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Only the Best History Essay Topics

Only the Best History Essay Topics

history topics

If your teacher provided you with the task to write an essay on history on one of the history essay topics, do not worry as our highly qualified and experienced professionals will help you do this. Our online academic writing company has prepared very essential information that will assist you in completing your pieces of writing in the best way possible. Please attentively read our practical hints on how to write essays in the field of history to be able to achieve the best result only. We have also made up our minds to provide you with the list of some history essay topics that you can use in order to write your essay.

 The most important steps in order to successfully complete the essay on of history topic:

  • Thesis

First of all, before commencing writing any essay, you should choose a topic that is considered relevant to your future readers, as well as calls for certain answers to burning world questions. You should try avoiding completing narratives and summaries. Instead, you should focus on arguing your points of view and substantiating them with reliable references in your pieces of writing.

  • Bibliography

Any paper, whether an ordinary essay, a term paper, or a custom essay requires plenty of research to be done, which implies that you should search for and read thoroughly both relevant secondary and primary sources.

  • Outline of your essay

It may be either a detailed plan of your essay or general guide of what you are planning to present in your piece of writing. Consider that it is only up to you to decide which of the alternatives you will choose. This allows you to follow your progress made and reorder some of the parts if there is a necessity. This will also assist you in managing your time and effort, as well as in ensuring that you will submit your essay on time, with having enough time so as to finish your essay and make it look perfect.

  • Title

Take into consideration that the title of your essay should give your future readers a clear idea of what your paper will be about. Try choosing a title that proposes a certain question or a specific argument that you will make emphasis in your essay.

  • Introduction of your essay

Commence strong in order to convince your future readers to read your essay till the end. The introduction of the essay should present your arguments, as well as some historical context of the problem or issue under study.

  • Argument

Consider that arguments without corroborative evidence cannot bring a desired result. Every argument that you provide should be substantiated with credible references that are accordingly cited. While writing your essay, do your best to analyze all of the facts and not just summarize them in your essay.

  • Conclusion of the essay

Provide a summary of your arguments at the end and provide the reason or value of your essay. It should reinforce the essay’s relevance and convince your future readers to act on the issue under study accordingly.

  • Style of the essay

Try writing in concise and clear English. You should avoid using slang or colloquial English. In writing an essay on any of history essay topics, apply the past tense throughout it.

  • Paragraphs of the essay

Every paragraph should comprise one key point that will allow advancing each argument.

  • Quotes

Use short quotes as your analysis and considerations are of great significance. Do not forget to indicate the source of all your quotations either in the footnotes or in the bibliography.

  • Revisions of the essay

After you have finished your essay, do not forget to proofread and edit it. You may also ask your close friends or relatives to do this. Pay close attention to writing style, grammar, and spelling.

The USA, as well as other countries in the world are very rich in culture and history, thus making them very fascinating to research and consequently complete one of the best pieces of writing on any of the culture or history essay topics for college or university students.

 List of the history essay topics for you to choose from:

  1. The role of the Fifth Amendment in the history of the United States of America
  2. The bombing of Hiroshima in 1945: The starting point of great changes in the world history
  3. The 1902 Anthracite Coal Strike and its effect on the coal industry and coal miners
  4. The Civil Rights Movement: Key Principles
  5. The role of Martin Luther King, Jr., in the development of the US society
  6. The Fight against Racism in the USA
  7. The Chicano Movement and its consequences in the 1960-s
  8. The Great Depression: Reasons and Consequences
  9. The War for Independence: What could have been done differently?
  10. The War in Iraq: Pros and Cons
  11. The reasons why the US government wanted to eliminated Native Americans
  12. The Sons of Liberty and their role in the US history
  13. George Washington and his contribution to the establishment of the USA
  14. The Embargo Act and its impact on the US economy
  15. Differences in political views between US North and South
  16. The secret of Majestic 12
  17. The Blue Book Project: What is hidden by the US authorities?
  18. The War Power Act and military authority of the US presidents
  19. Why have not the crimes committed against Native American women been paid attention to by the US government for many decades?
  20. The Abolishment of slavery in the USA
  21. The Vietnamese War: Advantages and Disadvantages
  22. Ancient Egypt: Key figures and their influence on the world history
  23. Major principles of the Ancient Egypt society
  24. Religion Principles of Ancient Egypt
  25. The pantheon of gods in Ancient Egypt
  26. Architecture and Housing in Ancient Egypt
  27. The influence of the United Kingdom on the development of Egypt
  28. Nowadays’ Egypt: The impact of the last revolution
  29. Why is Greece considered the cradle of democracy
  30. Prominent philosophers of Greece and their influence on the world history
  31. Reasons that allowed Adolf Hitler to gain power in Germany
  32. What could have been if Hitler had won in the II World War?
  33. Elizabeth I and the establishment of the powerful British Empire
  34. The Evolution of the Commonwealth
  35. The Victorian Era and its influence on the UK
  36. Elizabeth II: The icon of the British nation
  37. Political principles of Winston Churchill
  38. Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Lady that changed the world politics
  39. The collapse of the USSR and its impact on the world powers
  40. Why is the USA called the state of Opportunity?
  41. The tragedy of the Holocaust and its impact on the world history
  42. The key reasons of the Anglo-Zanzibar War that lasted only for 38 minutes
  43. The history of the Italian Cosa Nostra in the USA
  44. Nelson Mandela and his influence on the world politics
  45. Donald Trump and its success in the presidential elections
  46. The Role of the Roman Empire on the world politics, economy, history and culture
  47. The Secret Files: The case of Roswell
  48. The Vikings and their contribution to the development of other countries.
  49. Norway and its novel technological advancements: Pros and cons
  50. The war in Ukraine: Reasons and Possible Consequences.

We hope that our helpful and practical pieces of advice, as well as the list of possible history essay topics will assist you in completing the most outstanding essay that will make a good impression on your teachers.

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