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How to Ease the Process of Writing a Business Essay

How to Ease the Process of Writing a Business Essay

writing a business essay

Business Essay Writing Tips

For every student, composing an essay may seem quite a difficult task. Instead of learning how to write a decent essay, they usually tend to use extra services and order works from online companies, making their writing skills decay and not develop at all. Even though it does help for some time, it will never be a solid way out in a long term. Only if you are out of time and cannot find any possibility to compose your paper, you can resort to the experts and ask to make an essay for you. However, rather than that, you can always listen to a few helpful tips and try writing your own masterpiece to impress readers with your work.

A need to write an essay about an abstract concept is usually met with a low moan of misery. It sometimes seems that the professors are trying to perpetuate students’ sufferings. But what about a business essay? Finance, marketing, communication, law, management, and more will make you shiver either of delight, for those who are in favor of these subjects, or of fear, for those who are petrified merely of the words “business” and “essay.” Nonetheless, there are plenty of other ways to pass the time but not with this drudgery, so let us help you to make this writing process less daunting.
Number one requirement for compiling a business essay is implementing valid data. The world is constantly moving; it is changing 24/7 without vacation and even a single day off. You have to leave hypothetical examples for philosophers or those who float above the clouds. Be more down-to-earth, eliminate facts you are not 100 percent sure about, and use only proven information germane to your topic.

Let’s get down to business. You cannot start writing on one of these subjects right after reading a business essay example found on the Internet. It is never made off the cuff, as it demands going through the preparation stage.

First and foremost, study the requirements

Read the title or assignment question carefully. For better comprehension, you can underline the keywords. Pay special attention to the formulation of the task and the suggested approach. Such words as “observe,” “describe,” “determine,” “analyze,” “explain,” “present,” “forecast,” “solve,” “compare,” “examine,” and so forth will define your task. Albeit all these words imply providing factual background information and plausible reasoning behind your writing, the structure, style, and presentation will vary.

An enthralling topic will rescue you from tedious writing. Opt for a theme that appeals to you, narrow it down to one innovative or just valuable idea, and enjoy the process. The world may go wild, but your writing will not get stuck.

Second, a good business essay could not be written without extensive research

Furthermore, simply taking, in other words, stealing, the fruits of others’ work is not a possible solution. Plagiarism check is still working, and the uniqueness of your research will greatly influence your grade. Good intentions, which pave the road to hell, is not the way to meet the devil. Being accused of plagiarism is the worst crime that could be committed in the scientific world. For sure, no one will insist on capital punishment, but your reputation will be ruined, and nothing would be able to restore it. The usage of valuable sources while carrying out the investigation is a shortcut to success.

Hint: do not forget about making references: title, author, date & place of publishing, publisher, and pages are a must. The best option here is to jot down this invaluable information along with necessary notes.

Third, come to grips with the fact that compiling an outline is as inevitable

Such as writing a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. What is more, it will come in handy while structuring your ideas and data. The focal point here is a possibility to analyze your findings once again and to look at them from another perspective. Who knows, maybe a new thought will pop into your mind, and your reasoning will become more sound. If the writer block or any other dreadful issue prevents from making an outline, look for a business essay example available on our website.

If you have meticulously done the prior stages, creating an outline would not be a big deal. It will be more about arranging the known information in a logical order.

Fourth, draft your essay

The outline has already structured your piece of writing, so the next step you should take is transforming the skeleton of your work into the masterpiece. While compiling your writing, the implement of concise and constructive language with relevant terms and business terminology is a step towards the success. Furthermore, using jargon is strongly forbidden.

Hint: follow the following writing format to present your essay. You are allowed to omit some components if necessary.

  • Set precisely the objectives you would like to achieve by writing this business essay, the conclusion you would like to reach, and define the business terms that might be unknown to your reader.
  • This section consists of theoretical material and / or some speculation on the topic in case you are doing a case study.
  • Critically examine your sources and various perspectives on the topic. Provide careful reasoning for and against the arguments, as well as your own point of view on the problem. Reference the citations in a proper format (MLA, APA, Harvard, etc.). For direct citation, use quotation marks and at the end of every paraphrased sentence give the reference. The general reference rule is one to ten, namely 10 reference sources to 1000 words.
  • Make a significant conclusion, clearly state your point, and ensure that your final results match the objectives you give in the preface section. In addition, you can make predictions and recommendations of the future investigations in this field.
  • Make a list of all used sources and compile it according to your format.
  • This section consists of tables, charts, diagrams, and written text that are too large to be included in background or findings sections. “Too large” means that they will break the flow of analysis and will distract the reader from the major point.

Last but not least, the proofreading & editing stage is of the first magnitude. Examine your first draft for any stylistic, spelling, and grammar mistakes. What is more, check your paper for weak arguments and development areas. Without a doubt, you do not want your writing sound pathetic after having put so much effort into it. Polish the essay until 100 percent perfection.

