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Good Tips for Research Proposal Writing

Good Tips for Research Proposal Writing


When you were told to write papers in high school and in college, you might have directly proceeded to data gathering and then writing the paper itself. During these times, there should be a notable difference in the quality of papers that you have written for the two different educational levels. It should be expected that you wrote better when you were already in college or undergraduate. When you decide to enrol in the master’s level of education, you can expect that your professors will expect that you should write your best this time. However, there is one additional process for the dissertation paper that you have to come up with. This is the research proposal.

Research proposal is what you will submit first to your professor about the topic that you will write about. This is your only chance of convincing your professor that your topic will be beneficial to the readers. It will be because you are sure that the topic will give added value to the field where the topic belongs to. If you plan to write about a topic that is not entirely new, then at least prove that you have discovered something about the topic that has been unnoticed before. Thus, you should also prove how you will be able to prove that this certain topic is really unique from the rest of the papers that have been written about the same field. You can prove so by including an elaborate explanation of how you will go through your methodology.

Writing a Research Proposal

A research proposal is written to formally ask the approval of your professors or the committee who screen dissertation papers written by the students in your university of the topic that you want to write about. Since this is basically asking permission, your proposal might be approved or not. If it is denied, then you just have to propose another topic. You should prove that your topic is worth the paper that you will write. In order to know more about research proposal more, here are certain facts about it.

If you are required to write a paper for a certain course, this will be to put to test your writing skills and other abilities, like how you conduct your research and how you lay out the data gathered in order to make sense of the paper. You should be able to measure up to the usual expectation that you are already mature enough for work. That maturity will show in the way you choose and phrase your words.

If you can write a good research proposal, you will likely get an approval and this will immediately save you time which you can spend on researching about your topic. You should be able to garner the approval of the committee or the professor if you will properly justify that your topic is worth writing about by citing what its importance are and what it can contribute to certain people, most especially the readers.

The research proposal will serve as the introduction for your topic. This will provide a preview to what your dissertation paper might look like if your topic will get approved. You should emphasize that once the paper will be written it can add value by becoming a new avenue for the spread of certain knowledge.

You should also be able to write well. To learn good writing techniques study dissertation sample or research proposal example. Study how the sentences are structured, how some information are introduced, and more. With regards to how you propose to get on with your methodology, you should make sure that this will appear logical and will give reliable data which you use as bases for your whole research paper.

Another important part of the research proposal is your name as the one proposing the research, the professor that you are addressing your proposal to, and other basic details. The entire content of the proposal should lean towards the idea that you are genuinely interested in getting on with your research.

When it comes to research proposal writing, you should be clear that this is a proposal paper and not the research paper. As it is, the research proposal paper consists of an idea, in regard to which you should go about with a research. A good research proposal is one which displays clearly that you arrived at this decision after you have done all the required thinking in terms of the project, devoting ample time, and efforts for gathering of information, needful reading, as well as the analytical question, which you will probably have to deal with. Primedissertations.com would be of great writing help in this regard for the students who are confused and require dissertation help.

Just being descriptive does not mean everything for research proposal writing. So, the analytical question would deal not only with the question itself, but also with why it is as well as how it is. As a matter of fact, a good proposal must answer three kinds of questions analytically, i.e. those with What, Why and How. So, just a simple mention of the question is not actually enough.

Writing the Research Proposal Start Off with an Effective Introduction

The research proposal is a very important academic requirement. Especially for a master’s or doctoral dissertation, the research proposal is even more important than the actual dissertation. It is the research proposal that serves as the material used to evaluate if the study is worth pursuing. Therefore, if the proposal is done well, there is no doubt that the dissertation will turn out fine.

In writing the research proposal, there are three chapters to be written. These chapters are the introduction, review of literature, and methodology. To make sure that the proposal will be effective, the introduction alone should stand out. This is the first part that the committee reads during the proposal submission. Writing an effective and convincing introduction will get the readers hooked and read the entire proposal until its very end.

Recognizing that first impression is important and will surely last, you, as a student, should write the introduction of the proposal efficiently and effectively. The proposal starts with the introduction. So this just signifies that catching the attention of your readers should also start at the introduction.

To be able to successfully achieve this, the introduction should be presented without any ambiguity or vagueness. When it happens, the readers will just get confused about the dissertation topic. This will even prompt them to reject your study and not read it at all.

