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Marriott Hotel Brand Analysis Essay Example

Marriot Hotels History and Current Operations

Being an international company, Mariot hotels and resorts can be termed as a supply chain and competitor. Mariot began as a simple root beer place in Washington DC but currently has its branches all over the world. It renders excellent services to every customer worldwide (Mariot 57).

Marriott Hotel Brands

For anybody who wants to have some fun, retreat or just enjoy some peaceful moments away from the demands of family life, Marriott International Group of Hotels is the way to go. According to fortune magazine, the chain of hotels is ranked as the most internationally admired lodge, and one of the best companies in hospitality. It is a leader in terms of innovation, development portfolio and prized awards. Looking at the different brands that exist will help to see the picture.

Gaylord Hotels

These hotels are world- renowned for leading in resort experiences. It is a new entrant into the Marriott portfolios in terms of brands that have seen the company have a competitive edge over other hotel competitors. It offers guests breathtaking convention and vacation options. The landscapes are wonderful and very scenic. The attraction sites range from the beautiful banks of Potomac in Washington right to the lively neighborhood of Nashville Music city. They derive heritage from their service to customers (Marriott International Brands, 2010). They are the greatest destinations of any tourist or traveler. Owing to their eye-catching and relevant hallmark – “All you need in one roof”, each and every resort mixes beautiful luxurious rooms and top- class entertainment to please every guest with a wonderful gateway.

The Ritz-Calton

This chain of hotels is a symbol of one of the best services and accomodations in the world. The chain boasts of over 70 Ritz-Carlton resorts and locations throughout the world. Their properties offer wonderful services, that include all-day-long rooms and lodges, fine dining, a two-times-a-day house keeping, business and fitness center, as well as concierge services.

JW Marriott

It is the most luxurious and elegant brand, with beautiful touches that add exceptional experiences to the success and popularity of the group of hotels. Business owners, travelers and fun seekers derive an opportune moment to just relax and unwind after boring sessions in the house and places of work. The environment this brand creates is simply elegant, an inviting atmosphere, comfortable and kind of deluxe level, and personal gratification of sorts.

AC Hotels

This brand is an upper class, moderate lifestyle brand that is design conscious; it is the favorite destination of any adventurous traveler looking to lodge and have fun in the cosmopolitan restaurant and lodging in this great city. The brand incorporates stylish hotels, best brand appeals to both leisure and business travelers who have come here to relax or to sample the beauty this city has to offer. It is such a great experience.

Courtyard by Marriott

This brand offers a traveler a place where to meet the travel requirements, with high quality and convenient destinations all over the world (Marriott International Brands, 2010). The brand offers spacious rooms, posh bedding and state-of-the-art high-tech services as well a redesigned lobby, breakfast, cocktails and dinner at selected destinations.

Spring Hill Suites

Here you will discover all-suite hotel that is blended with inspiring design and stylish spaces that dot almost 300 locations.
The main brands listed here take into consideration different needs and tastes of customers, tourists and travelers.

Common Features of These Brands

Features common to these hotels are such that they are built to take care of lodging needs of travelers who wish to spend some time in relaxed, conducive and productive environment. Over the years guests have learnt of these spacious hotel rooms full of free Wi-Fi, kitchens, free breakfast and hospitable staff who are encouraging to work with. Their reception of visitors is good.

Marriott Executive Apartments

The apartments are stylish; they provide premier and lively hotel services that most up-scale residents really admire. It is the perfect residence for a-month-night-long stays. The floors are spacious, the kitchens are beautiful, its housekeeping is splendid, and the hotel has this aura of competence.

Marriott Vacation Club

This is a unique feature that Marriott Group of Hotels recently introduced to members. The members enjoy accessibility to the resorts, vacations and destinations for the whole family. Their options comprise spacious villas, fun and travel adventures and the Marriot hotel today is home to 3,000 Marriot holiday seekers with about 2500 related resorts in about 75 nations throughout the world (Chon, 2012).

Grand Residences by Marriott

These grand residences are unique in that they are the brands that provide private and functional ownerships that combine the advantages of alternative homes with luxury and personal services to visitors. The residences offer high end condos that have alternative high end seasonal rentals. The options a traveler can get from these hotels are numerous.

Bulgarian Hotels and Resorts

These hotels boast of great hospitality and luxurious services in the world. Its properties are spread throughout cosmopolitan cities. It is leading in resort destinations across the world. It resort makes reference to local cultures, Italian designs and lavish and rare materials.

