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The Guide for Undergraduate Dissertation Proposal

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August 21, 2017

The Undergraduate Dissertation proposal is not less important than MA Dissertation or even the actual Undergraduate Dissertation project. Even the Undergraduate dissertation is not lesser than the MA or Doctorate dissertation. It still requires a lot of effort and time. With this, the student undergoing the dissertation proposal should not take lesser care in preparing it. There are lots of processes that a student will undergo before passing the dissertation proposal.
Making the dissertation is not only done to pass the subject and be able to acquire a degree. More than this idea, writing the undergraduate dissertation is a good background for more dissertation writings to come. Also, this process can even teach good habits and attitude that can be good when the student faces the real world.
In coming with the dissertation proposal, the student should take note of some important guidelines. First, the adviser sets certain requirements that should be followed. These requirements are not just all about the citation formats, style, and other specifications, there are more to these. Taking the help of the adviser will surely bring good result to the dissertation proposal. Another, the student should also deal with lots of research. Coming up with sources that can support the study is crucial to establish the significance of the study. The student should also consider the length of the proposal. It should not be too short that important ideas are left out neither too long that ideas are already running circles.
Aside from these, the student should also remember important points about each part of the proposal. First, students should keep in mind that the title of the study should not go beyond 15 words. Second, the abstract should include all the information that will talk about the entire study. The introduction, on the other hand, should provide issues and arguments about the study, explain necessary concepts about the topic, and justify why the study is significant. When it comes to the literature review, this section should provide a detailed set of ideas from other sources that can support the problem statement of the study. There should be a logical and rationale order of the ideas within this section. The student should also remember that any unnecessary ideas that will be included in this part will just result to a less credible and illogical study. Methodology, on the other hand, should indicate the process that the student will go through. In doing this, the statements to express this process should be brief enough not to confuse the readers. The references are another aspect of the study that should also be meticulously watched. The student should also remember the specifications required by the university in citing the references. Lastly, the appendices are another part of the proposal. This will help the student during the data gathering process and will even make the study easier.
The above mentioned tips are crucial in coming up with a good quality proposal. But above all, a good proposal relies solely in the attitude of the writer.