Leadership Essay Example

Changes may impact my leadership in three ways. It is worth taking into consideration different levels of adaptation to changes. The first one, confusion, means that in the beginning of changes I may become confused and lose self-confidence. This would have an impact on my leadership because if the leader is not confident and optimistic, the team would not follow him or her. Changes may improve my skills and decision-making, as changes imply development. After I accept and follow the changes, new conditions and tasks may strengthen my diligence and exactness with the respect of my colleges and subordinates. The impact of changes in personal life may be both positive and negative. For instance, changes may make my life more exciting and bright, though adaptation may become difficult. Leadership in family life would cause temporary instabilities, which would be overcome soon.

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Contingency theory states that there is no unique method to manage the team or a company. According to William Scott, “The best way to organize depends on the nature of the environment to which the organization must relate”\. This theory would make my leadership more dynamic and flexible, as it advices to make the decision with consideration of the current situation. If the three elements of the theory, such as the leader-member relationship, degree of task structure and leader’s position power will be developed, positive results would be real. Trait and personality theory of leadership, which emphasizes the traits of leader, would help me to improve leadership by rational usage of personal advantages and disadvantages. The realizing of my talents in leadership would make me more confident. Some contemporary theories, such as Transformational and Transactional theories, would change the mental models of subordinates and inspire people to work for common good (transformational) and to follow staff members’ interests (transactional). These theories would make my relationship with the employers more tight and friendly.


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