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Good Tips for Research Proposal Writing


December 16, 2016

Research Proposal Writing Tips

When it comes to research proposal writing, you should be clear that this is a proposal paper and not the research paper. As it is, the research proposal paper consists of an idea, in regard to which you should go about with a research. A good research proposal is one which displays clearly that you arrived at this decision after you have done all the required thinking in terms of the project, devoting ample time, and efforts for gathering of information, needful reading, as well as the analytical question, which you will probably have to deal with. Primedissertations.com would be of great writing help in this regard for the students who are confused and require dissertation help.

Just being descriptive does not mean everything for research proposal writing. So, the analytical question would deal not only with the question itself, but also with why it is as well as how it is. As a matter of fact, a good proposal must answer three kinds of questions analytically, i.e. those with What, Why and How. So, just a simple mention of the question is not actually enough.

The following are few tips in regard to research proposal writing:

• Statement indication

This is for seeking an answer along with necessary explanation, in regard to the question.

• Short note on literature review

This is a concise note on literature review, for furnishing information in regard to what has been written on your issue already, along with the methods, evidence, results, as well as conclusion. You do this simply because it would provide credibility to the research proposal writing. This is quite necessary, as the reader may be aware of it.

• Discussion about your argument

This would explain, as to how different your argument would be from that, which is done by the other authors. You must discuss the issue of originality, about a point or theory that you are about to use, apart from discussing its usefulness.

• An outline

This refers to a display of the segments in your paper in brief, along with a concise bibliography of the main references, such as websites, survey, database, etc.

Also, you must keep in mind that this is only a research proposal and so, it should not be very lengthy. What actually matters in this case is the overall quality of the research proposal writing along with meaningful thoughts as well as writing skills. Try to begin early, as it would be beneficial for you in a great way. By starting early, you will have the advantage of time. Also, the insufficient efforts probably going to get wasted, as a result of rejection; it is therefore better to put in some more efforts. In regard to more advice in this regard, you can always log in to Primedissertations.com, which would be able to furnish you with more information in this regard.