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Disneyland Park in Dubai Marketing Plan Essay Sample

This individual assignment is a development of a marketing communication plan that provides identification of the UAE as the new market for Disneyland Park and is based on the summary analysis of the campaign context.

Identification of Disneyland Park and Dubai

Disneyland Park is a thematic entertainment park where each member of family can find activity to relax and have fun. Naturally, the target customers of Disneyland Park are children who can experience the magic of fairytales in a real life. Disneyland Parks propose numerous attractions and entertainment events, such as Disney Characters parades, variety of tours dedicated to particular cartoons, such as Alice in Wonderland or Mickey Mouse. It was founded in 1955 and still continues attracting millions of Disney fans eager to become a part of a wonderland (Disneyland Park Official Website, 2015).

The choice of a new destination – the UAE and its one of the largest city – Dubai is justified by the following facts. As it is stated at the official website of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, the UAE is “one of the world’s fastest growing tourist destinations has all the right ingredients for an unforgettable holiday: year-round sun, pristine beaches, unbeatable shopping, top-class hotels and restaurants, an intriguing traditional culture, and a safe and welcoming environment” (Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, 2015).

According to the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (2015), the population of the UAE in 2010 accounted for 8.4 million people, compared to 1.0 million in 1980. It is estimated that in 2050 the number will amount of 15.5 million. The number of children aged 0-14 comprises 13.9 percent of total population.

According to the National Council of Tourism and Antiquities (2015), the UAE is rapidly growing country. Dubai took second place after Abu Dhabi regarding the size of Emirate. The city of Dubai is called a shopping center of the UAE. Dubai Mall is one of the biggest trade centers in the world.

Additionally, Dubai obtained trust of tourists from all over the world due to the fact that in Dubai a tourist can enjoy anything he/she wants. The tourists can spend time visiting a traditional market with variety of goods, luxurious entertainment centers, the best hotels and golf stadiums. Short distance to the beach, as well as recreational facilities and sports activities attract people from all over the world. More than 100 airlines are served in the Dubai International Airport. As a result, arabian hospitality and safety environment allow the city to become prominent tourist destination.

Summary Analysis of the Campaign Context

Marketing communications is a set of actions, means and measures aimed at managing the process of promoting products and services in the market. Basic marketing communications are part of the communication policy of the companies that put a goal to penetrate the new market niche or to represent new products to increase their competitiveness and visibility (Ozuem & Howell, 2008).
Marketers identify several features of marketing communications. One of the most important issues in launching marketing campaign, thus, creating effective marketing communication plan to search and analyse the target audience (Tian, 2008).

The definition of the target audience is a fundamental element of any kind of marketing communications. Activities aimed at the wrong target audience often lead to the failure of the campaign. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the target audience, its demographics, preferences, etc. (Keyes, 2006).
The target audience of Dubai Disneyland Park is families with children aged 4-12 years.

According to the official Dubai tourist data website (2015), tourists and local residents can choose other entertainment places that are main competitors of Dubai Disneyland Park. Ski Dubai, that is situated in the Mall of the Emirates, is one of them. It is a very attractive resort for the local residents and tourists who want to experience extraordinary emotions, while being under the hot sun of Dubai.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are another entertainment destinations that will attract families with children. Moreover, it is a possibility to travel back to the era of dinosaurs in the Mall.

Dubai Community Theatre and Art invites visitors who are art fans for the all-ages performances. Anyway, the main competitor for Disneyland Park in Dubai is Magic Planet, Entertainment Park for kids and families. It is the largest games centre. It proposes 4D cinemas, RoboCoaster attractions, rides and skill-testers.

Video gamers will enjoy the highest technology in Sega Republic that is indoor amusement park. Another place where thrill-seekers can satisfy their need for adrenaline is iFly Dubai, a tube imitating skydiving. Entertainment market of the UAE grows rapidly as customers seek for the new emotions and experience. Sen (2015) underlines that in 2014 malls with family entertainment centres increased its earnings by 35-40 percent. Current market trend is to appeal not only to the target audience: families with children 4-12 but to attract more family members aged 14-21. 7D game simulators, as well as 5D cinemas appear on the leisure map.

Regarding previous marketing communication activities, as it is stated in the Disneyland Company’s Magazine (2015), nowadays marketing communications at Disneyland Paris are directed towards attracting more adults audience, especially couples. Adults aged 26-45 years became the target audience because previously marketing campaigns, which were focused on the family market, were not effective enough. Disney launched an advertisement where a young girl invited her boyfriend to the Disneyland Park for a romantic weekend. They enjoyed adrenaline and shared magical moments together. Adults of such age are considered to be a vital target audience due to their high purchasing power, as well as the ability to attend Disneyland Park during the slower periods of children activity. As a result, their satisfaction rate is 73 percent that is higher than the same evaluation of the family feedbacks.