Fairfield Inn and Suites

The Inn provides everything under one roof, a good diet, sound sleep, a productive and smooth stay, all at competitive prices. The comfortability, reliability and affordability help it to achieve the popularity of the businesses group.

The experience one has, visiting Spring Hill Suites, is one of the most memorable moments in life. For beginners, Fairland Inn is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. The Inn derives its beauty from the rich cuisines, desserts, after-tastes and lodges. The scenic view of it from the streets is spectacular. One gets to catch a breathtaking view of the lush green shrubs and the aquariums that dot it. One gets the ‘on-top-of-the-world’ feeling. This Inn is a must- see for anyone hoping to visit this beautiful spot.

Their cuisine is delicious: shrimps, roast ribs, biltong, traditional foods, smoked fish and scrambled eggs. They have a food culture, testimony of the culture and diversity. The hospitality is warming and splendid. Their promotions depict their nature of services. They offer wonderful rates – for a night one only parts with about $50. This is relatively cheap compared to other destinations. They offer chauffer-driven cars at competitive rates. Their promotion strategies involve advertisement in leading newspapers and media houses across the world. For more visibility, the group of hotels recently unleashed promotional and marketing plans that saw the sales representatives navigate various parts of the world in a bid to have a wider market share and make them popular in most world destinations.

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They have spacious parking that accommodates about 2000 cars in one occasion. The security is good as there is an up to date surveillance system to track all activities and processes within the expansive acreage that is the inn. The management is conscious of various customer needs, taking into account their varied demands and tastes. The sitting rooms and restrooms are expansive and the lounges are spacious.

The level of their service is on a high level as they consider a customer to be a king. The brand is renowned for signature products like expansive and magnificent lodges, suitable for family on holiday. There brands are well thought, beautifully designed and highly relevant. They depict change and innovation, important business success stories. From historical records, business travelers have been the major focus of these chains of hotels. In the United States alone, over 35 million people, most of them businessman are the main clients of these hotels (Chon, 2012). Business leaders and investors have been known not to share rooms, and instead opt for expensive business class rooms that cost a fortune – these are good, at least financially to the hotels. Hotels and airlines have equally benefitted from the influx of businessmen, tourists and travelers who frequently visit these destinations. The ever increasing number of these suites can only point to improved profits for the chains of hotels. Theirs is a success story, rivaled to none. Their services are among the best in the world. To find out more, consider visiting any of the Marriot Hotel branches.

Marriott Hotel Analysis

The history of Marriott International, Inc. begins in 1927 when John Willard and Alice S. Marriott have established the company. Their well-known brand began with an A&W Root Beer stand in Washington, D.C. Later on, the family decided to expand food service business by adding in-flight service and several cafeterias. Until 1985, the company has grown considerably by expanding its location, business activity, company’s mission, culture, and responsibility. Today, Marriott International, Inc. is one of the greatest hospitality companies all over the world. The JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts brand keeps luxury in every detail in order to meet and satisfy every possible exclusive preference of their guests and leave the best unexpected impressions on their stay.

Family hotel and restaurant business was run by John Marriott, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the worldwide company during 60 years.  A true hands-on manager continues business of his parents, and today, his wise leadership and innovative strategies made family hotel business a leading worldwide corporation. James T. Merkel has admitted that, “His influence has shaped the very way in which the industry operates. Among his many accomplishments, I believe creating the upscale select-service brand segment to be one of his most influential” (Wharton, 2012). On March 31, 2012, he stepped down and Marriott International, Inc. received new experienced hotel executive, Arne M. Sorenson, a graduate from the University of Minnesota Law School and the former executive of Wal-Mart. The Chairman of Waterford Group, Len Wolman has pointed out, “We have had the privilege of working with Arne, and we know that Mr. Marriott has turned things over to very capable hands” (Wharton, 2012)

New CEO of Marriott International, Inc. continues to keep the leading position of the corporation in the list of the largest hotel and restaurant companies in the world. Today, Marriott faces competition from Genting Berhad, City Devs Ltd, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Intercontinental Hotels Group PLC, Wyndham Worldwide Corp, Choice Hotels International Inc, Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc, Vail Resorts Inc, Nh Hoteles Sociedad Anonima, and Gaylor Entertainment Co. (“Competitors eConsultant top 10 competitors for Marriott International Inc”, n.d.). Business magazines consider Starwood Hotel & Resorts Worldwide, Wyndham and Hyatt Hotels the most serious competitors of Marriott International, Inc.

