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How to Effectively Write a Good Research Proposal

writing tips

March 18, 2017

Research Proposal Writing Tips

The approval of your research project is based entirely on your research proposal. To be able to implement your project, you must know how to make a good research proposal. A research proposal is just actually a condensed form of your research paper but is written in a prospective. In this article, the essential parts and the pointers on how to make a better research paper will be discussed.

First, what you need to remember is the technical and management part of writing. The technical part is necessary to shape up your proposal. You need to give all details on how much you have progressed on your research, the importance of your research, what its necessity is, and the means of achieving your target. The management part includes the organization of your whole research. To finish your paper on or before your target date, you must think of several ways on how manage it. Furthermore, it is good to incorporate a timetable that will show your pacing when go on making your research.

Second, you will be given a particular format and design for your proposal. You need to follow the specific guidelines and instructions like the font style, font size; margins, indentations, spacing, etc. set by your advisor or based on your dissertation topic requirement.

Third is the need of a good theoretical background. To make your proposal feasible, it is important to show what has been researched and what has been not, and how your study will be able to fill in that void of knowledge. It is also a must to find reviews of related literature that are pertinent and have benefits to your research. There is also an added credit if you have previous knowledge or experiences on your topic.

Fourth, keep in mind that the problem, issue, question, or argument is the shortest passage in the whole of your research. It should be written intelligibly in just one to three sentences. The thesis statement typically closes the introduction of your proposal. It can be stated in this manner – “The consequences of the untimely melting of glaciers.”

Fifth, you have to think about several factors before writing your objectives. You should consider on what you really wanted to achieve and those that are involved in your objectives. What’s more is that your objectives should be specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic. You can have a single or several objectives.

Sixth is if without a correctly written rationale for your proposal, your entire research can’t be made possible. You are not merely giving grounds for your study in this. You are also to show the high probability of the success of your research and giving proof about the importance of your study.

Lastly, your proposal needs an appropriate research methodology. This is the framework as to how you will carry out your objectives and how you will proceed with your research. It contains all detailed information, explanation, and step-by-step procedures. If you have fellow workers in your research, they should be mentioned too. It would be a very big mistake to include a half-baked methodology.