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Things to Consider in Writing the MA Dissertation Literature Review

writing tips

July 14, 2017

Guidelines in writing the review

The review literature of MA dissertation is a crucial and important part. This section of the dissertation provides the significance of the study. Moreover, it serves as the support of the study and the attention of the scholastic community regarding the topic.
In this part, the researcher should make use of as much references as possible. There are lots of references that can be used. Aside from the usual references such as books and other thesis or dissertation, the researcher can also use government documents, journals, and articles from the newspaper, advertisements, statistical files, and manuscripts. As long as the references are relevant to the study, the researcher should use as many as possible.
The sources to be used in the review are not just chosen because they provide relevant contributions to the impact of the study. The researcher should also be sure that the sources are credible. To make this happen, one should evaluate the source. The important points in evaluating the source are the credibility of the author, publication date, edition (for books), and the publisher. When all these points seem to be reliable enough, the researcher can proceed in using the references.
When it comes to content of the review, the writer should remember some important points. First, the writer should consider the audience. In identifying the possible audience of the study, the researcher can also identify the approach that will be used in writing. Next, he should also promote coherence by providing relevance from one argument to another. Another key point is whether the review is based on what perspective: factual information or own opinion. There are even more key points to consider. The important idea to remember is that the review is a crucial section so it requires thorough research and writing processes.
For more guidelines in writing the review, the writer should take note that during the introduction of this section, he should present the main idea of the study, indicate how many people in the field of study works on the same subject, define the breach of the information that are stated, and what should studied by other scholars that are not part of the present study.
When it comes to body of the review, the researcher should consider which style will be appropriate for the study: methodological, chronological, or thematic discussion. If the researcher thinks that the idea of the research can be made more appealing through its methods, the methodological discussion can be used. If the sequence of former studies is the relevant factor of the review, then the chronological discussion is the appropriate style. On the other hand, if the theme will be an important factor to clearly establish the idea of the study, the thematic discussion is the best option.
To make sure that the dissertation will be significant and clearly points out the issues involve in the study, the researcher should come up with a well-written, highly-researched, and well-organized review of literature of the MA dissertation. As mentioned, the literature review is a crucial section and requires a lot of attention.