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Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Writing

In order to do dissertation writing and editing you must have a deep knowledge of your subject, strong writing skills, and an air of professionalism.

Prime Dissertation can help you with each stage of the dissertation writing process, such as:

  • data collection and database construction
  • educational outcome oriented research
  • literature review and project development
  • questionnaire development
  • research design, analysis, and statistics
  • results, presentation and preparation of the final reports

How are we able to provide such superior dissertation writing and editing services?

It is because we provide help with every part of dissertation writing, including:

  • Findings and Discussion
  • Formatting and Presenting the Final Product
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Topic Proposition and Theoretical Framework

Proposing a Topic and Theoretical Framework for Dissertation Writing

In most cases, you will choose the topic of your dissertation, and then our writers will put it into the theoretical framework of already existing theories. You should make sure that the topic you choose is relevant to your field of study. In order to help the dissertation writing process along, you will want to estimate how much research will need to be done and whether there are enough resources available to create quality writing.

Once you have decided on your dissertation writing topic and to work with us, our writers can create an outline of other theories that are directly related to your topic. As they do so, they will also clear up the theoretical assumptions.

If you have not yet decided on a topic, you do not need to worry. Simply tell us what your major is and what fields of study are of the most interest to you, and our writers will help you to come up with a topic that will hold meaning for you.

Literature Review for Your Dissertation Writing

This stage of the dissertation writing process is where your writer will research the literature and perform a survey of related research that is available. A literature review looks at what is already known on the topic of study, as well as where there may be gaps. The purpose of doing a literature review is to make sure that you do not repeat previously made mistakes done by other researchers.

Keep in mind that the literature review that we do is not descriptive, but rather a critical review of other studies that are related to the topic you choose.

What does this mean for you? Whether your instructor wants a short survey of studies or something more in-depth, the literature review that we provide you will look at the studies that are most relevant to your topic. This means that the work will be more analytical instead of descriptive.

Methodology for Dissertation Writing

Regardless of the academic level, methodology plays an important role in dissertation writing.

Methodology basically defines the strategies and tools that were used to gather and analyze the data. There are many forms of methodologies that can be used to gather data, including the development of your questionnaire, observations, interviews, and different forms of analysis.

Our professionals have devoted years to writing and editing dissertations, and we can guarantee that:

  • Our methodology can withstand all criticism
  • Our methodology will be well supported and have rationales for the both the methods of data analysis and gathering

Our writers will also take a look at alternative methodological tools that might have been used for your dissertation writing.

Findings and Discussion of Dissertation Writing

Our writers will go beyond a description of what was found. While the findings will be presented first, the writer will also thoroughly analyze them to create new scientific research.

  • Instead of giving preference to tabular data – which will be included in the appendices unless it is highly important to your dissertation writing – our writers will give preference to bar- and pie-charts
  • Writers will give a limitation for the research, including how the findings are specific to the problem

Formatting for Dissertation Writing

Your dissertation writing should follow the format that is required by your school, and the preferred format can vary from one university to another. Some of the standard formats include APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and Turabian, but even these may be modified by your university, which could have additional requirements.

Is the format something that you really want to waste precious time struggling over? We can save you time if you allow our writers to polish up your dissertation.

If you are need of professional dissertation writing and editing services, then you have found the right place for them. We exist because we care about your academic career – and we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.