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Human Resource Management: Interviewing Candidates in IKEA Abu Dhabi


The aim of this paper is to present a thorough analysis of how IKEA Abu Dhabi has been able to utilize an interview tool to uphold its culture, and at the same time, attract new talents. The investigation was conducted through carrying out a company analysis and making a literature review on the discussed topic. Analysis of the corporation’s information on how IKEA has been able to redefine itself through the use of the tool of human resource management was also completed. From the study, it becomes clear that interviews provide a helpful platform for organizations upon which they are able to identify and recruit talents that help in safeguarding the perpetuity and improvement of firms’ competitive edges in their niches in the market. The findings of the research are very important when it comes to human resource management, since they give clear insights on how crucial interviews are in the recruitment process. From the study, it is clear that interviews are and will remain an integral part of human resource management and an avenue upon which organizations will be able to identify new talents.


One of the key assets that enable an organization to meet its objectives is having the right work, with the right number of resources and at the right time. Qualified employees provide the needed expertise that enables a company to pool together its resources and channel them in the direction that empowers the business to meet its demands (Ivancevich & Konopaske, 2013). Moreover, it is out of having the right number of workers that an organization is able to maintain an efficient form of operation thus helping it in improving its competitive edge within its industry. Besides, through the employee-customer contact, a company can either build a good image or tarnish the brand (Cumberland, 2016). This is because it is the personnel who work as agents of a firm. Therefore, there is the need to not only ensure that an organization attracts the qualified employees but also the right number of them and with the needed values. Having a cohesive workforce is another aspect that is of importance to any company since it provides the basis for a more efficient working environment where staff members work in a complementary manner (Dessler, 2013).

However, at the heart of having the right number of qualified and cohesive personnel lies the crucial role of recruitment. The approach utilized heavily influences the nature of the recruited staff that find their way into the organization. Moreover, it is also through the recruitment process that potential employees are inducted into the company’s culture. A good hiring process provides a platform where there is an objective to choose the best potential worker, and a thorough interviewing process where candidates are taken through a series of the evaluation procedures helps to achieve it (Kennedy, 2012). It ensures that those selected are fully qualified to meet the goal at hand within the concerned organization. Interviewing applicants is an expensive undertaking (Gilmore & Williams, 2013), and thus the need to ensure it is done in a diligent manner that does not necessitate a repeat. Similarly, the report at hand outlines how IKEA Abu Dhabi performs its interview process in the line of ensuring that the right candidates are the only ones who find their way into the organization.

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Objective and Importance of the Study

Interview Process

Any interview is conducted to obtain the needed information from a respondent through an oral communication process. In respect to human resource management, interviewing of the candidates provides a platform where the recruitment panel is able to assess whether the potential employees have the required qualification and values that an organization is seeking (Cumberland, 2016). Moreover, it is through a situational interview process that applicants are evaluated on how they will deal with the various situation if they are chosen by the company (Gilmore & Williams, 2013). This provides a platform where the recruitment panel is able to identify the candidates with the required temperament that is in line with the nature of how an organization services its customers. Therefore, interviewing potential employees is a crucial aspect that enables a firm to identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses making it possible to select the one that has the needed qualifications and other traits that will help in championing the objective of the business entity.

There are different types of interviews within the docket of human resources. Selection interviews are utilized for identifying the most suitable candidates for the available positions within an organization (Ivancevich & Konopaske, 2013). Appraisal interviews provide a platform where an employer evaluates the performance of his/her employees in line with identifying the most appropriate reward or any other relevant action. There is also an exit interview conducted when a worker is almost leaving an organization (Ivancevich & Konopaske, 2013). It provides an avenue upon which crucial information on the reasons the employees leave or the grounds of retrenchment by the company can be obtained to ensure a smooth transition time for both parties.

Objectives of the Study

  • To analyze the role and the importance of the interview tool in IKEA Abu Dhabi.
  • To identify the benefit the company gets due to interviews implementation in the recruitment process.
  • To identify areas of weakness in the approach utilized when conducting interviews and come up with corresponding recommendations.

Importance of the Study

It is through a diligently conducted interview that the recruitment panel can identify traits of a potential employee that go deeper than the general qualifications. Therefore, an analysis of how an organization’s uses the interview tool will shed light on the variables at play that need to be considered to ensure a more successful recruitment process. Besides, the analysis will also determine the potential areas of weaknesses thus providing a platform for an improved understanding of potential challenges in using interviews, and this will be helpful in improving the points of concern of the recruitment-based interviews. Besides, in the current era in business, the level of competition is at its highest point and demands creativity in the ways how organization attracts and identifies the most relevant employees needed to help boost its competitiveness. A clear understanding of how to conduct an interview has now become an important variable to any company since having creative personnel is now the new norm of safeguarding a business entity in the environment with the new level of competition (Cumberland, 2016). Therefore, understanding the right approach to employing proper candidates while conducting human resource-based interviews is very crucial in guaranteeing the perpetuity of success within an ever-competitive market.

