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Creative Director is My Career Choice Essay

A creative director is an important person in an organization, specifically, in fashion industry. Regardless of the system they may use, a creative director in the fashion industry should be able to exercise the concepts of leadership, communication and technology. In order to qualify for the position at Carven fashion house, I need to have several qualifications which include being creative, being a leader and having effective communication skills.

Carven fashion house was established in 1945 in Paris by Madame Carven. It thrived in the 1950s and 1960s. A report released in 1947 showed how Carven began designing her collection. She began with leisure and evening wear, which humorously reflected the experience she had gained in France where she served as an interior designer. It has to be noted that no other fashion house has ever grown as much as Carven. She began with only two dressers and half a dozen mannequins. However, she has been privileged to visit some of the richest shores in the world. A lot has been done in Carven house of fashion which in 1950s created the innovative teen and leisure fashions among many others up to date. After Carven retired from running her firm, it ceased until it was bought by a business person in 2001, which revived the fashion house (Kennedy, Calderin, and Stoehrer 25).

As indicated earlier, I need to have several qualifications to take the position of the creative director in the Carven house of fashion. Firstly, creativity is one of the qualifications. In fact, creativity is essential in formulating the concept of fashion design for a creative director. I should be able to create a vision portraying a specific style. In addition, I should be able to generate fresh ideas which appeal to the intended market (Hines and Bruce 47).

Secondly, as a creative director, I should have effective communication skills. A creative director should be able to develop ideas and communicate them effectively to other members, thus encouraging the staff to manifest these ideas a new product. In addition, with the ability to communicate well, a creative director is able to network with prospective partners in the industry enabling its progress (Lisk 79).

Apart from this, a creative director’s responsibility includes dealing with various issues in the industry. Leadership is one of the key responsibilities of the director. In the sphere of fashion design, many decisions have to be made. A creative director must employ an approach which would keep everything under control. Although he or she has to brainstorm ideas with the design team, the director is responsible for making the final decisions on how things would be presented. In order to ensure all things are run effectively in the organization, the director should have the ability to inspire everyone within the whole process (Lisk 85).

Additionally, as a creative director, I need to be technical. This means, I should have artistic skills in order to develop creative ideas in a practical way. I should have skills which can be shared with graphic designers and assist in the production process. In fact, utilizing technical skills would assist me, as a creative director, to develop and share concepts of fashion which would help to produce perfect products (Hines and Bruce 273).

Creativity is another responsibility of creative director. This is the trait I have always taken pride in having. Being creative also means that you are interested in art. Fashion is as interesting and fun an art as you could ever imagine. I knew that I had to be involved in the fashion industry, not just involved but influential in fashion too. That is why I chose to be a creative fashion director (Lisk 163).

It is the job of the fashion director to ensure everything falls into place. The director is involved in the process all the way – from the very first stages to the completion of the project. They meet potential partners and sponsors in order to set a target of what they hope to achieve by the time a show or a project is completed. They should come up with ideas and events that impress the clients as well as the general public. The creative director coordinates these events and ideas and turns them into successful business ventures for the client. The client then uses these concepts to increase consumer sales and interest. A fashion director should possess good design background as it is the basis of the job. Marketing skills and event planning skills also help a fashion director in the overall coordination of a project (Fionda and Moore 349).

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Fashion directors should dedicate themselves to delivering a particular style to the client. Every client has a definitive fashion statement that they rarely stray from. In addition to that, all clients have a theme to go with the fashion trends of any particular time. It is the job of a fashion director to decide which types of clothing and accessories are best suited to both the general fashion statement and the current theme that the client wants to be associated with. The director coordinates the projects that the client has in mind. These may include fashion shows, photo shoots and advertising. A fashion director has to make sure that all the projects run under the same theme and provide the same fashion statement to the consumer. This is made easier by doing research on market trends in order to identify the trends that the consumers are going for as well as by determining future fashion trends. Once this research is complete, they perform a delicate balancing act by advising the client on possible style trends of the future while still trying to stick to the set fashion statement of the client (Hines and Bruce 17).

The responsibilities of a fashion director cover many areas. They also include giving specific advice to the client concerning the business or brand. If the client has a particular line of clothing that they want to produce, a fashion director may recommend particular models, photographers, videographers or locations for the shoot. For example, if the client wants to create designs for short women, a fashion director can suggest suitable models for the client. A fashion director can also use expertise to come up with design concepts concerning the client. A director can get together with fashion designers and create designs and concepts which the client can then approve or disapprove (Evans 8).

Fashion directors not only contribute to the design and coordination of projects, but also to the determination of the market value of clothing and accessories. They help in setting the price in accordance with the quality. A fashion director must set a budget and then work within that budget. The budget must also take everything into account, including costs for advertising, transportation, and venue, decoration of the venue, food and drinks as well as staff to be used. Potential revenue should also be included in the calculations as all of that influences the process of the determination of the market price of the clothing. However, it is important that the price is not too extravagant so that it can appeal to large sections of the consumer market (Hines and Bruce 19).

Fashion is constantly in a period of transition. What might be the most popular fashion trend today could be completely undesirable the next day. It is therefore important for a fashion director to be in the know when it comes to trends. The concepts that the director brings forward always have to be fresh and maintaining an air of classic elegance at the same time. This is brought about by communicating and liaising with all associated parties. The director should be able to turn his or her ideas into an exciting and fun challenge for other team members such as designers and fashion assistants. The director should also be able to listen to and accept ideas from other members of the team and then integrate them into the project (Fletcher, Grose and Hawken 21).

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A fashion director must be able to fully organize and coordinate an event. A part of this responsibility is to hire staff for an event. Support staff members are just as important as the technical staff. Some are needed to usher guests in and check tickets at the door while others are needed to provide assistance to the models. If required, the director should also perform certain duties such as moderating an event. The director should also be capable of running rehearsals for an events. They must oversee the rehearsal and ensure it goes according to plan to eliminate chances of mishaps occurring on the day of the actual event (Okonkwo 14).

I know I will make a very good fashion director because I have all the necessary attributes for the job. I always think of new concepts and designs and I like coming up with fresh and exciting ideas to bring these concepts to reality. It is very important for a creative director to have a vision that is of a cutting-edge nature to match the fashion statement of the client.
I have excellent management and planning skills that will help me to organize and oversee successful events. I will always make it my responsibility to ensure everybody understands the job and promotes team spirit. It is important that everyone involved in a project feels comfortable and content while performing their tasks. I will be able to use my management skills to ensure that the brand we are identified with conforms to the set standards. It is of utmost importance that the client and the consumer are satisfied with the end product.

Another reason why I know I am best suited for this job is my attention to detail. I always pay very keen attention to detail in everything I do. I take pleasure in working carefully on all the finer details of any project. The clothing and accessories have to be just right in every way. When it comes out as perfectly as intended, it is the best reward for a creative director. I also like seeing that what I asked other team members to do comes together nicely.

I would also make a great creative director because I am very flexible both on and off the job. I quickly adapt to changing situations. For instance, if the expected moderator of an event did not turn up at the very last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, I would take the place of the moderator and be the host for the day. I am also flexible because fashion has no limits. I can come up with formal designs today and swimwear model apparel the next day.

Another reason why I consider myself as a good candidate for this job is that I am capable of making the most out of simple situations. I am also quite proficient in the use of expert software such as Photoshop and Adobe illustrator. I also believe I would make an excellent fashion director because I have genuine opinions about fashion and not just general opinions that could be obtained from reading a few style magazines. While I always give the opinions of other team members’ utmost consideration, I would also make sure my ideas are heard as I am very confident that they are of high standard.

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