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Graphic Design as Subject for Dissertation

Graphic Design as Subject for Dissertation

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Choosing a dissertation topic

Before you should even write one letter intended to make up your research paper, you should carefully consider, again and again, if the topic of your choice is worth writing about. Ask yourself the question: “Do I really know this topic?” You need not be an expert at the subject that you have picked for your dissertation though. You just have to have the assurance that whenever you need to know more about a certain idea pertaining to the subject, you can easily access sources that can tell you about it. If you have lousy sources, then do not expect to come up with a well-written dissertation paper that makes sense.

Among the most famous topics that can be a subject for a dissertation paper is the area of graphic design. Animation, a related topic can also be included. Its fame stems from the fact that it has become a big-time employer for new graduates, given that they have knowledge on animation. Those who have the talent and skill can work as animators until they will be promoted to the position of being a graphic designer. There are many subtopics to this topic which you can choose from.

In narrowing down various topics to come up with the final topic, you should choose them mainly on the criterion that it is searched for, or in demand. This means that many people want to know more about it. This way, your research will be able to benefit many. Thus, it will be a plus point for your research. However, you should also avoid those topics which are already concentrated with research papers. This will help you avoid doubts of plagiarism. Remember that you have to be as different as you can be for the committee to value your research more. Here are ways which can help you pick the right topic for your dissertation.

First, you can go to the broad area of animation. Currently, the topic is in demand for the actual thing, animation itself, is undergoing an evolution. Its evolution, from being the easy animation to the 3D that it is now, can be a good study for your dissertation. You can trace every development in the evolution that result to what animation is now. This will surely be an interesting topic. This will especially rank high in your topic priority list if you love animation.

Second, consider the topic about the software used for graphic designing. There are available software to develop a graphic design but you may narrow them down by picking those which you know more about. Then, you can develop a set of criteria which you will use to evaluate the performance of the software. Thus, you may also give points of improvement and how to exactly improve those areas.

You can also make the mines of gold in the field of graphic design the subject of your dissertation paper. This means that you should research on and write about the numerous job opportunities that graphic designing offers. You can also include ideas on where the readers can possibly look for these jobs and how these positions can be gained. This will make your dissertation paper a good read.

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