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SanGrafix Company Business Essay Sample

Video games provide a lot of fun mostly to young people who still have the whole time to spare and enjoy life. In most cases, such individuals have their parents providing them with nearly everything they need ranging from cloths, food, travel money, cars, school fees to cash so they can enjoy a stress-free life. The reason behind this is that most if not all parents always try to give their children whatever they need in order to keep them away from social vices. For instance, boys when are not given what they need might indulge in theft and robbery whereas girls can find themselves in the sector of prostitution. Most of these individuals of tender age, who have no or little aims in life, spend most of their money to play video games. Due to modern technologies, individuals can enjoy interacting with other individuals, who are several miles away from them. This has led to the growth and development of gamming sites as well as industries concerned with designing and programming of video and computer games.

SanGrafix Video Game Company Business Process

The VP/GM concepts that SanGrafix Company uses in developing networks are very critical. This is because they are helpful in threatening as well as evading intrusions or even attacks in the system of the network developed. Some of the important issues, which cannot be taken for granted are: addressing of the ARs, the packet structures that the addressed ARs have, sub netting, the DMZs and even planning the routine and developing a proper access control (Hao, 2010). At this level, goals that are oriented to network securities need to be taken into consideration. This is because it tends to manage the balance between connectivity needs and access that is the key tool in ensuring that privacy and integrity are achieved in the system.


When designing a network, common threats that can compromise security and privacy of the system have to be taken into consideration. Therefore, this helps intrusion detection program to provide full security to the site in order to optimize its scope, hence, filtering and managing any form of intrusion that might be caused by hackers. Packet filters are also important when designing a workable network, since it is through them that a foundation for over-viewing tools to help in impeding possible threats is analyzed.

Plan Information

First, an understanding of IDPS is integral since it works to help transmit information from one location to another in a network. It is referred to as suits of protocols, therefore one way prevent a network from being vulnerable to attackers when structuring a network is to use the IP address of a particular computer and to establish control on other computers which are in the same network (Hao, 2010). Therefore, to deter hackers from intruding on the network a company should ensure that IP addresses of its computers are cancelled.

Continuity Plan Overview

The IP consists of two vital parts, which are connected to a third part that always aids in the identification of the host and network address (O’Leary, 2012). It is a general-purpose unit of service that is majorly utilized in the internet and, in most cases, it helps to connect the host computer to the server (Hao, 2010). Therefore, it provides a fully qualified domain needed by server, thus, an individual can safely connect to a website.

It is also through the DMZ that tools like firewalls, Web browsers and proxy servers are utilized by people, who manage websites, to prevent those steps that seem to be unnecessary for a web site from intruding into its swift operation, for example, overflow buffering, cache poisoning and zone transfer, which are the major targets of most hackers. A network created can then be secured by preventing cache poisoning attacks. This is because they operate on the ground that the DMZ ALWAYS POSSES A QUESTION AS WELL AS ANSWEAR SECTON.

Applicable Provisions and Directives

DMZ is such an important factor in the networking because it controls the configured hosts in the network. The IP and DMZ are assigned to those hosts hence it is important that zone transfers are disabled whenever a configuration is done (O’Leary, 2012). This is only exceptional to the servers in the internal network but the rest should be out of it so that any cases of DMZ transfer to servers, which can be easily accessed by hackers, do not take place.


The objective of this network created in the SanGrafix Company is to ensure that information of the subscribed members remains confidential. The issue of confidentiality is significant because it helps to prevent unauthorized access to information about our clients (O’Leary, 2012). This would increase the members` trust in the web site. As a result, it builds the name of the company and the product. This then results to more sales and higher number of new subscribers.

Integrity of the web site needs to be maintained, by ensuring that the network system is secure from possible threats (hackers). When this is reflected through the comments that people make on the site then the number of individuals who will be willing to subscribe and play games will increase. This then will make it easy to retain the already existing subscribers. In addition, if the trend continues, the amount of members will increase hence leading to the company`s superiority in the market.