The big number of competitors is not an obstacle for Marriott spreading all over the world. At present, the company has 3,700 properties in 73 countries. The multiple locations include properties in 44 states in the USA, 35 cities in the United Kingdom, as well as in a number of countries and territories in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and Cayman Islands. The ideal customer for Marriott International, Inc. is one who can feel and appreciate luxury combined with generous hospitality in full. Therefore, the managers apply visual marketing methods in order to give the opportunity to see the luxury of the hotels and arouse a desire to touch it once and then come back. YouTube and Facebook are the strong web tools to reach new customers easily. In addition, it has a special hotel loyalty program, which is the foundation for marketing and customer relation strategy. Its cost-effective mechanism allows reaching the most profitable customers, and revenue-building scheme makes these customers be loyal and use Marriott services again and again. This approach is rather loyal and beneficial for both parties.

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In spite of the fact that Marriott International, Inc. widely uses online tools in marketing strategies, its web-site lacks of customer feedback page. The Senior VP of e-commerce has his own point of view on this situation, “The reason for us really was that one negative out of 19 or 20 positives – that really affects the perception of the customer. And I think, in our case, we feel we have very good perception to start with, and that one negative review can have a damaging impact instead of the 19 that are not” (Freed, 2012). The experts consider such review block important as customers’ opinion has a more powerful effect on potential clients than the most expensive advertisement. Though Marriott International, Inc. has enough funds to pay for the expensive advertisement and be not worried about clients’ feedback.

Social media efforts of the company are focused on proper marketing communications in order to drive consumers’ preferences, building brand awareness, cooperation with various travel agencies, community leaders, sponsors and suppliers. As far as a lot of people around the world spend their time in social networks, the department responsible for social media efforts prefers digital media. Numerous postings in Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are more efficient for the readers than newspaper articles. Consequently, they are used more often.

The culture of Marriott International, Inc. considers their guests and employees the most precious assets. The main goal of the managers is to satisfy customer’s demands in order to make people once visiting Marriott their loyal customers. John Willard “Bill” Marriott, Jr. has always advised, “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your customers” (“Marriott Facts”, n.d.). He was right, believing that business success depends not on the long time development and the amount of funds invested, but on “men and women in it who live it, sleep it, dream it, and build great future plans for it” (“A living tradition of values and beliefs”, n.d.). The former CEO was such a person who even ate and lived in his hotel. This business was his passion, and when one is really passionate with what he is doing, the result is exceptional. He saw this and applied this philosophy while searching for new employees.
The application process in Marriott International, Inc. consists of multiple steps. One can search for the vacancies directly on Marriott website, read the requirements to the position and apply for it by creating Marriott Careers account. The procedure of completing the online application usually takes about half an hour.

HR efforts of the organization aimed at finding employees devoted to their work. Except skills, knowledge and work experience, they should be great enthusiasts devoted to their company. Mr. Marriott taught Marriott HR managers, “Go to every length to find, hire, and train good employees and treat them like your family. This is the crux of your whole operation” (“A living tradition of values and beliefs”, n.d.).

The mission of the company lies in its management philosophy, its values and beliefs. It is not fixed in procedures, company policies or any other official documents. John Willard Marriott wanted to make a company where both customers and employees knew that somebody cared about them. It was his mission, which became a company’s mission. It depends on everyone’s day-to-day behavior how employees communicate with people and achieve high standards.

The managers highly appreciate when everything is done well. At the mean time, such behavior is beneficial for employees as it sets them apart from any competition. The corporate growth and profit influence the advancement opportunities for the employees. The industry leader provides its employees with a competitive compensation and benefits package, which includes medical insurance, training career development programs, retirement savings plan, work family programs and services, tuition reimbursement, as well as discount on hotel rooms, food and services. Various resources and programs help their employees to feel real satisfaction on and off the job.

Comparing Marriott International, Inc. with its competitors, it is obvious that this company does not have serious competitors. The so-called ‘spirit to serve’ makes it different from their business partners. They take care of everything that concerns customers, associates, and neighbors. They take care of little things every day.

In conclusion, Mariot hotel is a successful business that faces challenges like any other business. In the beginning, it did not possess unique qualities and had higher chances of failing to meet targets set in the financial market. Despite the challenges, Mariot developed strategic management program helped identify the areas of weakness and proper solutions to these problems. It managed to develop preventive measures for potential and actual future problems. The growth and development are recommendable because it gives unique and attractive services to customers worldwide. This has helped Mariot maintain a higher position in the world history and global market.

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