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Dissertation on Information Technology: Example

Dissertation on Information Technology: Example

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IT Dissertation Sample

Writing a dissertation on Information Technology can be a tiring task given that this is an age of Information Technology and the bulk of information is an ever growing affair. IT includes a wide range of sectors, computing, networking, World Wide Web and human-computer interfaces etc. Researching for IT is a big task and demands a lot of attention from you but with a good proposal you will be able to do it swiftly. It will offer you the best help in your dissertation writing so that you know where and how to find the correct materials for your research proposal without wasting time.

Choosing an in-demand topic would be a great help. If you can show that your research proposal offers a viable solution to the problem that you wish to discuss in the topic, then the chances that your proposal will be approved are high. An example of such a topic would be the slow speed of internet. Every one who has used the internet has faced this problem and at some point felt irritated with their internet’s slow speed. Downloading and uploading is time consuming task and the large volume of traffic has only made matters worse. Despite all internet service providers frequently claiming their high and superior speed, slow speed connection remains the real problem facing internet users and unless a solution is found it will need further discussions. If your dissertation can find a solution for this problem then it would definitely be a great achievement for you and for mankind. But, the success of your dissertation depends on the arguments and statements you put on your thesis and how efficiently you justify each of them while also leaving a scope for future aspirants to research on it.

Introduction: This will be your first impression to the approval panel. This will give them a vague idea about your research proposal. Your approval or rejection depends on it. Hence, you must be very careful while writing it. In your introduction, remember to convey your intentions, your aims and objectives with respect to your dissertation writing in a language that is beautiful, concise, clear and most importantly correct. If you choose a good example for your IT research proposal then you will find answers to most of your queries on how to begin and handle your research proposal so that you can accomplish it before the deadline.

Thesis statement is written in the introduction and holds paramount significance for your dissertation. This is where you write your aims and objectives in just few words.

You will need to have a good writing skill as well as thorough knowledge of the subject matter for your literature review. It will be a presentation of your understanding of the subject matter based on your research, references and methods used by you.

In methodology you will list out the plans, procedures and other details of your research. It should reflect the thorough study undertaken by you for your proposal. 

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