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Four Steps for Developing Research Proposal

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June 20, 2017

How to write a research proposal

Making a research proposal is not a tough job. The research proposal is the next step after finalizing your topic with all the required thinking in terms of different dissertation ideas. At this point of time, you need to transform your ideas into a research proposal. With this proposal, you would be requesting permission for starting up a research or study on the particular topic. Do keep in mind, that this is a short paper, and should not be more than four pages in length. You would find a lot many ideas in terms of research proposal at dissertation writing service Primedissertations.com.

Given below are a few basic steps that are helpful in regard to the development of a research proposal.

• Step 1 : The importance of your chosen research topic

This plays a very vital role in your overall effort as well and as a matter of fact, it also decides, up to a large extent, the level of your performance as well. As we say; the first impression is the last impression. Here too, the introduction is perhaps the most vital aspect. It should therefore, be interesting as well as gripping. Therefore, mentioning any previous study or a similar experience, or just about anything, which links you to this topic would be a very good idea. In case you don’t have any prior experience as such, then in that case, you should write as to what interests you in the topic.

• Step 2 : Reference to already existing material

In this procedure, you would directly relate to some research or works, which have already been done, in your project. First of all, this would help you in showcasing your involvement in the process by finding out a bit of information. Secondly, it would help your supervisor in knowing more about your topic. Thirdly, it would reward reliability to your research proposal. In case there is a substantial gap with a scale of further study, it would serve the best use with extra advantages. You may also specify how that text may be available.

• Step 3 : The way of research or study

This section involves giving information about how you would carry out your research work. Remember that your chosen research methods must be capable of facing your research questions. Any survey, interview, analysis, questionnaire, or database you are about to use, you must clearly cite in this section. Your method may be reviewed through your text review.

• Step 4 : Your expectation from your research or study

In your conclusion, you would discuss the prospective findings or results of your selected methods. At this point the supervisor may like to know as to what contribution your project would make in your field of study.

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