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Soccer Management Essay Example

Soccer management concerns being responsible for mutual activities occurring in a soccer club. A person aspiring to become a soccer manager should consider the essential steps necessary in order to fulfill his/her duties in becoming a successful soccer manager (Soccer manager).

Becoming a Soccer Manager

The person should be knowledgeable about job openings available at local clubs (National Soccer Coaches Association of America). Of course, this should only be undertaken after one has assured themselves they have the necessary determination and motivation for the job; one should have an exceptional passion for the career. Nevertheless, one has to take the time to learn the profession in such ways as seeking knowledge from experienced professionals and doing research about the job. He/she should watch as many matches as possible. This equips the person with the skills and in-depth knowledge about what option are available to improve areas affecting the team and the club. Next, the person has to apply to undertake a professional degree. This approach has many advantages, providing networking opportunities with large and reliable groups, which could make it easier for one to acquire a job in the first instance. He/she has to obtain certificates, which act as proof to support that one has qualified for the job by outlining the institute where it was undertaken and taught. He/she has to apply and seek the minimum certificate, in most cases labeled as ‘C,’ which gives you a distinct advantage over other individuals without them. Finally, he/she has to apply for a ‘B’ certificate to become a professional and meet the requirements. After one has acquired the job, he/she will have many responsibilities to fulfill for a particular soccer club.

Responsibilities of a Soccer Manager

A soccer manager has responsibility for actively carrying out paper work. This task is demanding as it involves scrutinizing the original documents of players. It includes filling in registration forms, applying for the team programs, clearing fees, purchasing uniforms, and coach registrations. The paper work requires careful attention to detail in order to avoid losing valuable information.

A manager should have advanced communication skills; developing communication within the club is more than just addressing players. It entails many tasks, such as checking e-mails, mail and reading club correspondence. A good manager needs to be accountable for any successes or failures in communication.

Furthermore, a manager should cater for tournament requirements. Several measures have to be implemented to meet each tournament’s particular requirements. In addition, the manager has to fill in the application, and later submit the documents to the required departments for registration. He should manage the files of staff birth certificates, and even reserve hotel rooms for them. Moreover, the manager has responsibility over managing team finances. At a lower level, this may even include paying for referees, the rental of pitches and providing transport to and from the matches. Also, a manager could even concern himself/herself with the financial costs of promotion or relegation, and creating team budgets. Furthermore, a manager may even find himself/herself embroiled in the complexities of keeping financial logs and paying taxes. Finally, a great manager should be a natural problem solver and be willing to put these skills to the test on a day-to-day basis. Such issues could arise from as diverse fields as social or economic problems.


As one seeks the job and takes in the needed requirements to qualify for soccer management, he or she should make efforts to access support in a number of areas, and this will help towards fulfilling ones dreams and aspirations. These areas include job sports manager, i.e. individuals who can make several consultations regarding the availability of the position. Several methods applied in order to keep informed about the different roles available in soccer clubs, including following advertisements in the media or other sources;

  • The Internet, i.e. many soccer clubs and organizations need specialized professionals, and thus they advertise on the Internet. Individuals seeking this opportunity should submit their details and try applications.
  • Directly with clubs and their institutions. Your chances can be further enhanced by seeking to meet those responsible for job vacancies in person. When applying a prospective manager should expect to use the common courtesy associated with any job application process.


As one experiences the joy of becoming a manager, he/she should understand that soccer management is a double-edged sword and there are many drawbacks of the job, namely:

  • Consistent poor performance by players, which can cause stress to a manager and lead to poor performance of the club.
  • Lack of cooperation, i.e. many parties fail to honor agreements made, thus giving the manager much to worry about off the soccer pitch.
  • Injuries and difficult fixtures, i.e. this is a huge task for a manager to handle, as fans always expect good performance from the club. It is thus very essential to plan properly for injuries, and make adjustments in good time.
  • Discrimination and racism, i.e. good managers must learn to deal appropriately with society’s problems expressed through the voice of soccer fans. For example, a manager may secure a job in a society unlike his/her own and experience the discrimination present.

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Some of the benefits include:

  • A healthy salary, which may be further supplemented by the good performance of a club.
  • It develops interaction and cooperation as one is able to work with people from different backgrounds with shared aspirations.
  • It opens the way for people to tour many parts of a country and the world in general.


A soccer manager is a job that rewards well by paying the manager huge amounts of money. However, salary depends on the financial position of a particular club and its location. Clubs, which are popular among many people, generally pay well as they realize more profits. Managers who show consistently good performance are in a strong position to earn more.


Those aspiring to become managers should have a good instinct in the game of soccer, i.e. have a deeper understanding of the game’s rules and regulations. Experienced professionals are best needed for the job as they have adequate and much knowledge about the tasks and expectations needed from them. They should attend classes in areas where they offer the services and make sure that they grow in the work by always showing and giving the impressions that actually they can be trusted with the work (Christopher).

The research paper gives an introduction of soccer managers and their professionalism. It describes the response of any manager to a problem that arises and the necessary approach required to tackle it. The paper also outlines the qualities of a good soccer manager.

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