In writing the introduction also, the writer should also write the following the components:

  • The study’s background

This component will include the different issues and arguments related to the dissertation topic. This will indicate the pressing issues or different school of thoughts. If possible, it will also be better to indicate the misconceptions of the topic which will later be clarified.

  • Main topic of the study

Though the dissertation topic has a lot of issues and arguments, the student should be able to clearly establish the main idea or concern of the study. He should be able to state what the study is all about and what its connection to all the issues mentioned is.

  • Significance of the study

After discussing the issues and argumentations regarding the dissertation topic and stating the main topic of the study, it is an obligation of the researcher to link these ideas and be able to explain the importance of the study. Moreover, it will also be an advantage for the proposal if the student be able to defend the importance and relevance of the study to the society.

  • Clear and coherent presentation of the ideas

There are many thoughts that will be written in the introduction. There might be a problem in putting these thoughts and ideas all together. When it comes to this, the researcher should know how to write these thoughts in a clear, coherent, and effective manner.

When there are some problems that one may encounter in writing the research proposal, there are always many dissertation writing services that are just available. One may seek their professor or resource book from the library. Moreover, there are even some online help that are just readily available nowadays.

Research Proposal Writing Tips

Preparation is a must in a set of proposal papers that include research. It is like having to travel around. It is comprised of a certain kind of concentration, likewise having to travel outside the country. The luggage will be thoroughly checked by the security in the airport. The luggage is prepared by the ones who will travel around. Thus, it is like a person preparing his or her research proposal paper and has it checked with a certain panel if he or she should continue using what he proposed. Having this kind of proposals increase your education standards. In other areas like programs, mandatory submission of fine 1000 to 2000 words research proposal shouldn’t be taken easily.

The proposals with a good writing can have the right flow of direction especially if the writer has taken much effort on it.

  • The focal point or thesis statement should be constructed with much effort. This thesis statement is the one which will be related to how significant the topic and also determine how important it is to a certain field that it focuses on. Moreover, changes can still occur as the study goes further.
  • Positive-thinking must be reflected on the paper to be submitted for it has to be a paper which will have to make certain changes in the field it focuses on. In order to relate these changes to your study, certain exhibitions or explanations should be done in order for a more understanding of your paper.
  • Evaluation of the dissertation is composed of having a certain awareness regarding the dissertation topic, as well as a good background with it. Relevant and exemplary researches should also be manifested in order to show credibility. Citations must be also properly included while displaying the sources of the writer. In some proposal example, the focal purpose of the evaluation must be properly maintained throughout the research. In order to have a successful review, key factors must be direct to the point. Another important thing in evaluations is having discussions regarding an information gap which is for further researching. Earlier work examples can be also carried on with the research in order to have a more meaningful outcome.
  • Expertise regarding the research must be shown. This includes having to display evident researches and some insights according to the information garnered. If you’re going to address professionals in your project, you should be direct on your point without being too bold or eccentric.
  • The methodology part of the paper will be much expounded especially if the proposal is very good. Moreover, substantiations and demonstrations of the system will be a better exhibition in attesting your points. Data information is very much needed and solutions which show corrections will be carefully stored.
  • Maintain a level of still being a major. Some tend to write like a professional which will only lead to bad impressions. Be sincere and avoid being somebody you are not.
  • References are significant. Provide proper citations which use formats like APA, MLA, etc.

The following are few tips in regard to research proposal writing:

  • Statement indication

This is for seeking an answer along with necessary explanation, in regard to the question.

  • Short note on literature review

This is a concise note on literature review, for furnishing information in regard to what has been written on your issue already, along with the methods, evidence, results, as well as conclusion. You do this simply because it would provide credibility to the research proposal writing. This is quite necessary, as the reader may be aware of it.

  • Discussion about your argument

This would explain, as to how different your argument would be from that, which is done by the other authors. You must discuss the issue of originality, about a point or theory that you are about to use, apart from discussing its usefulness.

  • Outline

This refers to a display of the segments in your paper in brief, along with a concise bibliography of the main references, such as websites, survey, database, etc.

Also, you must keep in mind that this is only a research proposal and so, it should not be very lengthy. What actually matters in this case is the overall quality of the research proposal writing along with meaningful thoughts as well as writing skills. Try to begin early, as it would be beneficial for you in a great way. By starting early, you will have the advantage of time. Also, the insufficient efforts probably going to get wasted, as a result of rejection; it is therefore better to put in some more efforts. In regard to more advice in this regard, you can always log in to Primedissertations.com, which would be able to furnish you with more information in this regard.

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