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Survival Guide on Dissertation Writing

Survival Guide on Dissertation Writing

dissertation process

The study year is here again. The courses and deadlines are looming on the horizon. Believe it or not, it is also worth starting to think about dissertation writing.

As long as the dissertation process requires preparation, it is highly recommended considering the following tips:

  • Start early

  • It is very important to start writing your dissertation as soon as possible in order to have a wiggle room if you realize you need to make the improvements. It is certainly better to have more time, since you might choose new methods of conducting your research, which are more innovative and effective. You might also decide to change the topic entirely. Thus, you need to have enough time available.

  • Be passionate about the topic of your dissertation

  • There are topics that guarantee you the best mark, but they are usually boring or difficult. Therefore, it is important to write about something that grips your attention. Otherwise, it will be hard to get motivated to write your dissertation. Select the topic, which is interesting for you. If you are bored with your dissertation, the readers will be bored too.

  • Choose a professional supervisor

  • Your dissertation supervisor should be a good source of advice and support when you are writing your project. A good supervisor will be able to provide you with all the requirements explanations and ways to follow them. Therefore, if you have a choice, you should better choose someone knowledgeable and helpful, so that he/she will be able to provide you with expert opinion and proofread your drafts.

  • Get into a routine

  • Having a set schedule is a key to be mentally and physically tuned to writing your dissertation. It is often said that keeping up to the routine helps you to stay productive. Additionally, you don’t need to waste time on making to-do lists, as you know exactly what you are supposed to do each day.

  • Take regular breaks

There is no need to tire yourself to such an extent that you end up falling asleep in the library. It is absolutely fine to have breaks and do the things you like, such as going to the gym, having a lunch with friends, getting some fresh air, etc. You should also have at least one night a week off in order to relax and do not think about your dissertation.

  • Use all the available resources

There are plenty resources you can use in order to make your dissertation perfect. Your supervisor is always there for you, so take the advantage of your meetings. A pair of second eyes from peers will also come in handy in terms of proofreading your work. And, of course, the university library and online resources are at your disposal.

So, when your dissertation is completed, print it out and hand in. Now, it’s time to relax and celebrate.

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