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Things to Remember Before You Plan to Write Dissertation

dissertation writing

December 20, 2016

How To Write a Good Dissertation 

Consider your dissertation writing a journey…and just like how before setting out for your journey, you would prepare yourself with whatever information and instruction you can gather, your dissertation writing too begins with your knowing of the instructions. Without any instructions you cannot even think of writing dissertation. Your plan on how to write and what to write comes later. More over no instructions means no idea about dissertation. Plus you cannot start to write a dissertation without knowing when to submit. Your instructions will tell you the things you need to take care of while you write a dissertation. Therefore, don't forget to get your copy of instructions for your dissertation writing. You need to be sure of those specific needs. Check out that you have all documents listing the requirements.

Take care of the following things before you begin:

There should not be any kind of confusion regarding your dissertation. You must be clear on what you are going to write. And before you begin be sure whether or not you will be asking some one to help you. In case you are taking help then whose help would you use, clearly decide on it. As far as the subject matter is concerned you must know, whether you are supposed to choose from a preset list of topics that were lectured in your class or if you are free to choose an original topic for your dissertation. This knowledge will help you decide your topic.

The word limit is very important, you must know yours. You cannot write lower than the minimum and beyond the maximum number of words. Usually the word count is 10000. However, there will also be specific instruction on the word limit of the content. A slight mistake in the number of words in the title can make a big difference.

Be sure that your referencing system meets the specific conditions as mentioned by your institution.

Stick to the instructions on page lay-outs, font size and type. Read the instructions carefully because there might be some particular instructions to double space the lines or italicize the subheading. There might be instructions to use different font size and type.

Don't forget the official proceedings, most importantly the deadline; knowing by when you must submit is important before you begin to write your dissertation. The date is something that you should never forget. If you have made contacts with people with respect to your dissertation then you must write down the remarks in your diary.

Each institution has different rules and regulations for a student’s assistance you must know yours. For example, before you ask for a dissertation work of previous student so that you can use it as a reference, you must know the rules and regulations that apply to it.

Do not lose contact with your group, meet them often and discuss the issues with your friends, this might help you in deciding the issues and also keep you up to date. Even a small mistake or misunderstanding will cost you dearly.