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Literature Review on the HR Function

Tapping the right talent is an important aspect to any organization and forms a crucial process that helps in ensuring that at any time, the available human resources are the most qualified in managing the affairs of the business entity. The procedure of interview works in two ways where the potential candidates get to interact with a firm’s agents while, at the same time, it provides a platform where a company gets to meet the talents available in the market. According to Kennedy (2012), interviews are avenues where organization interacts with a large pool of human resources, and if exploited well, they identify candidates who are highly skilled and have shared values with the business entity. Moreover, interviews give room for the occurrence of a healthy interaction of the potential employees and the employer thus ensuring that all the worries of these two parties are handled thus minimizing the possibility of conflict after recruitment (Gilmore & Williams, 2013). Moreover, interview process enables the potential employer to evaluate the interviewee’s ability to conform to the core ideals upheld by the organization (Ivancevich & Konopaske, 2013). Similar sentiments are captured by Cumberland (2016) where the assertion is that conducting interviews is crucial in tapping the talents through an exchange platform where expectations and values are communicated.

According to Dessler (2013), recruitment is a process that in one way or the other influences an organization’s ability to meet its goals since it avails one of the crucial factors of production. There is the assertion that all elements in the context of recruitment need to be performed with due diligence in order to capture the talent that a company needs. It is thus clear that interviewing candidates for potential recruitment is a critical process that helps an organization is selecting the finest talents among a pool of qualified applicants. It is an avenue where the firm is able to add to its workforce the people who will be able to take the right position when it comes to safeguarding its ambitions and interest. Moreover, there is also a great need to ensure that interviews are conducted diligently to ensure that the goal at hand is attained since interviews are expensive processes.

IKEA Company Overview & Background

IKEA United Arab Emirates is a sub-branch of the large IKEA furniture chain that has 398 stores across 48 countries worldwide (Dahlvig, 2012). IKEA United Arab Emirates is a company that is driven by the vision of improving peoples’ lives every day. In line with this intention, the corporation is centered on the provision of qualitative furniture at an affordable price. The company is also focused on the development of long-lasting relationships with its customers, where the fact that it is impacting on peoples’ lives positively is very helpful (Dahlvig, 2012). The firm has experienced a sustained growth due to the exploitation of three growth areas.

Firstly, IKEA has always been keen on ensuring that the customers’ expectation of quality is accompanied by affordability. Another growth area is making certain that the company has a positive impact on both the people and the planet through following a sustainable way of production (IKEA United Arab Emirates, n.d.b). Finally, the corporation believes that the growth of its employees leads to its growth. Therefore, its human resource department views every worker as a talent with potential to growth that only needs to be nurtured for it to happen (IKEA United Arab Emirates, n.d.b). This is highly reflected in the employees’ experience and the values at play in their working environment. Despite being based in many countries, IKEA’s subsidiaries are run using the same principles of ensuring that quality goes hand in hand with affordability that is realized through heavy investment in the workforce (Dahlvig, 2012). This is because employees can be relocated from one country to another. The assertion is that there is no a career that can be defined as typical for any worker, but it is the employees who trace their career path within the company (IKEA, 2013). The chain ensures that its personnel feel appreciated with the leadership being the pace setter in any activities.

The company is a heavy believer in the need to ensure that employees work as a team. There is the assertion that, although it takes a dream to come up with a business idea, it is the people that turn a dream into reality in the world of business (IKEA United Arab Emirates, n.d.a). The backbone of the company is based on the spirit of togetherness and enthusiasm, and these are the values that the firm seeks while recruiting new employees (IKEA United Arab Emirates, n.d.a). It is the aim of the human resource management to ensure that the corporation avails a platform where people freely interact thus helping one another in line with improving the company.

Analysis of Interviewing Candidates

Togetherness and enthusiasm are the crucial values to IKEA United Arab Emirates just as for any chain’s venture. One of the essential advice by the human resource department is to be oneself within the company. The HR department conspicuously supports the employees in developing an open dialogue within the company (IKEA United Arab Emirates, n.d.a). One of the avenues IKEA realized it had to change was the need to have a thorough recruitment process that follows a common path in all its subsidiaries (Dahlvig, 2012). A new norm was adopted which made the procedure friendlier which is highly evident in the interview exercises.

Procedure/ Steps Followed

IKEA rarely utilizes structured or universal interview procedures. The rationale for using this approach is the appreciation of the diverse demands an employee meets within the company. Moreover, it is the intention of the HR department to encourage people to experience new ways to which they are not used to in their line of specialization (IKEA, 2013). This is the main reason why the interview exercises rarely follow a strict pattern. However, all of them are aimed at bringing forth the level of creativity of the interviewed candidates.

