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Develop Skills For How To Write Literature Review

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June 25, 2017

How to Write Literature Review

Many a times, students do not have adequate knowledge, when it comes to writing literature review. A literature review refers to a brief display with discussion along with survey about a subject already studied, proved, as well as argued in reference to your area of study. It is more than just a summary or a gloss bibliography. It needs good presentation as well as organization of sources, apart from a strong establishment of connection in between the evaluated object and the project. The objective is to express the reliability of your research; and hence you are required to highlight specific points in regard to your study field. You may also refer to several other articles of similar nature at Primedissertations.com

In order to go about with this, you will have to focus on what has been studied already, along with the gaps as well as limitations, which need further study. Apart from this, discussing the gap in information in regard to the research is necessary. As it is, the review of the proposal would be a sort of brief note in comparison with the actual appraisal of your project in light of the actual details.

Literature reviews are basically of two types and knowledge of these two may help you a great deal in this regard.

Chronically written literature review

This kind of review would arrange the source in regard to time duration, right from the oldest to the newest journal of research as well as changes due to the time spent. In terms of various versions of sources, the date of publication would be considered. In this case, time is an important factor.

Thematically written literature review

In such a kind of review, the subject of the sources would be focused considerably instead of the time. The most vital source would appear first and given more importance.

In order to write a literature review, below mentioned are the few questions, which you must consider for helping yourself.

• Whether the major discoveries, arguments, key points, as well as theories in regard to the various significant works are available or not?

• Whether the gaps in the research, areas requiring further research, requirement for further research, as well as the new system for the topic have been addressed or not?

• Whether or not to go for advanced methods of research?

• What are the future approaches as well as scope of research for the topic ?

• Whether specific areas of the topic have been focused in terms of the previous research have been addressed or not?

• Whether the any contribution to the concerned field can be made through your research?

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