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Writing the Research Proposal Start Off with an Effective Introduction

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June 1, 2017

The research proposal is a very important academic requirement. Especially for a master’s or doctoral dissertation, the research proposal is even more important than the actual dissertation. It is the research proposal that serves as the material used to evaluate if the study is worth pursuing. Therefore, if the proposal is done well, there is no doubt that the dissertation will turn out fine.
In writing the research proposal, there are three chapters to be written. These chapters are the introduction, review of literature, and methodology. To make sure that the proposal will be effective, the introduction alone should stand out. This is the first part that the committee reads during the proposal submission. Writing an effective and convincing introduction will get the readers hooked and read the entire proposal until its very end.
Recognizing that first impression is important and will surely last, you, as a student, should write the introduction of the proposal efficiently and effectively. The proposal starts with the introduction. So this just signifies that catching the attention of your readers should also start at the introduction.
To be able to successfully achieve this, the introduction should be presented without any ambiguity or vagueness. When it happens, the readers will just get confused about the dissertation topic. This will even prompt them to reject your study and not read it at all.

In writing the introduction also, the writer should also write the following the components:

1. The study’s background

This component will include the different issues and arguments related to the dissertation topic. This will indicate the pressing issues or different school of thoughts. If possible, it will also be better to indicate the misconceptions of the topic which will later be clarified.

2. Main topic of the study

Though the dissertation topic has a lot of issues and arguments, the student should be able to clearly establish the main idea or concern of the study. He should be able to state what the study is all about and what its connection to all the issues mentioned is.

3. Significance of the study

After discussing the issues and argumentations regarding the dissertation topic and stating the main topic of the study, it is an obligation of the researcher to link these ideas and be able to explain the importance of the study. Moreover, it will also be an advantage for the proposal if the student be able to defend the importance and relevance of the study to the society.

4. Clear and coherent presentation of the ideas

There are many thoughts that will be written in the introduction. There might be a problem in putting these thoughts and ideas all together. When it comes to this, the researcher should know how to write these thoughts in a clear, coherent, and effective manner.
When there are some problems that one may encounter in writing the research proposal, there are always many dissertation writing services that are just available. One may seek their professor or resource book from the library. Moreover, there are even some online help that are just readily available nowadays.