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Afro-Cuban Jazz Music Performance Essay Example

Afro-Cuban Jazz is one of the early types of music that mixes Afro-Cuban based rhythms with the incorporation of some jazz techniques. In this regard, this kind of music started as early as in the year 1940 in New York State of America. As it developed, some instruments like the piano appeared with Afro-Cuban rhythms on the east coast jazz scene. Long before, African Jazz Music was much more spread in the United States when compared to Cuba. However, in the early 1970s, it hit the Cuban music scene with new styles and songs. With time, Afro-Cuban jazz music became more academic and was regarded a high culture phenomenon. Therefore, nowadays, a significant number of the universities in the USA as well as the educational establishments throughout the world offer courses in music history and composition and train jazz musicians.

In both modern and traditional eras, the music tended to be an irreplaceable aspect of culture. It has even improved in current years due to the development of technology that has enhanced both the use of pianos and online music. The beautiful thing about music is that when you get into it, you feel no pain because it gives an impression of humanity and heals such individuals who listen to it. Most of the people are born with music in them while some gradually learn about it as they grow up. Each person listens to music for a number of various reasons. For instance, some do it to relax, some are fans, and some listen to music because it relates to their personal experiences.

I happened to attend a live Afro-Cuban Jazz music performance on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. It comes as no surprise that the performance attracted many blossoming musicians each with unique musical approaches. In my opinion, it was a perfect opportunity to experience such a large variety of entertaining music that appealed to my liking and was perfect. It was just more than Afro-Cuban Jazz music and the performance achieved well-deserved success.

As regards the atmosphere, low lighting doubled with candle lit tables made a great romantic moment. In the event, it saw a full house coupled with a serene atmosphere that the attendants exhibited during the performance all through. The hall was full and the atmosphere was cooling and relaxing. Indeed, all that took place during the concert was much appealing and entertaining. I enjoyed the setting and atmosphere because it contributed to the perception of music and made it easier to dissect the musical pieces. Furthermore, the acoustic peculiarities were also taken into consideration; hence, all the words of the songs were intelligible and easy to understand.

Every composition was unique and exhibit defining features. The presentation time started with two conductors performing a duo song while also using a piano as accompanying sound. Immediately after the song commenced, I noticed some usual sounds characteristic of ragtime. Thus, the composition, which took place during the presentation, kept me enjoying it to the extent that I found myself nodding all the time during the session.

Furthermore, the duet in conjunction with a piano and a tenor sax followed the opening performance of the duo song. The distinct feature of the composition was its unique sounds since it entailed playing it using the minor keys of the piano. Numerous emphases were put on the call and response aspect, especially when the song began. Other way round, there were also sounds from the minor keys and notes during the performance session. I particularly saw bits and some pieces of each instrument in the duet, i.e. both the piano and the sax. One technique the saxophone used most of the time was repeating arpeggios.

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In most cases, the piano tended to speed up the rate and sound stronger and louder followed by the subsiding sounds. There existed an edgy theme during the performance exactly from the Hitchcock movie or something of that type and the music just contained all I wanted to hear. As the play approached the end, I started experiencing the peak as the music reached its climatic end before it suddenly stopped.

Moreover, another type of performance in the concert was the duet of the trumpet and the tenor saxophone. However, this song started at a very low rate and utterly failed to take that much. There was a sequence in the order that involved the beginning of the performance of the tenor sax followed by the trumpet. This combination and the way the music was presented resulted in a feeling of thoughtful sadness since it had depressed sounds. The two instruments kept on going back and forth, thus creating an overlap between each other. Consequently, it led to the increase in the volume of the sound playing during the session.

There was one particular song performed by a duet of a bass and a piano. The bass began and used very firm plucks, thus emphasizing the melody. Then, in some instances, the base became a little rougher after which the piano kicked in. It caused a touch on the soul due to its deep beats. Furthermore, the repealed baseline made the feet tap as the head uncontrollably nodded. During the last stages, there were the instances that entailed the use of the chords. The conductor then started to freestyle using the right hand and repeating various notes. The piano produced fast scales as it used the bottom chords. Thus, the soft beats of the piano signified the denouement of the music. It was particularly an example of a technique called retardant, which always has a gradual reduction in tempo.

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One important thing to note in the performance is that every group had the opportunity to perform only two songs at a time. Each song comprised sixteen people playing instruments, four different saxophones including an alto, two tenors, and Bari Sax. Besides, there were two trumpets, trombones with one piano player and one bass player. Indeed, the last two songs during the presentation were upbeat with the frequent movement of the conductor. All the performers were too active and involved with the music. At the same time, their constant movements were not irritating but, on the contrary, reflected the emotions and the essence of the works performed. Out of all other concerts I have ever attended, this was the best one and I would not hesitate to visit another of such kind next time.

Overall, the attractive sounds of the piano and other instruments used captured most of the audience. It was obvious from the performance that many musicians have indeed dedicated their lives to the instrument. In other words, to produce the most gripping and touching sound that one could imagine is not so easy and requires knowledge, practice, and patience. Another feature that the majority of the audience admired was a variety of duets, especially the duet performed between a bass and a piano. Om the emotional level, music did not only give happiness and entertainment but also made emotions of sadness disappear and lifted the listeners’ spirits.

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