Practical Work

This tool is greatly utilized in the interviews the aim of which is to identify how conversant a prospective employee is with the potential responsibilities within the company. In many cases, the interviewees are expected to assemble different forms of furniture offered by IKEA. The goal of including the practical work into interviews is to capture both the creativity and daringness of the candidates. This is in line with the objective of the company to cultivate the culture of sharing ideas (IKEA United Arab Emirates, n.d.a), and this is greatly demonstrated through allowing the interviewees to show their way of doing things when assembling the given furniture to the best of their knowledge. Using this interview procedure, the intention of the firm is to expose candidates to new challenges thus making them more prepared to serve in the corporation where employees are not limited on what to do or where to engage themselves.

Open Dialogue

Just as the culture of the company, interview exercises also employ the approach of open dialogue where the panel and the candidates engage in the one on one exchange. This is aimed at assessing the ability of being a team player and enthusiasm, two crucial traits agitated by the corporation (Dahlvig, 2012). Moreover, open dialogue provides an avenue for the HR department to instill the culture of willingness to learn, which is a core demand of the human resource department to the employees (IKEA United Arab Emirates, n.d.a). This approach helps the company to promote its culture of complimenting one another.

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Governing Body

The human resource department is responsible for handling all the matters regarding interview procedures. These are the responsibilities of the HR managers to recruit, train and manage the benefits within the company’s personnel (IKEA United Arab Emirates, n.d.a). The key role of this department is to attract the needed talent, develop it and continue to inspire the different employees within the corporation.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Interviewing Candidates

The approach utilized in interviewing the candidates is very effective since it has created a path that has helped the company build the spirit of togetherness and enthusiasm. Moreover, the use of practical work provides a platform where the firm realigns its recruitment process according to the demands while working in IKEA. Besides, the use of unpredictable approach when conducting interviews makes it harder for the candidates to prepare proactively. The result is that the abilities demonstrated during the interview present the actual potential an applicant possesses under a demanding environment. It is thus possible to identify the candidates that can meet the corresponding requirements of the company. Therefore, this approach provides a platform upon which IKEA is able to capture the most qualified personnel that are highly compatible with its ambitions and expectations. Over and above, the strategies utilized in interviewing the candidates have helped the company improve its performance since they have provided the firm with employees who are active team players and are always ready to experiment on new issues and learn.

Recommendations on How to Improve and Enhance Interviewing Candidates

One of the identified problems of the interview process is the lack of clear talent target where the intention is to encourage the element of multi-tasking. The interview aims at preparing the candidate to be open to all types of jobs within the company, and this might discourage people who love specialization. Moreover, the lack of a definite approach to the interview process makes it more expensive, since the necessary resources for all the potential practical tasks included in it must be provided. Absence of a clear career path is one of the factors that lead to conflicts among the employees as some feel that others are invading their space within the organization (Cumberland, 2016). There is, therefore, the need to ensure that the interview process uses a more defined approach where it would be able to recruit individuals with specific abilities. This will be very helpful both in minimizing the cost of interviews and helping the company capture the element of specialization that is critical in improving efficiency of the business.


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It is clear that the recruitment process helps IKEA in Abu Dhabi to attain its targets in the market to a great extent. The tools it includes thus form the backbone that empowers the company to realign accordingly regarding having the right staff. Moreover, interview exercises form one of the tools utilized in the recruitment process and provide an avenue where the organization is able to interact with its potential employees and out of the interactions come up with a selected few that best fit it. Interviews also allows a hiring company to get more information from the candidates that enables the former to obtain a deeper understanding of the interviewees’ characteristics that cannot be expressed by the documented qualifications. In addition, it is through the interview exercises that the participants get crucial insight on how to handle different situations some of which are improving the company’s production process.

In the context of IKEA United Arab Emirates, interview exercises provide a platform where the company is able to evaluate the willingness of the participants to learn. Moreover, the firm uses interviews as an avenue where the spirit of sharing knowledge is upheld through the provision of practical work in the interview process where candidates demonstrate their mastery of how to assemble some of the firm’s furniture. However, there is a problem in the IKEA’s interview approach that encourages the applicants to become more open-minded to different work responsibilities if employed. The problem with this aspect is that it may lead to constant conflicts among the employees due to lack of clear boundaries on what, how and where workers can engage in their line of duty. Moreover, the interviewing exercise also utilizes the tool of dialogue that resonates with the company’s culture of upholding the open dialogue for all where staff members can freely share their thoughts within the corporation. With the exception of the lack of clear way of tapping definite talents, the interviewing process of IKEA has been successful in bringing to the company like-minded employees who have been able to work in a team-based and enthusiastic manner. In conclusion, IKEA Abu Dhabi has been able to utilize the interview platform as a means of both attracting the right talents and upholding its culture of empowering the workers who, in turn, help in influencing the lives of the people positively through offering value at an affordable price.

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