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How to Write the Thesis Statement

thesis statement

March 12, 2017

Thesis Statement Writing Tips

The thesis statement is imperative in a dissertation. Even to other forms of academic paper, the thesis statement still serves as the core of the paper. Moreover, it is this statement that defines the failure or success of an academic. A poorly written thesis statement will eventually lead to an ineffective dissertation. On the other hand, a powerful and well-written thesis statement is a successful dissertation guarantee.

While writing thesis statement, you must remember that it should be written in a concise and solid way. Concise and solid in a way that it already encompass all the possible angles and arguments of the subject at hand without being lengthy and wordy. Additionally, there should also be no room for vagueness and ambiguity of terms since the thesis statement will represent the entire dissertation. Even more, the dissertation itself revolves around the argument presented in the thesis statement. Writing the thesis statement of the dissertation needs some considerations. By knowing these, you will be able to write an effective thesis statement.

The first thing that a student should consider in writing the thesis statement is the type of academic paper that he will be writing. There are three types of academic paper: analytical, expository, and argumentative. Each type requires a different approach in writing the thesis statement. If it is an analytical paper, the analysis of the paper should be written down. When it is expository, explanation of some vital parts will be the content of the statement.

Finally, if it is an argumentative paper, the thesis statement should include a claim or stand.

Wondering where the thesis statement should be written? It is usually found in the first statement of the introduction. This is where it is usually located since the thesis statement serves as the core of the entire dissertation. It would be better that as early as the first paragraph of the introduction, the key point or target of the study is already clearly stated.

Another important consideration is that the thesis statement should be written in a clear and powerful statement. As already mentioned, the thesis statement serves as the core of the dissertation. The ideas of the paper rely entirely to it. If it is not written effectively and powerfully, there is a great tendency that the readers will get confused about the subject of the study thus leading to ineffective dissertation. However, if the thesis statement is written superbly, there is no doubt that the dissertation will be a success.

Also, it is necessary that a student writing the dissertation should not be bothered that there will be a time when the thesis statement will seem to be unfit to the study or that he might feel have used inappropriate terms. This can always happen. It is always fine to rewrite the thesis statement. However, it should not happen frequently since it will just reflect a weak understanding of the topic on the part of the researcher.
In general, writing the thesis statement should not be difficult at all. One should just remember the key points mentioned so that the dissertation will be a success.