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How to Make a Proposal about Air Pollution

dissertation topics

March 25, 2017

Choosing a dissertation topic

Research proposal is what you will submit first to your professor about the topic that you will write about. This is your only chance of convincing your professor that your topic will be beneficial to the readers. It will be because you are sure that the topic will give added value to the field where the topic belongs to. If you plan to write about a topic that is not entirely new, then at least prove that you have discovered something about the topic that has been unnoticed before. Thus, you should also prove how you will be able to prove that this certain topic is really unique from the rest of the papers that have been written about the same field. You can prove so by including an elaborate explanation of how you will go through your methodology.

One strong issue around the world right now is air pollution. This is a good topic for your dissertation paper, especially if you are on a course related to natural sciences.

Here are tips on how you can come up with a good research proposal on air pollution.

You can direct your research proposal to discuss the issue on the roots of air pollution and its impacts on the environment, the people, and other things concerned. You can further make your paper readable by including ideas on what could be possible ways to solve the problem, like how can the environment be shielded from the harm that pollution can bring and how you can reduce the pollution through energy usage. In order to come up with fresh ideas, you have to do in-depth research on the topic so as you will avoid repeating old ideas.

After settling on a narrower topic about air pollution, you should decide on what your final topic would be. By continually narrowing down your topic, you will be narrowing down the scope of your research. A narrower scope will help you facilitate your research well. You will be able to focus on one sole topic which will make you analyze your data better. If you have a broad topic, you might try to cover everything without the much needed in-depth interpretation. You can choose topics like “global warming,” “acid rain,” “bad effects of carbon monoxide on living things,” and more. If you pick on a dissertation topic that many people are aware about, you will also likely see more sources that will support your claims in your thesis.

There are three main ways by which you can gather data for your methodology. Remember that the methodology plays a significant role in developing proof for your research, in making a firm foundation for your credibility, and establishing yourself as a good writer. These are (1) through questionnaires, surveys, etc.; (2) analysis of published literature; and (3) field work, laboratory and such.
What you should carefully watch out for is the compatibility between the methodology that you will perform and the topic of your choice. An accurate methodology will help you produce reliable data. Analysis on reliable data will help you come up with better ideas.