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Al Kharafi Swimming Pools Company Business Essay

The Al Khafari Swimming Pools is the Dubai-based company that provides the services in relation to the supplying of the water-related products such as the swimming pools, hot tubes, saunas, etc. The company also specializes in the services that include the kids’ animation and other similar services. However, the organization is still in the shadows as little information is available on the net. This paper will specifically examine this company and provide the information on its history, branches, mission statement, the relations with the Al Khafari Group International, etc.

History of the Al Khafari Swimming Pools Company

The Al Kharafi Swimming Pools is the company that is the part of the Al Kharafi Group International. The latter is the huge multinational corporation that is interested in many areas including the manufacturing, construction, and commerce. The history of the Al Kharafi gets back to the Kuwait where the firm was established more than 100 years ago. Since then it has grown into the international corporation that serves thousands of clients worldwide. Its turnover excess counts to $2.6 billion (Al Kharafi Swimming Pools, 2015). The Group is in a range of the leading enterprises in the given region. The company has a certificate as the one that has conformed to the international standards.

Due to the management and expertise gained by the Al Kharafi Group International, the business owners have made the decision to extend and establish the Al Kharafi Swimming Pools to provide the customers with the quality and special treatment in regard to the water-related products such as hot tubes, swimming pools, etc. The company is the only one provider of the world-famous swimming pools manufactured by the French company Desjoyaux Pools in the U.A.E. The firm also covers the neighboring countries including Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt and others. The Desjoyaux is considered to be the global leader in the manufacturing of swimming pools. The company sells 40,000 pools per one year on average in more than 800 countries of the world. The Al Kharafi claims that in the course of cooperating with this enterprise they have acquired the attitude and the culture of the company that is to provide the client with the high-quality products.

The firm closely cooperates with other brands that manufacture the water-related products. The Desjoyaux has launched the series of the living pools and commits itself to provide the pleasure of having the pool affordable for the most of the families. It manages to preserve the reasonable prices while installing the future-proof technologies and offering the innovations to its products. The establishment of another company, the Beachcomber, took place in New Westminster, and it has already 34 years of experience in the given area (Kharafi Group International, 2015).
The enterprise attempts effortlessly to create the perfect hot tubes that have the presence of the personality in them. Finally, the Polin Company, another partner of Al Kharafi Pools, has 35 years of experience and commits itself to provide excitement and safety of its products. As it is obvious, the Al Kharafi Swimming Pools Company has established the reliable partnership links in order to represent itself more aggressively and confidently in an already concentrated market.

The Mission Statement

The official website of the Al Khafari Swimming Pools provides no information on the mission statement of the company. Therefore, one might suggest that the establishment shares the mission statement suggested for the Al Khafari Group International. Following, the firm commits to provide the customers with the first-class services and with the high quality of treatment. The company also commits itself to support its personnel by providing the continuous training and development programs that would ensure that they would perform their duties at the appropriate level. Moreover, the company provides its employees with the latest technology and techniques to complete their tasks.

Overview of the Branches

The Al Khafari Swimming Pools has established its headquarter in Dubai, the United Arabic Emirates. Yet, it operates also in the neighboring countries. It has already founded its branches in Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon and other states (Al Kharafi Swimming Pools, 2015). All of them commit to serve the customers at the highest level possible and to provide them with the high quality of all products and services. The enterprise develops and cultivates the business relations with the new supplying partners. In this regard, it is possible to suggest that in the future the company will choose the strategy of expansion and will establish its affiliates in other countries where the Al Khafari Group International has already existed for years (McGinley, 2013). The list includes Bulgaria, the Gambia, Albania, Syria, Botswana, South Africa, etc (Davidson, 2013).

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The Products of the Company

Basically, there are four categories of the products sold by the company. The firm asserts that swimming pools are the primary products distributed by them. They consider it to be the perfect addition to any property and for the lifestyle of many. Yet, they also stress on the healing effects of the spans and hot tubes.

The swimming pools break into two categories. The first one is the Desjoyaux, also referred to as the active permanent casing that solves the dilemma related to the combination of the enduring reliability of the pool and the flexibility to create one’s own shape, style, etc. The shape and the size of the pool form through the assembly of the series of the panels that have the effect of the ‘active permanent casing’. This option ensures the reliability and long service of the tubs or swimming pools. At the same time, its owner might apply his or her own creativity in designing its shape and overall design. The installing of the reinforcement and casting of the side walls in a single operation ensures the longevity of the pool’s service as well. As a result, such pools are self-supporting, rot-proof, and monobloc.

The company also demonstrates its environment-friendly policies by the manufacturing the casing panels from the recycled polypropylene combined with the carbonate. At the final stages of creation, the manufacturers burn and transform these materials into long-lasting structures. In fact, the company manages to turn the waste into the resources and could be praised for such an effort (Al Kharafi Swimming Pools, 2015). Besides these ecological and flexible pools, the enterprise also offers the traditional ones. They fall into two subgroups: skimmer and overflow. Al Khafari Company manufactures the pools adjusted for the needs of the people with the disabilities.

As to the hot tubes, the firm offers the so-called ‘beachcomber’, which is extremely easy in use. The only thing required is to purchase the item and install it in the house. The company associates it with any kind of home appliances, designed to provide the ongoing comfort everyday (Al Kharafi Swimming Pools, 2015). The item is movable, so it is easy to transport it in case the person moves out. The customers that are willing to buy this item must have the level spot, electricity, and the water from the garden.

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In addition, Al Kharafi offers the services related to the water slides and kids animation. They provide these services in cooperation with the Polin Waterparks & Pool Systems. Finally, the saunas and steam rooms represent the fourth segment of the company’s product line. The Juno sauna produces the comforting and relaxing saunas in Turkey and on three other continents. The engineers of the company are first to create saunas, and then they hand them to the designers that consider the styles that would meet the expectations of the particular group of the customers of a certain region.

The presented paper has identified the key issues related to the functioning of Al Kharafi Swimming Pools Company located in Dubai, United Arabic Emirates. The enterprise is the part of the Al Kharafi Group International, so that basically it shares the same attitude towards work management process. The company also shares the general mission statement, which is to deliver the high-quality services to the customers all over the world. Its products line includes the supplying and manufacturing of the swimming pools, hot tubes, and providing the services for the children and adults. Al Kharafi Swimming Pools specializes in offering the premium services for the clients that reflects in its ability to create the products with the presence of its future owners. The customers can adjust the design and shape of the swimming pools to their needs. This feature of Al Kharafi swimming pools differentiates the company from the rest of the organizations offering the same or similar services. Currently, the firm operates in Dubai and provides its services in the neighboring countries. However, it is possible to suggest that the company would opt out for the expansion strategy and would cover other markets in the countries already captured by the Al Kharafi Group International.

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