In order to make a network secure, service providers of the company have to attend to clients` different issues. This is to boost the reputation of the company and its products among its clients. Therefore, this increases the number of consumers of the company`s products. Another objective is to outdo the possible competitors and remain the leader in the market system. When consumers do not have any other s options, they are compelled to consume whatever the market offers. Therefore, the aim of the company is to control the market of video game products.


It is relevant to provide an organized system of a network if proper operation has to be guaranteed. There are various ways in which this can be done; one of them is through physical security; this implies that physical measures have to be taken to secure computers forming the network from theft, environmental disasters, fire etc. Moreover, use of Firewalls to filter what is fed to the LAN gateways is a great way to organize a network since it ensures that possible hackers are prevented from intrusion. Use of demilitarized zones protects the internal LAN while at the same time providing services to the public; this is possible due to through its connection to firewalls.

Continuity Phases

Network failure is a big problem for a company that is providing services to thousands of subscribers. This is because it is during this time that hackers take advantage and find their way into the system of such entities. Therefore, SanGrafix has to develop proper mechanisms to facilitate continuation of provision of its services in any instances of failure. Operators must determine what might happen in case of the network failure. The risks that are likely to be encountered have to be identified (Rollings & Adams, 2006). Moreover, the company must identify the possible facilities that will provide the backup and their security in terms of corruptibility.

Firewalls are always important in ensuring continuity since they offer protection to the company`s network from any attacks and ease management. They are also security tailored to meet the specific needs of specific environments.
Response Phase

When evaluating and considering the response strategies, a number of factors have to be considered. These involve the important assets that might be exposed to risks, the threats etc. The probability that the important parts of the company`s network have been interfered with should not be taken lightly. After everything has been evaluated, the consequences of any likely encounter should be identified and necessary actions should be taken immediately. This will finally work in favor of safe guarding the clients` and the company`s confidential information. The important data related to software applications and personal assets must be evaluated. This requires proper protection so that no chance is given to an intruder to interfere with the information of the company` network.

In cases of disruption of the company`s website, certain response measures have to be enacted to maintain the integrity of the site and protect the users from possible frauds. This entails making proper connection and domain name server so that users can easily get their website addresses translated to the server hence facilitating access. This will limit instance of accessing the server through corrupt settings that allow hackers to gain company or personal information (Rollings & Adams, 2006). To solve this issue, the company should respond very fast by enabling its trusted members to connect other devices to the network. Then they should be advised to try accessing the webpage from that second device. Disabling extra connection is necessary since they are potential paths for hackers. It is also a good response for the company to respond spontaneously to any instance of Symantec security response files sent by clients. If any malicious action is identified, the clients should be advised to run an auto–protect configuration that will facilitate proper protection.

  • Resumption Phase

This phase entails preparatory steps, which need to be followed to ensure that whatever is taking place between the server and the LVM and the LAN are fully protected. This has to be done in a way that ensures that the workload of every client meets the prerequisites of the network access. Preparation of a freeze and thaw scripts is also relevant to ensure that the firewall is fully functional and network created is properly working. Inventory is another level when additional files and information channel that is relevant to security of the users are added into the protection system (Rollings & Adams, 2006). This makes it easy to manage and filter information. The protection contract has to be defined therefore it is necessary to feed the details and specifications of the protection into the network system.

  • Recovery Phase

Assessment of the data system helps provide clients with backup and restore privacy. Then the information which was lost should be identified, since this is how the SLA of the client`s devices forming the network can be used to determine frequencies as well as nature of back up the company should use to restore information in case it is corrupt (Rollings & Adams, 2006). After identification of the necessary process that has to be implemented in order to restore a hacked, it is relevant to deploy the measures that will enable the further protection of the system.

