students’ Memory

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Whatever your reason is, improvement of memory is a serious challenge which belongs to the things to do now in order to make the process of memorizing easier. How to Improve Your Memory? You will get some practical recommendations to succeed.

How to Enhance Memory: Practical Tips

  • Concentration

Keep concentrating on the issue you intend to memorize for at least eight seconds. Believe me, it is totally worth it. The given period of time is the interval required for a piece of data to go from the short-term memory to the long-term one.

  • Mind the doorways

It might look like a superstition, but it really works! Remind yourself how many times you have failed to remember why you needed to be there or something else just having walked into a room. The researches in the given field indicate that participants in both real-world and virtual studies demonstrated more probability to forget the data if a person has been asked about it right after walking through a doorway. Researchers continue studying the reasons of such a tendency, but walking through the doorway seems to trigger the restart of our memory.

  • Stress ball

Yep, stress balls are effective. You should only learn how to clench your fist properly so as to improve the ability to recall data. The specialists in this field recommend squeezing activity to last for 45 seconds for an excellent result.

  • Sports

Physical activity improves alertness and increases oxygen supply to the brain. Moreover, even cell growth in the brain area responsible for memory can also be increased. Some studies reveal that light exercising gives better memorizing results for women that working up a sweat. What is more, both verbal and spatial memory can be improved due to sports activity.

  • Sleeping sufficiently is healthy

All-nighters formed an inevitable part of student routine – almost each of us experienced it. Nonetheless, a good night’s sleep is more beneficial to memorizing capacity than cramming until dawn. Brain improves remembering important things, deletes unnecessary data, and even consolidates crucial information into a long-term memory during the sleep.

  • Weird fonts

Yes, the recommendation is to use a weird font for the data you need to learn. Researchers claim that the harder it is will be for you to read, the better. Its efficiency is easily explained: you concentrate more when there is something unfamiliar, difficult, or weird.

  • Chewing habit

Both visual and audio memory is improved during the process of chewing. It helps stay focused.

  • Writing down

Typing is a more common practice currently, but the method of writing things down to memorize them better is still valid. Believe it or not, just the act of writing can help you recall the data when needed.

  • Visualization

Make associations with visual images to remember things better! Associations are individual, so be creative here.

Memory is a crucial capacity for human beings. Train it – and you will see the result. If your memory is not perfect you can use some useful student’s apps that can make your academic life much more easier.

Must-Have Student Apps

Smartphones and personal computers have become an indispensable part of our everyday life. For students, the devices can be virtually life savers. If you go to college or university, a smartphone is not simply a piece of technology to keep in touch with friends and make pictures. Modern students use technical devices because of apps for studying.

One of the recent Apple campaigns says that there is an app for everything. Student life is not an exception!

Check out the list of top apps for students. Take notes, make appointments, get your tasks in order, and make your student life easier.

  1. Quizlet

This one can be used for free. Use the app to study different subjects, prepare for exams and tests, and take notes. Quizlet offers a lot of really stunning tools. Thousands of American students have been long taking advantage of this app. Check it out.

  1. Fastweb College Scholarships

Finally, the day has come – Fastlab has created an app. This means that you won’t miss a chance of winning a scholarship, because you will be able to check all the opportunities on the go. Finding a scholarship has now become easier than ever. All you have to do is to log in online and download the app on your smartphone. And the good news is that it is absolutely free!

It synchs with your Fastweb account, so you’ll be receiving notifications only for the scholarship which best suit your profile.

  1. Blackboard Learn

Many colleges use this app to keep their students updated about the changes in schedule, home tasks, exam dates, and student opportunities. Moreover, the app grants you access to college databases, including libraries, lectures, course plans, etc. Having installed the app, you can also send messages to your friends and tutors, participate in blog discussions, and do many other things. Find out if your school uses Blackboard Learn and never miss a single thing.

  1. Study Buddy

Having a personal study coach can be pretty expensive, but not with this marvelous app! Study Buddy is there to help you improve your academic performance. It will make you more productive by tracking your actual study time and showing you all the idle time. With Study Buddy, you will never lose track of time reading Facebook newsfeed, because the app will remind you about how many minutes you have wasted. And the app is not easy to deceive – it will notice all unplanned phone calls whenever you want to have an extra ‘phone chat pause.’ Could it be better? It also offers you excellent inspirational phrases to keep you motivated.

  1. Duolingo

Nowadays, those speaking only one language miss out on dozens of educational/career/personal development opportunities. So why speaking one language if you can master several? This app is designed to help you become a real polyglot. Learning a foreign language with Duolingo is fun, simple, and free.

Obviously, a good student app will not do all academic tasks for you, but it will definitely make the studying process easier. Use your smartphone wisely!

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