Business essay writing anyway starts from choosing a topic and oftentimes, the mind just goes blank at this point. It is like having the huge workload and the tight deadline. Oh no, that is not procrastination. That is just a blank page before your eyes and inability to come up with any idea. The first thing you can do is surfing the Net in the search of at least any topic. Nonetheless, it might be useless as well, and here the second option will be advantageous. Start from the side of adversary: think of the topics that will not be interesting under any circumstances. The thing is that only topics with factual data and solutions to the problems that exist in the real business world will find its target audience. Theory is boring for the vast majority of the population. In order to help you a bit, the list of not interesting issues is presented below.

  • Without statistics

As far as economic theories form the basis for the bulk of business essays, their aim is to predict the ups and downs of economic growth. To forecast the future of the global and domestic economies, you need to use only exact numbers. If you cannot come up with statistical evidence, there is no need to write a business essay and attempt to make it interesting.

  • Without a deep research

Providing valid information is not enough to succeed in writing a business essay. What should the writer do with these numbers? Make wild guesses? The analysis, which just scratches the surface, does not answer all the whys and the wherefores. The complete explanation of statistics and the influence on the business world is an integral part of this type of writing.

  • “Moth-eaten” topics

The essays on history may involve information quaint anachronisms, but when it comes to business, implementing only the latest data is required. The relevance to the modern world and its realities is one the major factors that influence the estimation of the writing.

Hopefully, this article is informative enough to provide you necessary help with your business essay. If you still struggle with writing tasks or lack experience in this field, do not get disappointed. Turn to the professional help online on the website of our writing company!

Keys to Effective Business Communication

For business, it is crucial to maintain good relationships if they aim to gain success.You need to improve communication skills in order to make negotiations fruitful. However, both interlocutor should equally develop their speaking and listening skills.

Business Discussions on Different Business Essay Topics and Withdrawal

Instead of lecturing and judging, focus on listening, understanding, and reaching compromise during business discussions. Besides, being overwhelmed with emotions when arguing over something, one may attack the other verbally making the latter withdraw from the conversation.

Sharing our Feelings or Making Judgments

When communication, one should express their feelings regarding a particular issue not involving the evaluation of the other person’s behavior. People often mix up their feelings about something with their attitude towards the interlocutor. Consequently, being criticized, one may start counterattacking and provoke a big conflict. Thereby, one should express ideas but not emotions, when aiming at the fruitful discussion.

Effective Business Communication Tips

Learn about the most effective keys to successful business communication. Use them in practice to make them your habits.

  • Be attentive. Is somebody approaching with a word? Stop doing your activity and face the person.
  • Listen, not just hear. Listen carefully showing your interest into conversation with gestures and mimics.
  • Don’t have your head in the clouds. Focus on what is being told you, and then, come up with your reply.
  • Be on the same page. It’s ok to paraphrase the person’s ideas to make sure you understand everything right.
  • Consider other’s needs. Be respectful to the needs of your business partner. Everybody seeks recognition, trust, a sense of belonging, etc.
  • Ask, but don’t tell. When seeking advice or asking a person to do something, one manifests equality in a respectful way.
  • Be open-minded. Being judgmental will never help you to make an objective decision.
  • Offer a piece of advice. Don’t seem to be imposing. “This is what you have to do” is the worst example of effective communication. Ty to suggest solutions.
  • Gain trust. It is easier to work in a team and cooperate if both sides trust each other.
  • Maintain equity. For business negations to succeed, people should feel equal.
  • Make relations comfortable. Stress and tension are totally natural, but it is recommended to reduce their influence in business communication.
  • Show genuine interest. Everybody strives to feel important and be understood. Consider the interests of each party to the conversation if you want to be treated the same.
  • Be a motivator. Surprisingly, both positive and negative reinforcement are useful. Consider motivating others by trust, praise, interest, and recognition.
  • Have a sense of humor. Laugher makes the tension in relationship disappear. A smile makes others more exposed to cooperate. So, stay positive.

Most students begin writing a business essay without thinking about its structure. This means that the outline of the essay seems irrelevant to them. This is a major mistake and as a result, they get low marks and lose their money when they buy an essay online fighting for better grades. However, if you manage to make a good outline, all you will have to do then is to fill the paragraphs with the necessary information. In order to develop an outline that will reflect the entire picture of your essay, you should know what must be included into each point of the essay structure.

Follow this essay structure list


Include brief information that you would like to talk about in the essay. Let the reader understand what you are going to discuss in the paper. Include a few quotes for supporting your introduction. The last sentence of your first paragraph should be a thesis statement. It underlines the reason of the entire essay and becomes a transit to the main content of the essay.


It is recommended to create three paragraphs within the main body in order to support you thesis statement. It is obvious that simple arguments will not help you prove your point that is why combine them with supportive statements. Also, you should use examples and clarifications where necessary. Apart from that, you can use quotes here as well, however, do not overrun with them, as it must be your essay, your point of view and not anyone else’s.


Finally, your last paragraph should summarize everything that has been discussed before. Remember that you should not include any additional information, which has not been mentioned before. Simply briefly lay out the main point with possible answers that you have come up with.


Here, it is mostly about formatting. The list of the used sources should be correctly organized and without any unnecessary punctuation mistakes. Stick to a certain academic style and you will get the essay of your dreams.

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