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Analysis of Emirates Airlines Human Resources Practices Essay Example

Unlike how it was five years ago, the requirements of workers of the airline industry have changed considerably. Since utilizing airlines have currently changed from being opulence to an obligation, airline companies are currently flourishing at a faster rate than they were a few years ago. It can be comprehended that a high level of customer satisfaction in terms of both quantity and quality can happen only with an elevated work accomplished by workers. The rationale for demands of workers has so far increased in a short period of time (Bamber 2009).

Evaluation of Recruitment Selection and Performance Assessment in Emirates Airlines

The development of several approaches for the enrichment of worker productivity led to the adoption of different human resource tools and practices such as recruitment, training and orientation, selection, as well as a performance assessment. Recruitment and selection are HR practices that enable a company to get a right workforce (Nolan 2008). On the other hand, performance assessment as believed by human resource experts assist in developing both an individual and organisational knowledge concerning various skills and attitudes of workers, which, in turn, determine their performance in their undertakings. This practice assists a company to enhance worker productivity and is also a robust tool for employee motivation in the Emirates Airlines. This research paper investigates the impact of recruitment, selection and performance assessment of Emirates Airlines.

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Theories/Models Review

  • Performance Assessment and Theories

Recent years have been crucial in human resources development. At the same time, labour was, for several years, believed to be among the factors of production, and the other three being capital, land, and machinery. Modern companies consider motivation as well as the quality of their workforce as the most crucial essentials of their competitiveness in the larger market. Scientific management philosophies as put forth by Frederick Taylor and Henri Fayol have for a long time developed the theory that workers do not like work and therefore, require close supervision for improved performance (Nolan 2008). The end of World War II and the growth of business in the developed economies in the subsequent years led to the materialisation of various theories on the progression of workers’ productivity. Behavioural specialists and psychologists such as Maslow, Vroom and Maslow advanced theories on the enhancement of worker motivation by utilizing several soft techniques such as greater worker engagement and participation in the workplace, satisfaction of various levels of personal requirements, and improved communication with the workers.

Performance assessment is relied upon the purposes of management as well as the obtainable resources for commitment. Trouble-free rating and ranking schemes are implemented by small companies with restricted HR expertise, whereby schemes like competency-based as well as the 360 degrees assessment are implemented by larger companies. There are many managers who utilize only one type of assessment system (Riley 2007, pp. 5-8). Some organizations offer the choice for workers concerning the techniques in the manner in which they must be assessed. The Emirates Airlines assume several systems to separate the reward as well as non-reward features of assessment and various systems in different occupational groups and various departments of the company.

  • Recruitment, Selection and Theories

Such theories as the Kotter 8-Step Model, the Lewin Action Research model, as well as the Argyris Intervention tell the manner in which an organization can simply make alterations in their well-designed outline with general support of their workers and management. These theories are well designed for the entire change management procedure, but each of them is comprised of its own pros and cons. Some of these theories have been employed by the airline in enhancing recruitment and selection procedures and have been successful in the execution of the change procedures (Parakandi & Behery 2015).

On the other hand, objective theory presumes that applicants utilize an extremely rational approach for decision making. Therefore, the additional information that they can be provided in terms of benefits, working conditions as well as salaries, the better the candidates rely on these aspects in order to realise the relative desirability index. At Emirates Airlines, this theory is believed to be common among the candidates who being recruited.


  • Performance Assessment

Performance assessment techniques are currently being gradually realized by many companies, corporations, and airlines. Emirates Airlines, which is the focus of this study, is the chief carrier of the Middle East and among the best known airlines in the world. The airline puts exceptional importance on offering its customers with easy, convenient as well as pleasant flying experience. Much of its accomplishments in customer service and satisfaction and the operational effectiveness of its aircraft rely upon the competence, motivation, and productivity of its employees (Thérivel & Minas 2002, pp. 81-91).

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At present, several companies perform worker performance appraisal. These appraisals are by far carried out yearly by managers, who assess and appraise the performance of employees. These appraisals are believed to be the approximation valuation of performances of every worker at given periods of time. They assist in determining the appropriateness of assessed individuals in satisfying their assignments (Hayton, Biron, Castro Christiansen & Kuvaas 2012).

Performance appraisals of workers are carried out by several organizations prior to the provision of greater organisational responsibilities or rewards. This process is comprised of two crucial aspects, one of which is developmental and the other is evaluative in nature. Evaluation relied upon results stands for the judgment of the performance of appraised individuals at some periods of time. These judgments are arrived at following detailed comparison of personal performance with earlier specified job objectives or standards (Whiting, Kline & Sulsky 2008, pp. 223-236). Assessment for developmental intentions, on the other hand, tries to examine the potentialities of employees to participate in more responsibilities. Such assessments are largely linked to job reallocations or promotions. The key aim of this assessment is to identify the direction that the skills and knowledge of some individuals have to be developed in an effort to enhance their performance.