  • Restoration Phase

The restoration phase is similar to the recovery phase, however, it is more concerned with ensuring that security of the system is maintained and instances of intrusion are avoided in the future. This involves changing of the members` credit card numbers, increasing physical as well as internal security of the network etc. It is also required that the DMZ is properly stabilized so that the VP/ GM can protect clients’ information from hacking.

Critical Success Factors and Issues

The steps discussed above can lead to success. This is because they provide security to networks from all kinds of intrusion. The possibility to detect any attempted unauthorized access to information of the company, which might lead to alteration of the systems` way of working, is a critical success factor.

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The quality of network connectivity also benefits the company. If strict measures have been deployed, even the slightest attempt can be detected and reported. Thus, the success of the process inevitably benefits the company. This then works to ensure that clients are provided with care and protection, thus increasing the sales. Use of applications that provide maximum protection is an integral factor. This is because the issues related to network connectivity are fully addressed, hence it is easy to initiate proper protection measures.

Mission Critical Systems/Applications/Services


There are multiple threats related to the operation of networks dealing with online games, but among them, there are those, which have higher probability of causing discomfort to the site users or even interfere with their account information.

Probable Threats

There are two groups of probable threats. The first one can be logical attacks and the second one is resource attacks. Logical attacks use the existing software bugs. Resource attacks work to overwhelm critical systems of the network, for instance, the RAM (Rollings & Adams, 2006). Some of these can be Trojan horses, denial of service, known as dos, and even warms. Improperly configured servers and hosts can at times also act as possible threats to a network.

System Description

  • Physical Environment

Physical environment involves the storeroom of the servers and host machines; it is composed of the equipment and those who operate the machines.

  • Technical Environment

In regard to technical environment, it might involve the password system, the software of the devices used in structuring the networks etc. It also entails the hardware used to store specific data, the backup developed by the operators and even the developed cloud computing mechanism to help in data access wherever it is feasible to an authorized user.


  • Plan Management

In managing a network plan, a number of issues have to be put in place, for example, it is important to ensure that accredited users always get the information that remind them of possible hackers. This helps in preventing trusting information that raises many questions (Millward, 2014). Moreover, clients are also constantly reminded to keep close communication with the service providers before taking any step, as it will make it easy to curtail instances of intrusion into the site. It is also relevant to attend to reports of sent by clients and encourage them to send such reports. This will helps in management of system plan and operations.

  • Continuity Planning Workgroups

To ensure consistency in planning and managing work groups, it is relevant to organize the attendances and allocate a given number of clients for close monitoring (Millward, 2014). This ensures that they are always protected and any incidence of access into their accounts by unknown individuals through unknown means is reacted to very fast.

  • Continuity Plan Coordinators

The continuity plan coordinator should constantly surveil and ensure that the online clients are secure and that the products are safe (Rollings & Adams, 2006). His or her aim is to handle complex problems and allocate duties and responsibilities. He/she also oversees new steps to be taken in order to protect the company’s products.

  • System Continuity Coordinators

They have to ensure that there is the constant flow of information between the host and the server, between the clients and the company and that the clients` feedbacks are take into consideration to improve the operation and market position of the company`s product. This is achieved by interconnectedness of the company and its clients through the network established.

  • Incident Notification

It is used to ensure that incidences of fraud are notified to clients and providers. This ensures that quick actions are taken to safeguard the users` privacy.

  • Internal Personnel Notification

Such notification helps to verify the information sent from the company`s servers and unaccredited personnel (Millward, 2014). This makes it possible to warn the users about a possible instance of fraud.

  • External Contact Notification

It is achieved by the MDZ system that is able to stabilize the security of the system but using an outside network created by the company. It works to minimize or further filter straying information which is interfering with the users` operation system and privacy.

Media Releases

This is majorly focused on securing product from being manipulated by individuals who are not accredited by the company. It works to ensure that any other person does not alter whatever is dispatched for consumption. The media releases regarding the product are also protected by the major mechanisms already discussed in the introduction and help to improve customer satisfaction.