Marketing specialists of Disneyland Paris have to appeal to visit barriers of the adult target audience, as well as influence their expectations. The main goal is to change the perception of Disneyland Park as the destination only for family weekend into the attractive place for original and romantic weekend. Moreover, it is a task to reconnect the adults with their childhood memories. It is also important to highlight and remind the adults of all the activities and facilities that Disneyland proposes to them: adrenaline attractions, hotels, restaurants, various thematic shows. It should be emphasized that adult audience will be promoted to stay on-site: in hotels that are situated on the territory with unique Disney services, amenities of a high quality Disneyland Company’s Magazine (2015).

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Moreover, as it was summarized at the Disneyland Paris marketing and sales strategy meeting for shareholders that took place in 2014, marketing communication tools will be directed towards reducing visit barriers, highlighting the urgency of visit. The urgency of visits will be created with the help of adding the expiry dates on the offers made to the customers. The resort will refuse from the annual themes like Magical Party of Mickey. Instead, the marketers will develop special celebrations that will take place on more regular basic to attract customers for ordinary days visits.

Auster and Michaud (2013) underline that for years traditional promotional tools of Disney were TV advertisements. They were supported by the travel packets that propose customers colorful brochures and were mailed directly or given by travel companies. However, with development of web-presence, Disney invests more into elaborating its resorts websites. Lagrosen (2005) argues that the efficient web-presence allows a company to meet strategic objectives. Customers can easily find any information about the destination they choose either it is Dubai, Paris, Hong Kong, Florida, California or Tokyo with detailed images and descriptions of all activities that such theme parks propose to them.

Marketing Communication Campaign

Local marketing communication strategy will be developed for launching Dubai Disneyland Park. By developing a campaign on the local level, it is easier to consider cultural and national specific characteristics that will allow appealing to a target audience. It is crucial to define interaction barriers. Setting objectives of the campaign is based on an analysis of the audience, and allows the company to decide what results it wants to achieve in the end of the marketing campaign.

Marketers define the following kinds of interaction tasks:

  • – to inform target audience about new services and products;
  • – to ensure brand awareness and a positive reputation;
  • – to encourage consumers activity through promotions and discounts;
  • – to designate competitive advantage products (Egan, 2014).

It is important to choose efficient promotional tools that will appeal to the target audience.

Promotion involves selecting one or more basic types of communication policy:

  • advertising – a traditional form of communication used for several decades;
  • sales promotion – time and seasonal promotions, savings discounts;
  • direct sales – distribution addressed personally to the client;
  • public relations – public relations, affecting the reputation and fame;
  • events and experiences;
  • interactive marketing;
  • personal selling;
  • word-of-mouth marketing (Kotler & Keller, 2008).

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It is essential to note that Disneyland Park’s strategy is to continue sharing Disney magic with customers delivering not an entertaining service but unforgettable experience. It is very important to consider customers as guests not transactions (Tracy, 2010).

A main objective of Disneyland Park marketing campaign is to build awareness of new magic place’s appearance in Dubai. It should be stated that objective is an ultimate goal of the conducted campaign (Caemmerer, 2009).

Toren (2014) emphasizes that Disneyland Parks, as well as other Disney Corporation products are concentrated on every detail. Even air is full of delicate scents through the venting systems that creates specific seasonal mood and leaves a memorable sign in the guest’s experience. In Dubai, where modern buildings and facilities are perfectly developed in details and are a part of their new culture, such attention to details will allow to exceed the target customers’ expectations. Disney Corporation invests much for transforming interaction of customers and Disney brand into unforgettable journey.

Key message should be a reflection of core value that the company believes in. It has to be memorable and simple (Varey, 2002). Key message of the campaign: Let us add magic to your life. Such message will appeal to parents who want to present their children memories which they will never forget connected with their favorite cartoon and film characters.

Advertising will be chosen as the main promotional tool. It should be stated that in Dubai display media (billboards), broadcast media (TV advertisement), as well as print media (touristic magazines and local leisure journals) will be used for launching marketing campaign for advertising its Disneyland Park.

It should be underlined that such promotional tool was chosen regarding the benefits of advertising that will allow reaching a target audience.

The benefits of advertising are:

  • the ability to attract a large audience;
  • low cost of advertising exposure;
  • presence of a large number of different media, and possibility to choose the most suitable target segments;
  • ability to control the content of the message, its design;
  • ability to change the message, depending on the response of the target segment;
  • a high probability that the advertising message will reach a potential customer;
  • the likelihood that the customer will come to a decision on the purchase of up to contact the seller directly (Danaher, & Rossiter, (2011).

As it was mentioned above, each Disney destination has its website. Naturally, Dubai Disneyland Park website will be developed and will provide all necessary data about the operational activity of the theme park.

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