Members of the airline sector undertake some of the most significant responsibilities of their organization. At the same time, the successful procedures of an airline are certainly reliant upon the joint efforts of workers on the ground as well as in the air since the flying crew encompasses the vital responsibility of essentially carrying the company clients and ensuring that their experiences are pleasing, relaxed, and enjoyable (Parakandi & Behery 2015). The competence, abilities as well as attitudes of the employees of the company are essentially crucial for customer retention and satisfaction. Inadequacies and inefficiencies on their part can lead to customer displeasure, with far-reaching undesirable outcomes on the image of the company, profitability, and sales. Optimising the performance of workers is, therefore, a key intention of all efficient and well run airlines. Most of these airlines put much emphasis on the selection of their workers and develop broad and specialised training programs for their personal as well as professional growth. Performance appraisals of such workers are undertaken on a regular basis and facilitate organisational management to determine several aspects of their personalities, attitudes, and skills.

An informal system of performance assessment exists once people work together since the assessment of workers at work is the widespread tendency. The account of recognized system of performance assessment is short. With the new developments, assessment has turned out to be a crucial component of human resource management. Broad ranges of techniques are employed to carry out the performance assessments like from ranking approaches and proficiency-based systems to multifaceted behavioural fastened rating schemes.

  • Recruitment and Selection

As the workers are the backbone to customer satisfaction, thus Emirates must encompass an extremely human resource recruitment process, which will assist in the selection of the right workers that will improve the image of Emirates Airlines and offer the best services to the clients. Emirates Airlines is one of the leading airlines of the world, and so it requires more workers in terms of ground staff, cabin crews, pilots, and technical staff. Under the human resource recruitment process, Emirates Airlines provides an in depth understanding of the human resource procedures and the interconnected merits and demerits and other aspects. The recruiting process is rather not favourable for the workers the airlines recruit due to the fact that the company uses an extremely selective process. For example, the workers that the airline recruit are exceptionally high skilled and experienced persons, but airlines do not reward as much as other airline companies do, thereby leading to greater worker dissatisfaction (Hayton et al. 2012).

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One of the most extremely fulfilled worker teams of the airline is experiencing issues that can have an undesirable influence on the organisation’s performance. It is evident that there exist alterations that the company must make in order to tackle this malfunctioning. Human resource management assists in enhancing the working environment of the airline and favour of the common worker to increase the performance and obtain improved outcomes (Hancock 2002). Human resource professional tasks differ from quality recruitment and hiring through providing first class training and experience, and their responsibility is crucial in establishing motivation for the workers. They instigate the employees by executing various policies such as succession plans and leisure manager concept. Their responsibility is to recurrently examine the activities of every worker all over the organization and then promote them accordingly, as the motivation and increase in salary is carried out following the appraisal process by the human resource specialists. This Emirates Airlines case sheds light on the involvement of the human resource section with the work of line managers. It examines the instantaneous working potentialities of the human resource professional and the line managers in carrying out recruitment and selection.

The recruitment department of the airline has adopted various proposals to develop the worker base of the organization (Leighton & Proctor 2006). It organises seminars that are aimed at enhancing the interaction of the workers with the experienced management. During the seminars, several professionals discuss their experiences in the business life, and the workers have the chance to interact with them.

After carefully analysing the Emirates Airlines human resource recruitment, selection and performance appraisal, it can be concluded that the recruitment and selection procedure is somewhat huge as they encompass several stages of tests and interviews, and the right individuals that the airline recruit are selected and experienced in most instances. In addition, the airlines’ assessment system creates the evaluation part of the performance succession. Assessment systems are intended on a central basis by personnel function, whereby every manager assesses the performance of its workers on a yearly, six-monthly or even quarterly basis. The conventional assessment system was appropriate to the workers in higher and supervisory management, but with current alterations, it has been applied to the clerical and secretarial workers. Assessment systems are applicable to the entire organisation of the Emirates Airlines in order to enhance performance of the workers. The organisation, therefore, reviews the performance and rewards them as a result. This model is utilized in order to discover the issues and improve the existing performance, as well as offering feedback.

According to the Emirate Airlines, this technique is used to lay down the objectives of the company, offer information to the human resource personnel, selection and as a punishment or rewards procedure. Assessment can be separated into three categories; the potential reviews, performance reviews and the reward reviews, and, this system must gratify at least one among these categories. Therefore, it is recommended that managers must be very keen when reviewing the main purpose of the assessment system. It can also be recommended that the Emirates Airlines should expand the human resource recruitment and selection process in order to cater for both the top management candidates as well as those applying for clerical positions.

The workers of any organisation are, without a doubt, its blood. Owing to the dawn of understanding upon the current day organisation, there seems to be a greater movement towards human resource management. In reality, the present-day workers are called upon to take part in major decisions affecting the company, thereby playing a crucial role in the management of the company. Therefore, the performance of the Emirates Airlines is reliant upon the efficiency that the workers display. In fact, it is crucial that the workers with the most appropriate prerequisites be selected. This is where the recruitment and selection emerge hence it is hard to separate one from the other.

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