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Dissertation Methodology: Effective Way of Writing

writing tips

May 1, 2017

Dissertation Writing Tips

The methodology serves as the base of a research paper, dissertation, or even a research proposal. It is through the methodology that the researcher will achieve the objectives that have been set. With a clear and effective methodology, the dissertation or research paper will surely be an effective academic paper. However, if the methodology is conceptualized and written poorly, there is no doubt that the dissertation itself is a failure. Moreover, there will be a lot of criticisms about the study.
No matter how one strives to write the methodology section superbly, there are still some misconceptions in writing it. To be able to avoid these problems, you need to identify all the necessary information to be included in this section. It should be clear to any student what the essential components that compose a methodology are.

Here are the guidelines that you should remember in writing this section:

1. Look for an appropriate dissertation topic

Basically, it should be clear to the student that the topic to be studied is of significance to the society. It would even be essential that the topic is quite popular and has similar and related studies so that the student will not have much difficulty in formulating the methodology.

2. Know your study

Knowing the study simply means that the student should be able to understand the depth and breadth of the study. By knowing this, the student will be able to evaluate the process that he needs to undergo to achieve the assumptions and objectives of the study. Further more, it is by deeply knowing the study will one be able to explain the entirety of the research. There will even be no confusions when writing the methodology occurs.

3. Evaluate the different aspects of the research

After acknowledging the importance and the scope the study, the researcher should think about the important aspects of the research. These aspects include subject, variables, sample population, research process, data analysis, and a lot more. By recognizing and evaluating these aspects, the researcher will be able to narrow down the study and be able to focus.

4. Discuss all important aspects

When the important aspects of the methodology are already classified, writing them down is the next step. An important note to any researcher while writing the methodology is that one should include all the important data and explain them vividly and concisely. The readers should know how the data was collected and why a certain data is needed in the study.

5. Check the appropriate format

Lastly, it is necessary that the format be known to the student. Following the above mentioned guidelines will be useless if the format prescribed by the university is not followed. It is always good that the students seek out for this information first before starting the methodology writing. It can even be better if there is an example that can support the writing the process.
Following the above mentioned guidelines in writing a methodology, you will surely come up with an effective and successful methodology.