Alternate Site(s)

Its main goal is to provide access to information to individuals who would like to know more about the product and the company. It also works to counter security issues, for example, when a site experiences a problem, there is an alternative for users, hence it prevents total stagnation of services provided by the company.


  • Damage Assessment Team

Assessment tools are always there to measure the damage to the system and wellbeing of users.

  • Operations Team

  • Communications Team

The communication team keeps in touch with the clients and helps to receive and forward complains and feedback between the company and its website users (Rollings & Adams, 2006).

  • Data Entry and Control Team

The team managing entry of data and control usually deals with making sure that the data that they receive are what they feed in the system. Moreover, they ensure that no data is carelessly handled hence leading to tampering with information of users.

  • Off-Site Storage Team

The off-site storage team keeps data that can be considered backup information. For this reason, their work is to ensure that whatever is received and stored onsite is stored offsite.

  • Administrative Management Team

The goal of the administrative management is to give directions regarding what decisions to make and which steps to follow.

  • Procurement Team

The procurement team handles the clients and the way in which their purchase and orders for the games are processed.

  • Configuration Management Team

The main goal of configuration management is to design the outlook and the graphics of the products in a way that corresponds to the clients` requirements.

  • Facilities Team

This team is responsible of overseeing the workability of the assets in the company to ensure the outcome received corresponds to the desired one.

  • System`s Software Team

The software team develops the relevant software that is compatible and programmable with the developed product to ensure that it is possible to use the item using different devices (Rollings & Adams, 2006).

  • Internal Audit Team

The internal audit team helps to determine the expenditures of the company.

  • User Assistance Team

User assistance team has to provide immediate help to the users who have some questions or problems. This is important for boosting the name of the company.

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Data Communication

Data communication is performed by an automated system, which is based on the software, which is developed in order to relay data regarding the games played online to the clients and to determine the quantification of the performance (Bischoff, 2014).

  • Backups

It is important to have backups since the company can ensure that no data is lost whenever a problem occurs. This makes it possible to retain the original work and resources of the company.

  • Vital Records/Documentation

Documentation of the company is done through a variety of means including cloud computing. This ensures that the information is secure and protected from all kinds of problems that can be encountered in the physical environment of the company.

  • Office Equipment, Furniture and Supplies

The company`s equipment is supplied by a trusted supplier so its flexibility and ease of use cannot be doubted. This facilitates greater output and easy operations.

Recommended Testing Procedures

The testing procedures, which are developed and recommended, are to target children and youth of different ages. Access to those games that are seen as detrimental and unethical for children is regulated.

Recommended Strategies

The recommended strategies point at reaching the largest number of clients. It is important to make the site reliable and to improve the status of the site as it helps to retain the existing clients and to promote client trust.

Critical Issues

Some of the critical issues that have been identified so far are problems with malicious programs that might attach themselves to the programs and game applications. This can really discourage users, as they tend to cause problems to users` devices (Rollings & Adams, 2006). It is also important to associate a game with the preferences of a given age group, for instance, children love junk food.


In case of power, proper back up is established to ensure that failures do not lead to the failure of the whole operation of the site; instead, the site should continue working. This makes it possible to retain the existing clients and to attract the new ones (Bischoff, 2014).

Diversification in Connectivity

Diversification in connectivity means that a particular group of clients is served by a particular provider, which is very distinct from others. It can to protect the company`s reputation in case of disruptions.

Offside Backup Storage

The company keeps offside backup storage separately from the main system to ensure that the information remains intact and safe even if the device being used is damaged or has unprecedented malfunctions.

Terms and Definitions

Terms are stated clearly for every game and this entails a certain specified game for a specific group. There should be rules to be followed when playing to avoid irrelevant complaints from incompetent clients. Signing in should also be facilitated only if an individual has agreed to all the terms and conditions.

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